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secret Santa is not secular, and neither is Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Our office had our secret Santa drawing this past week. Of course, no one wants to come right out and say it’s a Christmas celebration in a secular workplace, so they frame it as a “holiday tradition”. 424 more words


The Blind Pleading the Blind: Inclusivity

Some have the idea that blind people will always be the recipients, rather than the givers. One thing I appreciate about where I live is how inclusive people are. 650 more words

Multiculturalism Part 2: Identity and Conflict Resolution

Last Salon we talked about the stages of Multiculturalism and the many different meanings behind the concept of Culture. We discussed the importance of difference and realized specific ways that each of us can take steps toward… 479 more words

A Wake-up Call In The World of Finance | ‘Climate Change Is Directly Related to the Growth of Terrorism’

As climate changes become impossible to dismiss, how does the
mainstream investor community respond? Are financial decisions
taking full account of risks and opportunities related to climate… 214 more words


Why Prayers in Public Schools Harms Inclusivity

Originally produced for local media agency, Guyana Mosquito (Source).
The Ministry of Education, under the direction of Minister Roopnarine, has recently announced its interest in abolishing Christian prayers from public schools. 1,620 more words

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A response to Tom Ballard - LGBT isn't inclusive enough, but GSD is no solution

I read this piece by Aussie comedian Tom Ballard on SBS Sexuality, and I was not impressed. I’ll start by saying his intent was certainly positive, but I think he got a few things quite seriously wrong. 734 more words

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OU SGA candidates debate

Candidates talk diversity, inclusivity and change last night in the Student Government Association debate. OU Nightly’s Ashley Sanchez has the story.