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Apple Watch

I remember waiting for the Dick Tracy feature on the Apple Watch. I didn’t watch the announcement, just refreshed one of those Apple news sites with the auto-reloading feed you don’t have to refresh. 111 more words



Would you believe salads weren’t always a thing? Once people tossing salad with two wooden spoons transitioned from film to television, that point is still a little early for getting salads onto the dining room tables across the United States. 71 more words



I used to be a big believer in the mid-day nap. When I lived in the dorm in undergrad, there was nothing better than napping before a late afternoon class. 125 more words


South by South-East

‘tis an outside day today – green bin
Could bring the ‘contraption’ with
before or after
sausage extravaganza?
There’s a conundrum
Or a paradigm shifting… 40 more words



I equate animal crackers with the beach. Not Lighthouse Beach, which is where my mom always went, but some other beach. Maybe it’s from a movie? 71 more words


Silent film

When I was in high school and hung around the video store, I once asked one of the clerks if he liked Chaplin, meaning… 160 more words


Talk Hard

It may come as a surprise, but I couldn’t stand the cell phone as a concept. I still don’t like the idea of the cell phone, I do like the idea of the smart phone. 201 more words