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Journalists and incompetence

The last few days, I have read a number of news articles dealing with the Klitschko–Jennings fight. These have provided ample evidence of my long-standing complaint that journalists tend not to know what they are talking about and fail to do appropriate background research and quality checks. 608 more words

The Purge

Countries without vision are not born without visionaries; they are systematically purged of them.

Ibnay Muneeb

Naveed Razzaq Butt

Big Policy, Big Promises, Big Plans

Political Promises

I live in Scotland, a beautiful country and part of the United Kingdom. Are you aware of our general election? Right now we citizens are bombarded by interpretations of political fact and related plans to make us happier, wealthier and healthier. 450 more words


#Labour's Green Plan: Economic suicide note sounds climate alarm klaxon

Here we have the real underlying economic agenda of the Labour/SNP/Green party. It is in denial of scientific facts and makes false claims about weather events in denial of past mismanagement of rivers by Eco-bureaucrats carrying out EU diktat. 919 more words


Hillary Clinton Speaks, Sort Of

From newsbusters.org:

In an ‘Exclusive Interview’ that lasted 8 seconds, MSNBC correspondent Kristen Welker managed to toss Hillary Clinton a softball question –

“You lost in Iowa in 2008.

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The Weight of Misquotation

I know.

It doesn’t pay to be naive, and I’d be a lot better off if I didn’t let this kind of thing get under my skin. 1,305 more words

Promoted Past Ability

Ever looked at the people being promoted around you and thought ‘what the heck were leaders thinking?!’


You can high-five your common sense – you might not be as bitterly biased as you first thought!   554 more words