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Empathy Is Not A Disability

In news that should come as a shock to exactly no one, I can be kind of an asshole. What may come as a shock, depending on how long you’ve known me, is that I’m arguably less of an asshole now than I used to be. 4,552 more words

Critical Hit

Conversation and Inclusive Cultures

Joe Gerstandt is hopeful. An expert on inclusion, Joe had written a post expressing his excitement at signs that leaders, workplaces and communities were ready to put greater momentum behind issues of inclusion and diversity. 182 more words


Our bilingual unit adventure

When I moved two years ago from Mississauga to Barrie, Ontario to do a year of post-graduate studies at Georgian College, I wanted to continue my volunteer work in Guiding so I joined a French language unit near campus. 775 more words

Girls' Guides


The Guardian ran an innumerate little piece today headed ‘David Cameron’s Oxford college admits fewest state school applicants.’ Before we even look at the substance (hah!) of the article, we might briefly pause to think about what we expect the implications to be of this story. 1,346 more words


Plan ahead to avoid being 'caught short'

Local councils, shopping centres, tourist attractions are urged to act first to avoid being in breach of equality laws.

You wouldn’t change a baby on the floor of a public loo. 191 more words



New research has shown that for 80% of people surveyed, having an accessible toilet was important when going out and about*. So, on the basis that disabled people spend over £200BILLION a year, getting the toilets right is a key priority for providers. 182 more words


Is Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back? (PART 1)

Do you sometimes doubt your abilities and worry that you are not good enough?  Do you feel inadequate even though what you have achieved suggests otherwise? 622 more words

Female Leadership