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Starbucks, Income Disparity and People of Color

As I browse through my FB page, I get to see the different views and opinions of different people from around the world.  As my Facebook page is a pretty strong reflection of me, most of the people that are my “friends” have something in common with me.   821 more words


Ya Basta!

An inaudible gasp assaults those traversing Newark. It is the unvoiced silent scream of “Ya Basta!” (Enough already). The cry is inaudible because it is unexpressed. 813 more words

Child Health and Poverty – A Call to Action

It has been well described that poverty is associated with poor health, starting from time in the womb all the way into adulthood. Poor children have higher rates of infant mortality, low birth weight, food insecurity, and unintentional injuries. 537 more words


"To anyone who has, more will be given..."

It seems to me that our society may have taken this Scripture passage a bit too literally. A recent study by the University of New Hampshire shows that not only is the income gap between the rich and the poor increasing in this country, but the chances that children of poor parents are less and less likely to ever escape poverty themselves. 814 more words


The Gestalt of Capitalism in a Small Town

Here are the headlines:

Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Iran Sales – Bloomberg Business

Mountain of Petroleum Coke From Oil Sands Rises in Detroit – NYTimes.com… 479 more words

The Gestalt Of Capitalism In A Small Town

The New Rulers Of The World - By John Pilger - video

The New Rulers Of The World – By John Pilger

Note: This documentary was made some 15 years ago. What has changed?  Your comments are welcome! 691 more words