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Millionnaire Living

Surprise! I am a millionnaire. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect (or even ask for) this. Before we start planning lavish excursions, my millionaire status only applies in Sierra Leone. 856 more words

Peace Corp

The Banana States of America -- Part II

This morning I published Part I of this two-part series looking at the 8 criteria that, in part, define nations that might be considered ‘banana republics’ by the modern connotation. 927 more words

Political Commentary

The Banana States of America -- Part I

A recent OpEd piece in The Washington Post by journalist Dana Milbank, carried the same title as this post … yes, I ‘borrowed’ it from him.  856 more words

Political Commentary

Talking About Money with Strangers

There are lots of examples of disparity in the world, but the one that is most obvious to me is the stark contrast between the rich and the poor, especially near my school. 411 more words


Your Money or Your Life-Literally

Many people lost their life savings after the markets crashed in 2008, and the global recession that followed saw millions losing their jobs as well as their nest eggs. 764 more words

March 2, 2018


Economist – The hidden cost of congestion – Daily Chart 2/28

  • “In rich countries, city-dwellers lose nearly $1,000 a year while sitting in traffic.”
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“Shart Tank”?

I’ll break from the political commentary for a moment to share this:

Have you ever seen a “shart tank”? I haven’t. But I suspect seeing one –especially in person – could be a rather smelly proposition. 118 more words

Income Disparity