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“So context, especially social context, have effects on us that are just beyond our recognition. If you and I meet for the first time over coffee, I’m probably going to think, you know, you’re a swell guy.

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Black Friday...WHAT?

Black Friday absolutely baffles me. Why would one suffer through something like that for sub-par deals on things they don’t actually need? I understand the consumerist society that is pushed, but I mean, come on. 75 more words


Incentives Scorecard: Jordan's Visual Splendor, Tax Exemptions Woo Global Productions

From “Lawrence of Arabia” to “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” Jordan’s visually rich locations have long attracted filmmakers. These include the rock-cut city of Petra, the castle of Quesir Amra and the expansive Wadi Rum desert. 39 more words


Kazakhstan: IMF report comments on economic and fiscal position

The IMF staff issued a report on the conclusion of discussions in Kazakhstan under Article IV of the IMF’s articles of agreement.

The economy has recently declined sharply owing to challenges such as the lower oil price and the slowdown in Russia and China. 147 more words

Tax Policy

Incentive Jars - Out of this World/Awesome

My 3 youngest children attend cyber school rather than a traditional brick and mortar school. We recently had a conference with our family coach and worked on setting some personal and academic goals for the kids. 226 more words

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Slovenia: Changes to Corporate Income Tax Law

The Ministry of Finance proposed amendments to the Corporate Income Tax Law on 10 November 2015. Once adopted by the Slovenian parliament the amendments will apply from 1 January 2016. 74 more words


making better choices

There have been many lovely thoughts that crossed my mind today, all by making good choices :)

First and most, I walked to my office this morning; I got up with usual crankiness, decided to take the bus (the nice thing about Friday being the first day of my budget week; now that I have some new funds allocated for the transportation category for the coming week, psychologically I was more motivated to keep them than spending on cab fare.). 369 more words