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Trump IS Damaging America

Aside from my initial comments in the early days of the 2016 Presidential Election and Donald Trump’s victory, I’ve been silent here. I was quite angry that we (Democrats) lost. 431 more words

Income Disparity

Formula for Soft Revolution

As I watched the Trump of Trump Towers ascend the Star Spangled Throne I found myself pondering something I had written a quarter of a century ago about the ideas of two very insightful men and then I remembered why I had begun this blog in the first place. 940 more words


Calling Working People of All Colors


Author: Ebony Slaughter-Johnson

Emphasis Mine

A little over 80 years ago, NAACP founder W.E.B. Du Bois wrote “Black Reconstruction in America,” a groundbreaking essay that looked at… 546 more words

First Amendment Violation–Or Responsible Action? Re: Fake News Sites

Alex Jones of the InfoWars web site has posted a video claiming that the “government has announced they want to shut this site (InfoWars.com) down.” Other fake news sites are running similar articles, including one called “ 971 more words

Income Disparity

Let Them See, Those Who Have Eyes …

The members of the Electoral College need to be made aware (if they’re not already) that Donald Trump is a genuine menace and a potentially great danger to our great nation. 903 more words

Income Disparity

Prepare For a Bad Case of “Voter’s Remorse”

I think Americans are soon going to experience a gigantic case of “voter’s remorse” with Donald Trump. Since winning the Electoral College pledges, in the weeks since November 8, 2016, Donald trump has back-pedaled, altered, flip-flopped, and even changed his stances on core issues that he asserted on the campaign trail. 447 more words

Income Disparity


I was in Detroit some years ago for a 3-day Catholic conference, part of a movement begun by the Bishops of the United States. The consistent theme of the talks and the small-group workshops was the necessity of a preferential option for the poor. 551 more words