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Keep Walking

You would think by now, after all these years of trying to understand and find my way, to fit the shards back together, I would be able to find the right words to describe what happened and how it affected me.  877 more words


The Human Race is FALLEN

The human race is fallen and that is why it is separated from God. People have no desire for purity or holiness, righteousness. They have no conscience, even professing Christians; they are just hypocrites because in their heart they are sinners. 728 more words

Impending family visit. Help.

My week is panning out to be full on and I’m not coping well with that idea. A few days ago I wrote about needing to fill time in order to avoid sinking into dark and destructive thoughts. 585 more words


Day 149

Statement of Purpose for the University Prestig-a-Tron Future-Egg Delivery Service for the Highly Capable

Dearly Beloved Selection Committee,

If I am selected, you will have selected the underdog. 798 more words

Cognitive dissonance

This is how I define my inner world: confusion, mess, push-pull feelings, dissonance, disharmony, low.  Just some adjectives and nouns to throw out there.  That is my current state of mind.   500 more words



Oedipus Rex a Greek tragedy written by Sophocles in about 441B.C. It is a play that deals with issues that still have relevance today. The theme of freewill versus determinism is a strong component of this play. 545 more words