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The Real Beginning...

Wait, I thought the previous post was the real beginning. What’s this now?

I suppose it all depends on your definition. That was where it originated. 463 more words


Inciting Incidents

There was a remarkable conjunction in bed this morning. It got my creative juices going, even put a smile on my face. Not easy to do at sun up on a curmudgeonly night owl. 239 more words

Inciting Moment: What It Is and Why You Should Care

by Andrea Lundgren

Recently, I was explaining the concept of an inciting moment to my five-year-old (he’s a bit young, but one might as well start early, right?), and it got me thinking about how critical the concept is. 881 more words


Kicking your protagonist in the pants: The inciting incident and your point of attack

Have you ever had that moment where you went to see a play or movie, to hear a lecture, to have a talk with someone you know, or even just spent time working on a project where you left thinking, “Gee. 658 more words


Incidentally, I is for Inciting Force | #AtoZChallenge

The inciting force, often called the inciting incident, is “the event or character that triggers the conflict” (Elements of Literature, nps.gov). In essence, this is what kicks off the story. 269 more words


Conflict Through Crisis 2

Last week I shared what I learned at SWiC16 when Daniel José Older spoke about moments that change lives. Here’s the link.

Moments of crisis. 179 more words

Beginning Of The Arc

Conflict Through Crisis 1

When I was away at the SWiC16, Daniel José Older was a keynote speaker. He talked about working as a medic.  Some stories were funny, lighthearted and others cut a little deep. 172 more words

Beginning Of The Arc