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Left to Say

What she said was.

And there was so much – too much – movement in the still place.

What she said was


To piece together, pull apart was far too much, was overbearing. 237 more words


[7 September 2014] God's Message - Endless search

God*’s message for humanity** today***:

I have millions of aspects or qualities.
You can’t define me easily.
No human religion can fully understand me.
Sometimes you get sparks of my infinite consciousness.
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God's Messages

Why do we write? A writer shares her why...


I thought her post worth the ponder … maybe it is why I write too… maybe… or maybe my belief that Good Orderly Direction, is a great acronym for GOD and why we need to be creative; as creativity is the air that binds us, it is mingled in the words we try to use to communicate the incommunicable… release the frustration… share the loneliness… set our souls free… 71 more words


For you I cannot answer, but I can certainly enumerate a few preferences — of such a thing as Lewis claims to have found, Joy, and the never-ending hunt for what brings Joy is a subject likely to communicate our differences.   512 more words

C.S. Lewis

An Event without a Witness

“The Nazi system turned out therefore to be foolproof, not only in the sense that there were in theory no outside witnesses but also in the sense that it convinced its victims, the potential witnesses from the inside, that what was affirmed about their ‘otherness’ and their inhumanity was correct and that their experiences were no longer communicable even to themselves, and therefore perhaps never took place” (82). 7 more words


incommunicable Shopping Facts

Following the rapid increase of the private Shopping industry, new years have seen myths about this job circulating on the internet, local papers and other forms of mass media. 274 more words


Best 3 Free Love Spells of the White Magic World - recognize the incommunicable

Think about those moments when you and your lover had the best time of your life. Or think of those moments which you crave to have with the man whom you desire. 436 more words