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Reshuffling the deck to tackle economic disparity

I am no Economist. I do love data analysis as it helps to put situation in more objective perspective.

Reading about Nigeria unemployment rate to be at 6.4%, naturally I thought someone must be having a good joke at the expense of the general public. 566 more words


Where's my Zoloft?

An open letter to my employer:

Dear Sirs,

I get so pissed off every time you send me bullshit pimping your 401(k).  You want my damn contribution because it would let the Highly Compensated Employees in the company contribute more, thus maximizing their income tax deferrals.  298 more words

QuestBridge Finds Low-Income Scholars Outside Big Cities

Not all of the low-income college students who could be a good fit for scholarship and financial aid programs at major universities live in major metro areas, but that’s where schools are doing their scouting. 194 more words

How US Working Women Are Being Run Over

Even for women and families who do have some job protections and have two incomes, many do not have family leave, either paid or unpaid. Most families find the cost of child care staggering, with far too few slots in Head Start and other early education programs, and private child care taking up a third or more of many families’ budgets. 156 more words

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The War on Poverty A Half Century On; Race, Class and the Current Crisis

The Great  Society reforms, along with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 were instrumental in creating today’s Black middle class in the US. They not only tore down the color bar in employment and other economic opportunities but provided various types of assistance to the Black Community in educational, job training, financial and occupational opportunities which helped to lift the community out of poverty, particularly in American cities. 72 more words

Human Rights

Housing Apartheid, American Style

Soon after the King assassination, Congress passed the Fair Housing Act, which banned housing discrimination and required states and local governments that receive federal housing money to try to overcome historic patterns of segregation and to “affirmatively further” federal fair housing goals. 114 more words


Why Does the GOP Hate College?

Over the past couple of decades, Republicans have dramatically cut back public funding for higher education. Why?

Over the last two decades, an increasingly radical conservative base has pulled the Republican Party out of line with the American people. 93 more words