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Writing a lucrative piece of financial advice seems Fine, but trust me it’s not. Out there we peoples have different stories, own experiences, different situations, different demographics & Cultures that shape our Financial Habits over time. 1,651 more words

Finance & Happiness

Do This With Your Book

  • Use your new book as an upgraded business card.
    • It is an instant conversation started
    • Books are not often discarded
    • Increases or feeds curiosity about who you are and what you do…
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Two Lifeboats

I’m the kind of person that is so meticulous that I always plan ahead. I’m always thinking about the next step…and when my friend offered the idea to me about blogging, I knew that was it. 280 more words


Diversifying Your Income

What I’m about to introduce to you is something that you probably haven’t considered before: diversifying your income. When you are thinking about becoming financially stable, you have to consider the idea that you have to have multiple streams of income. 316 more words

The trials and tribulations of freelance writing

I made the mistake of checking my phone early this morning when the vibrating notification woke me up.  I had submitted a draft of a narrative piece about dating overseas and its associated difficulties late last night and at 3 am, the editor got back to me.  582 more words


Wow, Wow, and More Wow!

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I have an amazing support group. I quit my very brief job at the restaurant and in the same week, one of my closest friends set up a fundraiser on my behalf! 88 more words


Making videos for a living

Playing video games online is steadily becoming a more mainstream career choice among the current generation as we have grown up with web video. There are an increasing number of people streaming themselves playing video games and getting paid to do it. 469 more words