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Pub In A Box

Link: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2017/04/12/523653040/episode-764-pub-in-a-box

Summary: Irish Pubs are everywhere, even in places like Hong Kong and the Ivory Coast.  One architecture student from Ireland, Mel McNally, began selling the Irish Pub to other areas.  53 more words

Planet Money

Fundamentally Fatally Flawed: Aren't we all?

A couple of weeks ago my big mouth got me into a little heat with a state official. Big surprise if you know me, right? Kentucky is pushing through a Medicaid waiver that is somewhat based on incentives. 829 more words

Oregon regulators seek to incentivize water loans

Oregon’s water regulators are proposing to devote more of the money in the state’s $20 million water supply development fund to loans.

During the first round of funding last year, nearly $9 million was disbursed from the fund entirely in the form of grants. 30 more words

Capital Press

An Apple-icious Practice Incentive!

The days feel just a bit cooler and I’m seeing apples on trees everywhere!  I think this means that our September kickoff is just around the corner and piano lessons are almost back in session! 264 more words

Wisconsin lawmakers vote to pay Foxconn $3 billion to get new factory

(Source: arstechnica.com)

The Wisconsin Assembly voted 59-30 on Thursday to approve a bill to give incentives worth $3 billion to Taiwan-based Foxconn so that the company would open its first US plant in the state. 492 more words


Is it a Motivation Problem?

This is something I often muse over, poor employee performance is it related to motivation? It’s a simple concept, people work harder when they are motivated to do so. 397 more words

Ted: Jonas Eliasson: How to solve traffic jams

Interesting Ted Talk on using government intervention to solve traffic jams. While it’s not presented by an economist, he uses a lot of economics concepts throughout the talk.