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Breaking Bad Study Case: Inciting Incident and Climax in Story: Monday, April 27th

I just finished reading “Story Structure: The Key to Successful Fiction” by William Bernhardt. It’s the first book in a series called the “Red Sneaker Writer Series.” It was a great book and I plan to read the others. 387 more words

Daily Journal

What is an Inciting Incident?

For a feature film it is one of those things that must happen within the first 10 to 12 pages. If it happens before then the audience doesn’t know enough about your hero to care. 431 more words

The Entertainment Industry

Disturbing Events

Disaster struck Dante Alighieri in 1301. While he was away from Florence on a diplomatic mission, the Black Guelfs, his political enemies, seized power and brought him to court on manufactured charges of extortion and misuse of public funds, nevermind that he’d only held office for two months. 479 more words

The Importance of the Not-So-Inciting Incident

Okay … Pop quiz!

Do you know what an inciting incident is?

Even if you are not familiar with the term, I bet you’re familiar with the concept. 497 more words


On Beginnings and Being Late

Sometimes, I really despise beginnings. They’re so hard, and yet, in my four years of writing, I’ve written about a dozen times more beginnings than I even have written middles. 435 more words


The Inciting Incident (The God Story) - Sermon

Take some time and read through this week’s sermon from Pastor Alan. How is God speaking to you through this week’s message? Respond by commenting at the bottom of the page. 1,834 more words

Sermon Followup

The Narrative Arc

I have recently been researching diagrams to represent the Narrative Arc.  My memoir, based partly on childhood memories, needed to be restructured. I’m not one of these clever writers who map out their story-line up front. 290 more words