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Story Basics: Inciting Incidents and Inventory Control

A few years back I was an inventory manager for a company that repaired specialized equipment. It was a family owned company, but they’d been in business for decades and they had deep pockets. 1,315 more words


And The Results Are In

I quite enjoy it when I can just write without overthinking things, it is like my brain connections have removed their traffic cones, barriers, stop signs and it’s all a go go go.   170 more words


Initial Progress

Some writing has already been done this week. I’m attempting to map out and write the inciting moment in the story (of which I hope to share as a go along). 162 more words


The Real Beginning...

Wait, I thought the previous post was the real beginning. What’s this now?

I suppose it all depends on your definition. That was where it originated. 463 more words


Inciting Incidents

There was a remarkable conjunction in bed this morning. It got my creative juices going, even put a smile on my face. Not easy to do at sun up on a curmudgeonly night owl. 239 more words

Inciting Moment: What It Is and Why You Should Care

by Andrea Lundgren

Recently, I was explaining the concept of an inciting moment to my five-year-old (he’s a bit young, but one might as well start early, right?), and it got me thinking about how critical the concept is. 881 more words


Kicking your protagonist in the pants: The inciting incident and your point of attack

Have you ever had that moment where you went to see a play or movie, to hear a lecture, to have a talk with someone you know, or even just spent time working on a project where you left thinking, “Gee. 658 more words