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Voter ID

“Evictions still on rise in Licking County despite recovery” headlines reporting by Jennifer Smola for The Columbus Dispatch (9-13-16). Smola writes that “The number of eviction cases filed in Licking County Municipal Court has steadily increased each year since 2010. 813 more words

Politicians Enriched by the System

Partisans on both sides of the aisle spout talking-points that are the mainstays of their party’s platform.  For Democrats, this includes social justice and wealth distribution.  444 more words


Refreshment Opportunity

A teaser. Really. But oh, so revealing. “Is city corporate park about to land first user?” (Chad Klimack, Newark Advocate, 8-25-16) reports “on the potential economic development opportunity” of (what the Kasich administration defines as) a “Job Ready Site”. 679 more words

Critical Analysis

A Comfortable Shirt

Are so many Americans furious just because the rich keep getting richer and the rest of us are getting poorer?  That seems an amorphous target for such visceral rage. 1,599 more words

American Culture

The Patience Of Jobs

No, not Steve Jobs. Jobs, the Marxist definition of “selling one’s labor”. The 2016 presidential event has left the primary season behind and now has entered the final phase of two major party candidates with their pitch to the electorate. 668 more words

Critical Analysis


DEBT, CREDIT, STOCKS, BONDS! Just the very sight of these words can give you a headache! Many of us find it difficult to manage debt, personal finances or understand the stock market. 469 more words

Black Education

How to Get Them to STOP Killing Us!

Woke up this morning to yet ANOTHER unarmed Black man gunned down for no damn reason at all. Of course there’s another video. Of course, I tuned in to the news to see what the excuse was this time. 878 more words

Black Education