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A moment of Realization

When I used to stay in my home, i experienced something which made me realize how much do we underrate the things we acquire easily.This was how it ensued- 417 more words


Lessons learned while on the run :)

There is a popular joke that goes like this:

Once a journalist is interviewing a doctor at the mental asylum. He asks the doctor, how he decides whether a patient needs to be admitted in his ward or not. 792 more words


The Witness

Grace :

Oh God! I saw it all, I watched a man die

The car completely shattered in the blink of an eye

I didn’t  know what to do, the situation was too bizarre… 376 more words

Awesome Sauce - The Corrupted Blood Incident

When Blizzard introduced the new raid Zul’Gurub to its massively successful MMORPG World of Warcraft back in 2005, the last thing they expected was to inadvertently expose thousands of players to the video game equivalent of an Ebola monkey. 534 more words

Gaming Articles

APD "Shots Fired" Notification Change | News Release | City of Alexandria

The Alexandria Police Department has been notifying the public of all “shots fired” calls that it receives, even if there is no evidence that a crime occurred. 59 more words


Learning from Incidents

It is a common experience to hear the phrase “We must learn lessons from this” following a major accident, or a more everyday event such as losing in a sporting competition.  258 more words