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Reflections on the Meaning of Charlottesville

The events of the last week brought to light the reality of evil harbored in the hearts of humankind. I do not personally know anyone that has expressed a strong belief that any race is inherently superior to another, or of any people group to another; yet, I do know that such beliefs are held by many, as displayed this week, and that there is a desire by some to see that ideology accepted and even embraced and promoted. 213 more words

Tim Kelley

Gender Inclusive Parenting Meets The Public.

Cashier: How old is your baby?

Me: 5 weeks.

Cashier: Ahh. I can never tell if they’re boys or girls at that age.

Me: I know. 36 more words


Racism at Impulstanz

For those who have not know already, I have been spending the past month in Vienna Austria, fully immersing in Impulstanz Dance Festival, dancing/ watching dances/ talking about dances fifteen hours a day, seven days a week. 1,742 more words

Contemporary Dance

How a shy girl became a sex educator

I don’t think that I’m the type of person who comes to mind when someone says “sex educator.” I certainly never thought I would be one, because although I’m sex-positive and believe in education, I’m pretty reserved and it used to be the kind of topic I didn’t even discuss with my friends. 1,327 more words


Stereotypes are Natural, but Important to Counter

Obviously the big story in social change this week is the Google Manifesto, where an engineer was fired for “perpetuating stereotypes” against women.

Enough people are talking about… 578 more words

Social Change

Mobility and bikes

I do not want to take anything away from this article, so here it is


What I will say is that the BaNES council utterly fails to recognise that electric bicycles and particularly electric tricycles enable many people with sever walking issues the freedom to live easily within cities and towns. 158 more words

Call To Action


My blog in its early stages, however I do plan for it to encompass several different topics: mental health, food, crafts/DIY, and spirituality. I would like to create an inclusive space and open my blog up to anyone who would like a platform to share their stories, anonymously or non-anonymously. 67 more words

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