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One question to rule them all

I recently had the pleasure of giving a friend some notes on his script (a drama). It was a great take on a familiar subject, but I had some trouble determining what kind of story they were trying to tell. 298 more words





By Nandy Ekle

Of all the genres of stories, I really think mysteries are the most fun. You start by introducing your character and the inciting incident, which is usually a crime. 396 more words


Inciting Incidents

This is the event that kicks off the story and gets things moving. The inciting incident does not necessarily start the main plot immediately, but it does provide an active lead in. 934 more words


Day 12 17/02/2016 # A Screenwriter’s Brain

There is a saying in Dutch that literally translated means: you are contaminated by those you spend time with. And without realizing it, my thinking is changing into what I will call ‘a screenwriter’s brain’. 793 more words


Slogging through the Slush - Your Route to Rejection Pt. 1


Yesterday I did a post about a filter words, which I’ve labelled as the Worst Offender in my slush pile. This is true at the prose/sentence level, but what about some of the other issues that I’m seeing that pertain more to story structure, etc? 1,157 more words

Plot to Story

I blogged about how I rewrite last week and mentioned that I use plot points to keep  myself on track.  A fellow writer asked how I turn an outline into a finished draft.   946 more words


A simple guide to planning a novel - Part 4 - The inciting incident

In Part 3 of My Simple guide to planning a novel, we explored the beginning and the end of the story, including the opening hook / question, the closure chapter, and the epic ending. 1,030 more words