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Community Consideration

NPR reported this morning (2-11-16) that the family of Tamir Rice, the Cleveland 12 year old who failed to obtain a concealed carry permit for his toy gun, was billed for the EMT services requested and delivered too late after his shooting by a Cleveland police officer. 155 more words

Critical Analysis

Goes Without Saying

News flying low and slow under the radar today concerns The Sparta in downtown Newark. Analysis notes not saying “The Sparta Restaurant” for The Sparta happens to be one of those shape shifting entities akin to a chameleon. 640 more words

Critical Analysis

Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future
by Martin Ford

Rise of the Robots
focuses on the economic impact of increased productivity due to automation. 477 more words


Income Inequality Hurts America and Most Americans

I sometimes hear (or read about) people with good jobs and a good income talking about how we need to reform government to curb spending, reduce the deficit, make government more accountable and more efficient … and I believe that is a proper goal. 866 more words

Income Disparity

Bear Bergman--and yes, it's nearly Valentine's Day

I rarely post anything that’s personal, but all day I had this column by the wise and clear and sensical writer Bear Bergman up on my “to-read” list, and I finally read it, and it seems to hit so many nails on so many heads that I thought you might want to read this “Dear Bear” column too, since rarely is there a time in relationships when incomes are exactly on par. 38 more words

Articles By Others

The dread pirate “Wagegapper”

Pity the poor rich man. In this economy, he just can’t catch a break. Oh sure his castle continues to glisten in the rising sun. His moat is pristine and his crocodiles are well fed. 563 more words