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Econowise Podcast 15 - On PTI Govt's Economic Performance and sense of fear

Review of performance of PTI Govt’s economic policies. Misplaced priorities, wrong policies, sense of fear, and halt to cash spending and economic activity.


Robert Reich: The Next Crash

The left has some great economists that can sort out trends and make them understandable to the common person like you and I. For me the very best are Paul Krugman of the New York Times and Robert Reich. 406 more words

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Econowise podcast - episode 11: Government policies are discouraging documentation of economy

Econowise podcast – Episode 11: How Government’s actions are discouraging documentation of economy (and are a source of bribery and graft)?


Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Will Destroy Cryptocurrencies by NOURIEL ROUBINI

This will tear down all the Chinese Walls in financial system and would lead to ultimate collapse. A complete recipe for disaster. A system in which central bank will be making monetary policy, regulating financial system, will be creating consumer/capital credit, and will be lender of last resort. 18 more words


The Shoe Salesman as Relic

He is thin, well postured and wears a fine suit and silk tie. His shoes, of course, are high quality. They are shined.

He is the Shoe Salesman, a man from another era. 1,079 more words


Econowise Podcast 5

Govt’s relief to non-filers, lobbying of auto and real estate industry, foreign financing of current account deficit, and Prime Minister’s housing scheme


Just the Facts - TrumpTax Hurts Iowa

The following email was sent out Thursday following another campaign swing into Iowa by VP Mike Pence. Interestingly, this dovetails nicely with my previous post concerning what the Trump/Pence administration is doing to children. 395 more words

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