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When Narratives Implode: Gun Recovered from Keith Lamont Scott Was Reported Stolen 

Not that this will make the least bit of difference with the Black Lives Matter conspiracy crowd, who would believe the moon is made of bleu cheese if clowns like Shaun King tell them so. 165 more words


It's Time To Get the Mainstream Media Out Of Presidential Debates 

Lester Holt’s actions at the first presidential debate were inexcusable. And also unsurprising.

The day when media lefties were patient enough to believe that the system would work without being this blatant are over. 29 more words


FBI: Nearly 3 times as many people stabbed to death as killed with rifles shotguns

Crime Report (UCR) shows nearly three times more people were stabbed or hacked to death than were killed with rifles and shotguns combined.

Breitbart News previously reported… 90 more words


Hillary Plays the Race Card as Liberal Media Unanimously Awards Her Debate Win

Given the importance that the exploitation of racial divisions is to the Democrats it was a certainty that Hillary would accuse Donald Trump a racist in the big debate. 93 more words


Navy Seal Does What Others REFUSE To, Fact Checks Hillary’s Debate Comments On ISIS

I just could not stomach that debate last night. In the first ten minutes, I head nothing but horrific socialist drivel from Hillary Clinton. Then Trump immediately chimed in with… 22 more words