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In the Footsteps of Zheng He

“Chinese people with “little experience” and “little capital”, who are immigrants, who probably don’t even know the language: They can “strike it rich” in Africa, while native Africans so obviously cannot. 20 more words


Cultural Differences in What 'Busy' Means

When you live and work in China, one of the things you hear people say all the time is that they are so ‘busy’. You usually hear it in relation to why they haven’t gotten something done. 332 more words


Memo to MLB Network: your crawl is too close to the bottom of the screen. The text is readable but the bottom is clipped, and it’s annoying. 58 more words


“The ticker”; “the crawl”; the “bottom line”–we have many names for that animated slice of the TV screen that gives us the scores and news on each and every sports channel. 307 more words


RadioShack vows to auction off customers' personal information in bankruptcy sale

”The remnants of RadioShack’s retail empire went on the auction block on Monday, giving bidders the first chance to snap up the company’s trademarks, patents, leases—and the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of millions of RadioShack customers,” Joshua Brustein reports for Bloomberg. 470 more words


Politics Is About POWER

Nothing but power.

Politics is about selfishness.

Politicians are in government for themselves.

Voters want their party elected for the feeling of power.

Power to tell others what to do; also when and how. 47 more words