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Glasgow is named a 'Best of The World' destination

Glasgow’s reputation as an outstanding destination for discerning global travellers looks set to grow as the city has been named by the authoritative and inspirational  560 more words

20151031: Belarus

Hi, Claire! It’s nice to meet you and thank you for the swap. My name’s Julia. I’m 25 and I live in the beautiful city of Gomel. 52 more words


20151030: Belarus

Hi! My name is Margarita. I am from Belarus. I live in small town Uzda in Minsk region. The Republic of Belarus is a beautiful country :) Belorussian’s natural scenery is wide lonely plains, covered with many hills, lakes and forests (: My favourite quote is “fairy tales are ore than true: not because they tell us that dreams exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” – G.K Chestertan. 16 more words


20151021: China

Hello, Claire. Glad to swap again with you. This unofficial card is beautiful. Hope youll like it. All the best for you.祝一切安好!


20151016: Russia

Hi Claire!

Greetings from Russia again :)

Hope that you’re right. I’m very tired of school, but my holidays in two weeks. My autumn holidays lasts for one week, but this is enough to have a good sleep :) Everybody sad and weary in autumn. 18 more words



Hi~ Claire~ =D

I love postcard that written too. & I like stickers HAHA

I’m from Hong Kong. I’m now studying in China. CAN you write Chinese? 34 more words


20150929: Germany


Thank you very much for swapping with me!

I really hope you like this card! <3

I can’t wait for your card!

Until then