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Large Margaritas

A quarter of a century ago there was a Mexican themed restaurant in Columbus located on High Street, just north of Hudson. It was trendy then to take in the latest food and drink start ups, much as seeing the latest movie release is today. 662 more words

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Dating a Guy That Makes More Money Than You

I recently made a post on The Problem Gays Instagram about this particular issue. Most of my text posts are intended to be funny, silly, or general truisms about gay relationships. 471 more words

The Problem Gays

Why Bernie Continues

When a SCOTUS majority decided Citizens United, media world was all a tizzy with speculation as to what the future of politics would be. The Move To Amend folks would like us to believe it will be a safer world if it were otherwise, not unlike the second amendment faithful whose credo is that if everyone carries a gun, society would be more civil and respectful. 658 more words

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The Future of Work & Income Disparity

The following is an extract from Chapter #5, “Leadership for Extraordinary Success”of my forthcoming book, “The CIO: Role, Talent, Pace.” Preceding the following paragraphs is an extended discussion on the impact of computers (especially automation, robotics, and AI) on “The Future of Work” and the related and accelerating shrinking of manufacturing and management jobs. 426 more words

Ring That Bell

On 4-24-16 CBS 60 Minutes ran an exposé entitled “Dialing For Dollars” with Norah O’Donnell. “The American public has a low opinion of Congress. Only 14 percent think it’s doing a good job. 510 more words

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You Can’t Appeal to Their Compassion: They Have None

Greed drives them. Greed rules their actions. They really couldn’t care less about their tenants, and many of them don’t even care about keeping their buildings safe and in good repair (In the article below, one image shows that property management painted over mold growing in the wall). 447 more words

Income Disparity

What Unites Trump And Clinton Backers

Ann (not her real name) is confident, and quietly ebullient about a woman finally breaking the glass ceiling, becoming the president of the United States. She says it has been long overdue and that the current candidate deserves it, has earned it. 851 more words

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