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Chapter 15 of The 3 Little Piggies

Chapter Fifteen

Maude had one of the most beautiful cottages I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.  It sat nestled against a hill, off a winding road lined with many different kinds of trees. 

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Kait King Author

A Teen Pregnancy

When I was 18 years old, a couple months after a bad breakup with a guy that was somewhat emotionally abusive, I met Dave. He was the cousin of my best friend’s boyfriend, which my friend and I thought that was so damn cool. 1,675 more words


Quote 03

You dont need them. You are strong. Be proud. Stand straight.

I know its easier said then done, I have been in your shoes. I also know it feels good to not give in. 241 more words


Defunding Planned Parenthood

I am sure that many of you are well aware of the two undercover videos that were put out in the last couple of weeks about planned parenthood selling baby body parts. 328 more words