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Kicking your protagonist in the pants: The inciting incident and your point of attack

Have you ever had that moment where you went to see a play or movie, to hear a lecture, to have a talk with someone you know, or even just spent time working on a project where you left thinking, “Gee. 658 more words


Incidentally, I is for Inciting Force | #AtoZChallenge

The inciting force, often called the inciting incident, is “the event or character that triggers the conflict” (Elements of Literature, nps.gov). In essence, this is what kicks off the story. 245 more words


Inciting Moment--What It Is and Why You Should Care

Recently, I was explaining the concept of an inciting moment to my five-year-old (he’s a bit young, but one might as well start early, right?), and it got me thinking about how critical the concept is. 851 more words

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Fight Scene Structure Part 1: Inciting Incident — A. C. Spahn

Fight scenes are miniature novels contained within a larger story. A good fight, like a good story, requires a steady buildup to a peak of dramatic tension, followed by an inevitable tumble to a satisfying conclusion. 674 more words

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Looking at the Inciting Incident

The inciting incident is one of the most important scenes in your novel. It’s the first major plot point and leads to all other plot points and conflict that make the story. 286 more words

Elizabeth: The Call to Action

As writers, we’re taught that a story rightfully begins with an inciting incident; an event that changes something for our hero/heroine, throwing them off their traditional path and setting everything in motion.    730 more words

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