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The Patience Of Jobs

No, not Steve Jobs. Jobs, the Marxist definition of “selling one’s labor”. The 2016 presidential event has left the primary season behind and now has entered the final phase of two major party candidates with their pitch to the electorate. 668 more words

Critical Analysis


DEBT, CREDIT, STOCKS, BONDS! Just the very sight of these words can give you a headache! Many of us find it difficult to manage debt, personal finances or understand the stock market. 469 more words

Black Education

How to Get Them to STOP Killing Us!

Woke up this morning to yet ANOTHER unarmed Black man gunned down for no damn reason at all. Of course there’s another video. Of course, I tuned in to the news to see what the excuse was this time. 878 more words

Black Education

What No One Tells Us About Black Wealth.

“Education is the key to success”, they said. “Dress for success”, they said. “Speak this way, not that way”, they said. “Strive to own a home and be an entrepreneur”, they said.   461 more words

Black Education

US Media Bias and Brexit

I’m going to shine a light on US media bias. The US media is making a big deal about the UK leaving the EU. The media is warning about how it will make US exports more expensive in the UK; therefore, US exports become less attractive to UK consumers and US corporate growth slows. 436 more words


Lead You Through the Streets of London

While one man wheels his belongings along a London street……two hundred metres, an adulthood of dedication and lucky rolls of the dice away, another man takes a call on the latest iPhone from a statue of Newton. 29 more words


Technology Creating a Healthy Economy...But for Whom?

With the (relatively) recent boom in technology the issue arises as to whether or not we will reach a point in time when machines begin to take away jobs from manual workers on the production line. 653 more words

Income Disparity