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The Magic of Three: 3-Act Structure in the Novel by Barbara Kyle

Friend, fellow author and writing coach Barbara Kyle has just released a book called Page Turner: Your Guide to Writing a Novel that Publishers Want and Readers Buy. 1,473 more words

Writing Process

Tell Her About It

As teenagers, Michael and John had whooped and hollered on the same street, dragged their heels to the same school, dreamed of sunshine reflected on the water in the same class and, that one fateful time, shared the same bed. 239 more words


Holy Holidays, Carl!

As we’re coming up on the holiday season, I figure this is a prime time to unleash a rant I’ve have bottled up for some time. 764 more words


Why Now? -Special Guest: Crystal Cherie

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Crystal Cherie

Crystal is a fellow author and friend.  I find that whenever I have a serious question concerning book writing and my ideas on something, she is one of the few people I think of and sometimes discuss with the ideas to get some feedback.  539 more words


The Essential One Page Synopsis


noun syn·op·sis \sə-ˈnäp-səs\

 a short description of the most important information about something : a summary or outline

For the first stage of the competition, we ask for a one-page synopsis along with your opening extract. 

271 more words

The Freytag Experiment (Ch. 2)

Story Patterns from the 19th Century

Gustav Freytag was a German novelist from the Nineteenth century who explored formulas in stories and novels (well before… 411 more words

#12: Million Dollar Baby - Gear Shift Movies

We answer a listener’s question on the subject of how the inciting incident generates the central dramatic question of the story.

Using MILLION DOLLAR BABY and PREDATOR as an example of how the central dramatic question can subtly shift over the course of a story. 10 more words