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The kid's a fricking fountain from hell !

When “reading” this for the first time, I suspected the “unique” nature of the story.

Translating it finally, I found it to be true.

Cheers and enjoy it here.

Hentai Translations

Silence Will No Longer Ring in My Ears

I will not be silent

I will not maintain the peace

I will say the ugly words

out loud and I will not flinch

Murder… 135 more words



Unfortunately, I was unable to find any
other international numbers except the Suicide
Hotline, but I will update if I happen upon any.

  1. National Domestic Violence Hotline:

  2. 542 more words


I don’t want to sound bitter
Or twisted
Or ungrateful
But fuck!!
Is my trauma any less?
Is my pain not as hurtful?
Is my loss of childhood worth nothing,

12 more words

Muslim Inbreeding

Up to half of all Muslims are “inbred.” Shocked? You should be. Nevertheless, it is “true.”

How is that “possible,” and why is it so… 1,235 more words


Fuck You

Fuck you Dad…. I fucking hate you… you were never a father to me and im glad I did not love you… for that would of really fucked me up totally if you had been a loving father and then fucking me as well… 572 more words

Multiple Personality Disorder

Next Of Kin.

I was seated on the couch when she walked into the room.

Holding a bowl of cereal and cookies.

It was just the two of us in the house for today.

478 more words