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Dividends Don't Just Come From Stocks!

plural noun: dividends
a sum of money paid regularly (typically quarterly) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves). 676 more words

Understanding Max International: Can You Really Make Money With Max International?

Launched in 2007, Max International offers health enhancing products with a patented formulation called MaxGXL. In addition to their products, they offer a business opportunity for those that would like to make a career marketing their products. 821 more words


Show Your Clients That You Care If You Want To Succeed

Any business needs to show their clients that they care if they want to turn them into valued customers. But, consultancy businesses, in particular, rely on customer care more than most. 489 more words


Daily Positives 11/25/15

  1. Got the bread I need to make the garlic bread for tomorrow. Very grateful for my mom teaching me how to make it the way she does.
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Daily Positives

Do You Want To Enhance Your Google Adsense Income?

Do You Wish to Enhance Your Google Adsense Income?

Just how much profits do you create from Google Adsense?

Just recently there has actually been a lot of conversation about individuals who earn over,000 a month simply from Adsense. 12 more words

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Marketing really isn't difficult

Marketing really isn’t difficult, and the only reason that you may find it hard is if you fear rejection or failure. So, do not be afraid of that. 271 more words

Reduce taxes on your investments with these year-end strategies

While tax consequences should never drive investment decisions, it’s critical that they be considered — especially by higher-income taxpayers, who may be facing the 39.6% short-term capital gains rate, the 20% long-term capital gains rate and the 3.8% net investment income tax (NIIT). 144 more words