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The Hard Sell

“Mnuchin warns of equities fall without tax reforms”

One of the commenters says it best: “This is the hard sell on tax reform??”

This is just the latest example of how financial market performance has turned from output to input for policymakers in recent years. 439 more words


What’s the Difference Between Sales Incentives & Bribes?

For some people, the phrase “sales incentives” has an unpleasant ring to it. They imagine incentive rewards as sneaky ways to get unsuspecting salespeople to do what you want—behavioral bribes, essentially. 47 more words

New Jersey just escalated the fight for Amazon's headquarters with a $7 billion incentive

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

In perhaps the largest civic competition in modern North American history, more than 50 cities are vying to host the next home of Amazon. 441 more words


#1 Thing Incentive Programs Get Wrong

As I make the transition to the new site I will be publishing updates here that link to the new site and once again urge you to subscribe to updates from the new site. 143 more words

Blog Posts

Team dynamics and information

Find a gym buddy – not letting them down may be the most powerful incentive to get exercising

Spreading information about the benefits of exercise – including how it reduces the risk of chronic diseases and improves mental health and wellbeing, from sleep quality to self-esteem – hasn’t been enough to change people’s behaviour. 70 more words

Behavioral Economics

The Simpsons -- King-Size Homer


In this episode, at work Homer is required to participate in an exercise class. He learns that if he is considered disabled that he will not have to participate in the class.  47 more words


Categories and Rules of Rewards and Punishments

In the next installment of The Fundamentals, we will discuss how to create effective group policies. These “laws” will facilitate your organization’s goals and ensure that everyone is being held to an equal standard. 255 more words
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