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Dramatic Increase in Homeless on Streets of NYC (PBS MetroFocus Video PLUS)

Everyday, during my commute from my home in Queens to my workplace in the Bronx, I am awed by the numerous apartment buildings being constructed in Long Island City, Harlem and the South Bronx for “high end” renters. 333 more words


On Bernie Sanders, Alice Bag, and the Enduring Politics of Punk Rock

Among reasons to like Bernie Sanders, he supports the ERA and the Paycheck Fairness Act, he advocates for increasing minimum wage, has commited to expanding health and reproductive rights, and believes that childcare, preschool, and parental leave should be available to all Americans, not just a privileged few.  137 more words

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HARD QUESTION Update: Do Black folk REALLY want to succeed in America? Choice of college major affects future earnings

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD BLACK FART. All moi can say is one has a Constitutional right to be a MORON. One must ask what are folk thinking and where do they want to go in THIS society and not some mythical Africa which most will never see and which probably does not exist. 1,180 more words

Between The Lines

The 9-16-15 online Advocate reported “Dan Evers leaving as economic development director” (Kent Mallet). “NEWARK — Dan Evers, director of Grow Licking County and economic development director for the Licking County Chamber of Commerce, leaves Oct. 684 more words

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25. Bernie Sanders' Interpretation of "Socialism"

When Bernie Sanders calls himself a “Socialist”, his various statements on
the matter indicate the following interpretation.

Government should promote “social” programs that lead to a fair distribution… 140 more words


Ever widening income disparity between rich Malaysians and the rest, says economist

The income gap between top earning Malaysian individuals and everyone else is widening, an economist with a local think tank said, even though income disparity between households has gone down. 546 more words

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Wage Fairness and Consumer Purchasing Power

People want wage fairness.

This study shows that people seek to buy a product made by a company that has a smaller ratio of CEO wage to average wage; they will even choose that companies product over a less expensive one made by a company with a high wage ratio and they are confident in the quality of the product the low wage ratio company makes. 57 more words