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Dirty Panties: My Hot Cousins vs. My Girlfriend's Sister and Cousin

I was raised to shower every day. In my 20s, I still do 95% of the time, as I sweat a lot and work out just about every day. 716 more words

Ass Sniffing

My Ass Sniffing Hierarchy of Sexy Women

I love the smell of a woman’s ripe, feminine, pheromonal, musky asshole. I’m not into the smell of shit, but if I’m sniffing her dirty panties and there’s a 85:15 musk to scat ratio, that’s OK. 1,239 more words

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When I met Ali part 2

The next time we met, was only a couple of days later. We decided to go back to the woods where we had found the magazines. 2,344 more words

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When I met Ali

I was only eleven when I met Ali. He attended the same school as I did and walked past my house every afternoon and evening on his way to school and again on his return. 2,796 more words

Family Sex Stories

In-Law Incest/BBC Interracial Fantasies and I Fucked My Aunt (In a Dream)

I haven’t thought about fucking my aunt in a while. I was never jacking off to her constantly or anything, but in the past I have pumped cum thinking about creampie’ing her. 764 more words

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I Want to Fuck My Girlfriend's Sister and Their Cousin More Than Ever

We (girlfriend and I) took another trip down south to watch her 18-year-old sister (Maria) and their cousin (Kimberly) graduate. I’m going to cut to the chase. 413 more words

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I Need to Fuck My Chubby Cousin

This is my cousin; she’s a second cousin. Typically I’m not attracted to her, but here’s the deal: I haven’t orgasmed in a week, and she posted these pictures of her massive titties. 156 more words