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The Pope is wrong: Employment is not exploitation

Recently, during a mass at the Vatican, Pope Francis condemned wealthy employers for paying their workers low wages and accused them of “exploitation”. (Thank you to Matthew Lau for bringing this up in his excellent… 713 more words

Business Ethics

Why avoiding taxes is moral

The recent leak of the Panama Papers—which consist of confidential banking documents that report names of thousands of offshore corporations and their shareholders—created a media storm around the world. 710 more words

Individual Rights

Putting over-sized CEO pay into context …

First, I’m no apologist for CEO’s who rake-off outrageously large paychecks that no reasonable person can classify as “earned from value added”.

And, I understand that politicians like to huff, puff, lie and throw stones at fat cats. 241 more words

Income Inequality

Somebody, please explain Hillary’s firewall to me …

OK, Hillary has a firewall against the Bern in South Carolina because of that state’s Black & Hispanic populations.

Her popularity with Blacks is part historical for Democrats, part a residual from Bill Clinton and part from President Obama’s 90% approval rating among Blacks: 134 more words

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The American Dream is dead … err, not really.

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been an endless series of media spots about some Pew Research data demonstrating, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the middle class is shrinking. 344 more words

Income Inequality

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make the world a better place: Productiveness vs. charity?

Facebook CEO and recent parent Mark Zuckerberg has written a letter to his newborn daughter—cum a political manifesto—in which he makes the ‘Billionaires’ Pledge’ to give most of his wealth away to charity. 708 more words

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Why Growth Matters

There have been some interesting developments on the climate front in the past few days in Canada. First, Greg Clark, leader of the Alberta Party, released his party’s Climate Change Plan. 2,335 more words

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