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Foreign assets let trusts make a comeback

The successful (although delayed) IPO of Argent Energy Trust this August, which raised $212-million, marked what just may be the return of the much-missed income trust — albeit with a twist. 1,091 more words

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Argent Energy hopes to join a club of three

Four have tried, two have been successful and now, thanks to a recent filing, Argent Energy Trust hopes to make it three.

We are referring to a group of companies that emerged after the federal government closed the tax advantages for Canadian-based income trusts in October 2006. 262 more words

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Canadian royalty and income trusts: back from the dead?

According to Doug Richardson, writing in Stikeman Elliott’s Canadian Energy Law blog, the public offerings of two foreign asset income trusts (FAITS) “have revived interest regarding income trusts in Canada, bringing to light a relatively untapped market.” 68 more words


Income trusts re-emerge

Four have tried, two have been successful and now one of the two is back for more.

We are talking about the new form of income trusts that emerged after Ottawa rewrote the tax rules in October 2006 and decided the highly popular security should start paying taxes in 2010. 501 more words


Templeton unveils Frontier markets fund

Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. has launched a Frontier markets fund to be managed by Emerging Markets ace Mark Mobius.

The Templeton Frontier Markets Fund will invest at least 80% of its assets in 61 early-stage economies like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Romania, Jordan, Tunisia, Kenya and Zambia. 812 more words

John Ivison: Lies, damn lies and campaign promises

The Conservatives and Liberals are haggling over the government’s record after five years of Tory rule. Their versions of events stand in stark contrast to one another – like two eye-witness accounts of the same traffic accident. 539 more words

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S&P plan for income trust conversions a catalyst

It turns out owning income trusts ready to convert to corporations isn’ t all bad as some people seem to think. Instead, it could be a positive near-term catalyst. 169 more words

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