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Top CEOs make more than 300 times the average worker

In between 1978 and 2014, inflation-adjusted CEO pay increased by almost 1,000%, according to a report released on Sunday by the Economic Policy Institute. Meanwhile, typical workers in the U.S. 748 more words


This Is The Hourly Wage You Need To Afford A 2-Bedroom Apartment Around The U.S.


The National Low Income Housing Coalition released its annual housing report “Out of Reach” earlier this month. The organization calculated the hourly wage a resident would need to earn to afford a moderate, two-bedroom apartment — and the outlook is grim. 291 more words

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Low Income, Homelessness and Motivation in America

I made a mistake recently. I reposted a meme on Facebook that was highly inaccurate. The meme showed a picture of a line cook in a diner and read something along the lines of “Millions of hard-working Americans living on minimum wage can’t afford to put a roof over their head so they reside in homeless shelters. 585 more words

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Income Disparity

Barry discusses the topic of income disparity, encouraging us to think deeply about how we feel about money.


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Reshuffling the deck to tackle economic disparity

I am no Economist. I do love data analysis as it helps to put situation in more objective perspective.

Reading about Nigeria unemployment rate to be at 6.4%, naturally I thought someone must be having a good joke at the expense of the general public. 566 more words


Where's my Zoloft?

An open letter to my employer:

Dear Sirs,

I get so pissed off every time you send me bullshit pimping your 401(k).  You want my damn contribution because it would let the Highly Compensated Employees in the company contribute more, thus maximizing their income tax deferrals.  298 more words

QuestBridge Finds Low-Income Scholars Outside Big Cities

Not all of the low-income college students who could be a good fit for scholarship and financial aid programs at major universities live in major metro areas, but that’s where schools are doing their scouting. 194 more words