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#YouGotDiverseBooks : Be Intentional

I recently came across a post by author James Dawson that talked about how part of the issue of making sure that the book industry continues to support diverse titles and takes on more diverse titles, readers should show more support for already existant diverse titles. 575 more words

The Life Of An Author

Welcoming: You Have to See it to Believe It

If you follow my blog with any regularity, you know that I’ve been thinking a lot about the Church Health Center’s values this year. As the Center prepares for a move to Crosstown Concourse, we’ve also been assessing the institutional principles that motivate everything we do. 833 more words

Church Health Center

Data for Humanity: An Open Letter

I have the pleasure to host an important initiative by professors Roberto V. Zicari and Andrej Zwitter to raise awareness of the principles in the context of the use/access of data, facilitate exchange between people and organizations who share the goal and the principles, and support data initiatives that are dedicated to these principles around the world. 296 more words


Diversity in Children's Books

Recently, I started to think about what diversity meant in children’s books and whether publishing houses are doing anything to cultivate this notion of inclusivity. Whether it be a book on race, gender, religion or any other type of group that fits into the category of ‘diversity’ – there are few books to be found and it has been this way for many years. 432 more words


PC and "Tolerance": The Nazis had a name for it

“As a totalitarian regime the Third Reich developed its own language, a perversion of the German language. The control of hearts and minds, to which totalitarian political  systems aspire, necessitates such a perversion of the normal use of language. 267 more words

Is There a Right To Internet Access?

It’s difficult to be or feel a global citizen if you cannot access the internet.

This is the first  powerful gift we received from internet: the elimination of remoteness. 516 more words