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Final PitchWars Slush Thoughts

A few overall comments on things I saw in my inbox that might help others. The first is the most important part: inciting incident. Make sure your novel starts where it needs to start. 865 more words


Before you start writing...

You know how it is. You suddenly get this great idea for a novel and you can’t wait to start writing it. So you do. You sit down at your laptop, full of enthusiasm for your new project. 887 more words


"It's Nothing to Worry About!"

That’s what he said. And by he, I mean my fairly new friend and wedding videographer, Alex Goodlive. Dylan and I met Alex when we were looking for an affordable option to get our wedding ceremony recorded. 547 more words


Plot Arcs for Beginners

Understanding how plot arcs do and do not work is essential to creating a well-crafted story with a strong sense of forwards movement. Each plot thread has its own arc, as does each novel, and each series. 1,136 more words


Book Camp 2016, Day 5

We began the day with an exploration walk during which we looked for accidental art. The idea comes from “How to Be an Explorer of the World” 162 more words

6. So you've started writing . . . but where should you begin?

Research done, fears and procrastination dispensed with, plot clear (or clearer), outline completed, it is time to start writing. But where to start the story? Do you start from the beginning, the middle or the end? 440 more words


Glue Readers to Your Story #amwriting

The inciting incident in a work of fiction is what gets the plot moving.  Think of it as the first flashy set of fireworks that leads into an awesome display which lights up the sky and sets up the crescendo at the end.   304 more words