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Slogging through the Slush - Your Route to Rejection Pt. 1


Yesterday I did a post about a filter words, which I’ve labelled as the Worst Offender in my slush pile. This is true at the prose/sentence level, but what about some of the other issues that I’m seeing that pertain more to story structure, etc? 1,148 more words

Plot to Story

I blogged about how I rewrite last week and mentioned that I use plot points to keep  myself on track.  A fellow writer asked how I turn an outline into a finished draft.   946 more words


A simple guide to planning a novel - Part 4 - The inciting incident

In Part 3 of My Simple guide to planning a novel, we explored the beginning and the end of the story, including the opening hook / question, the closure chapter, and the epic ending. 1,030 more words


Day Day 156 -The Inciting Incident Prompt

The inciting incident is the moment at which a film really starts. For the first 10 minutes the writer sets up the world of the main character and then at the 10 minute point,or there abouts something comes along and completely changes their world and goals. 195 more words


Tips, Epiphanies and Thoughts on Writing a Novel ~ NaNoWriMo

Okay, it’s NaNoWrimo and my arms, neck and head hurt from marathon writing sessions. I have to catch up because I lost a week due to a family death. 1,027 more words

Chapter 4's on my webpage!

I put K.M. Weiland’s blog link in my last post.  She explained the differences between a book’s Hook, its Inciting Incident, and its First Plot Point.   81 more words

Inciting Incident

Novel beginnings #books #RSsos

Don’t you love opening to the first page of a novel and getting sucked right in like it’s a vacuum instead of a paperback?

These men who kill their wives…they didn’t have a clue how to do it right, how to get away with it. 835 more words