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An amiable fellow named Seth is painting our front door today. Nothing notable about that except that he’s here for the fourth time. In my humble opinion, his tendency to run his brushstrokes in various directions prevents the job from being acceptable. 898 more words

Modern Society

Words of Truth


dope fiend

criminal, thief, murderer

adulterer, cheater







stupid, corrupt, incompetent



These are the people of our world. 19 more words


Cop Machine Guns Car, Gets Probation

David Johnston

By Elyssa Cherney, May 8, 2015

Ex-OPD officer David Johnston pleaded guilty Friday for excessively shooting at suspect

Fired Orlando Police Department Officer David Johnston received five years probation after pleading guilty Friday to charges of illegally firing 23 shots at a domestic-violence suspect fleeing police in a downtown parking garage. 454 more words

Abuse Of Authority

Coach Yourself Up A Notch - Dealing with The Peter Principle

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The Peter Principle is that we rise to the level of our own incompetence. In nature, those are the rings of the tree trunk we call growth rings but in life they are called incompetence, calamities and humbling circumstances where suddenly we seem to have not enough time and not enough resources to do what needs to be done. 631 more words

Change Agent Skills

[insert expletives here]

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go your way?

Or rather, have you ever had one of those days, and had absolutely nothing to show for it? 904 more words

Who Was the Last Successful President?

Better question.

Has the United States had a successful president in the last 50 years, last 100 years?


Everybody would come up with some names. 64 more words


HM Customs need Exercise

Coming back from Poland the other week, I had the opportunity to compare slick and fantastic customer service in Poland with “GBH” (Great British Hindrance) at London Stansted Airport, now renamed London… 869 more words

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