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Starting your novel - Your protagonist needs a problem

by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

I recently had a moment of enlightenment regarding this whole writing a book thing. The start of a story occurs at the start.  514 more words

My Writing Journey

The Inciting Incident

I’m running a storycraft meeting on inciting incidents tonight, Squiders, and since y’all liked my pacing info sheet so much, I thought I’d share my info sheet for inciting incidents as well. 808 more words


Screenwriting: Break All the Rules!

You’ve heard them all before. Even in my blog. The rules that say certain things should happen within the first 10 pages of your script, your protagonist must be a likeable character, you must follow the three-act structure. 576 more words

The Entertainment Industry

Breakeven pt. III

The first breakup that I wrote about in Breakeven pt II was very difficult for me. A sliver of it stayed with me up to… 542 more words


Disturbing Events

Scott Driscoll is a Seattle writer and teacher. He is the Manuscript Critique consultant for this year’s WOTS conference and will present a session on Sunday: 494 more words

WOTS Blog Articles

COVERSCRIPT TIPS - The First Ten Pages

In these early ten pages of the screenplay, which equals the first ten minutes of the movie, the audience must be introduced to, and made to empathize with, or connect to, or identify with, the protagonist in some way. 224 more words


On Where To Start Your Book

One of the most frustrating things about writing is having to stare at a blank page for sometimes hours on end, and having to cross out everything you write because it’s just not good enough for you. 588 more words