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From Lutetia to Paris

The history of Paris can be traced back to the 3rd century BC when it was first named Lutetia. The first inhabitants of the city, the Parisii, were a tribe from Gaul (which was a region of Western Europe). 169 more words


Tips for studying abroad in London - by Miriam Frances Jaffe

I have always known that at some point during my academic career, I would study abroad. In my sophomore year of college, I decided to come to Queen Mary University in London for my junior year, and I’ve never looked back. 1,044 more words

The Republic of Belarus

The Republic of Belarus, formerly known as Byelorussia, is a landlocked European country that’s bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. If you’ve been a reader of Going Postal you’ll know that I’m fascinated by the history of names. 170 more words


Wally Waldo World

The Huashan Creative Park in Taipei housed a Where’s Waldo exhibit last August (I’m a little behind in blogging). Which according to Karmen featured several published books, blow up wall-size works, and many statues. 184 more words


The City of Five Seasons

This postcard hails from Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s second largest city. The city was established in 1838 and originally named Columbus, however it was resurveyed in 1841 and renamed Cedar Rapids. 200 more words



Honda is currently undergoing an identity shift. No longer content with making transportation for the blind and frail, the heads of the Japanese giant have apparently decided to start producing cars that raise one’s pulse rather than flatline it. 427 more words


Incoming...Charlotte Tillbury!!! Finally!!!

Since I heard she was launching her brand I got excited and interested into trying out her products. First I had to wait because they were only available in the UK. 399 more words