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Express Airport Connectors are a Scourge of Public Transit

Earlier this month, Andrew Cuomo unveiled a proposal to spend $10 billion on improvements to JFK Airport, including new terminals, highway expansion, and public transit access. 1,543 more words


The Internet

The internet is the latest in the line of communication tools.

Its two major uses are entertainment and advertising.

Business and customers use it in the buying and selling of products and services. 64 more words




The world appeared it might be coming to an end last Friday when forecasts predicted a 6-8 inch snowfall for Durham, NC. I’d always heard about pre-storm panics and stores selling out of essentials, but I’d never personally experienced it until I went to the local hardware store that morning in need of a paint sample. 552 more words

Modern Society

On Being Beaten In Cutscenes

Another quick note before I start – this was again written on my phone, and entries will be like this for the foreseeable future. They’ll be short and have strange typos, so please bear with me! 333 more words

Game Design

Excuse My Incompetence...

Hello readers! It was recently brought to my attention that my comment section has been on the MIA list since I made my Christmas Tag post. 191 more words


post card from Guyana - de hymac bruk dung in de flood

rain falling place flood bring out old hymac dem find fuh clean de flooded trench bruk down in flood water opposite the last dictator first mansion government warn population to be careful since more rain and a fancy name high tide coming persons eat their losses throw away damaged appliances furniture food and clothes look on the bright side no deadly diseases floated in with the sewage this time govt officials smile and pat self on ass for issuing population late useless warnings… 17 more words


Incompetence and the Iraq War

In 2002, when asked about what he would do after overthrowing Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush responded “we’ve been giving some thought to it” (1). In reality, the Bush administration did hardly any thinking at all. 3,954 more words