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I live in the shadows.  Beneath the shadows in Shadowland.  The shadows of memories from long ago.  Memories of times that were dark, chaotic, agonizing.  Memories that cast long shadows.  630 more words


Incest and abuse in Holborn

In August 1826 John Green was accused of child abuse. The newspaper reporter spared his readers any intimate detail but it is quite clear form the report that Green was accused of incest with his daughter. 301 more words

Police Court

Need Help With Some Statistics For Next Week's Therapy

I realized today that my therapist insulted me during our session this week. Well, not me specifically but my culture. About 99% of the time I identify as just a human being and I don’t feel the need to separate myself from others by race or nationality but my therapist made a statement that sexual abuse is rampant in my culture as if it was so different from everyone else’s. 176 more words

Sexual Abuse

PTSD and my failing career

My annual performance review came around today. Work isn’t the most important thing in my life, but I want to do well at it. I want to be respected and held in high regard by my colleagues. 409 more words


Wow My Brain Is Really Ummm... Crappy Right Now

A brief post is better than none right? My therapist thinks that I’m kind of starving myself of anything I really need (not just physical stuff but things that I like) and that includes blogging which is why my posts have been suffering. 191 more words


I made my therapist want to growl

Those were her words, not mine. Apparently I frustrated J to the point that she wanted to growl at me today. It’s been a damp, grey, gloomy day and I just felt like hiding. 417 more words