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I Want to Have a Threesome With My Girlfriend and Her Sister

Or a threesome with my girlfriend’s sister and cousin.

That would be so fucking hot.

But it’s settled. I want this. It would hands down be one of the top 8 hottest things I’ve ever engaged in. 255 more words

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I Want to Fuck My Cousin Martha So Badly

I don’t know a lot about my cousin Martha. Hell, I hardly know her. She’s a couple years older than me. Before the other day, I’d never really consciously thought about wanting to fuck her. 201 more words

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My Lesbian Cousin Wants to Eat My Girlfriend Out

I’ve jacked off three times since last night, thinking about this dirty, hot and fucked up situation.

I love my lesbian cousin to death. I don’t have any sexual feelings geared towards her whatsoever. 541 more words

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Behan ki chut mari

behan ki chut mari
Doston mene pehli bar meri savita behan ki chut mari. Behan ki chut ki mazai kuch alag hai.Behank ki pink hairy chut mujhe pagal kar dia. 651 more words

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Fucked My Cousin Sis Wonderfully Passion

Hi, guys and girls. I am a frequent reader of Indian Stories. I thought I’d share my first real-life sex story with all of you here in this passionate community. 1,182 more words

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My sexy aunt my sex dream

Hello reader, I am Manish Koyam, udisa. I’m telling an incident that happened yesterday. All the facts are true and this happened before me. No sex in this hard core, but I believe it is readable. 2,046 more words

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I Sniffed My Girlfriend's Sister's Shit Stained Panties

I wrote about my girlfriend’s 18-year-old sister Maria in a previous post, and for good reason.

My girlfriend and I were visiting her family recently. It had been five days since I’d busted a nut when I woke up one morning to piss. 229 more words

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