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u-bam-a Blames Immigration Woes on Republicans

u-bam-a told Latinos that Republicans were to blame for holding up changes to U.S. immigration laws, urging them to hold Republicans accountable for the problems in the 2016 presidential election. 55 more words




I am sorry that there has not been much activity on this diary lately, but there has only been more chase-up calls made by me, and as they were going nowhere, they were too boring to post. 132 more words

Decent Homes Scheme

Merkel the Incompetent

Or just plain stupid.

Germany’s chief fool:

—  gave more money to Greece(called loans or whatever, the money is gone)

—  keeps making deals with russia’s put-put; deals russia breaks within 24 hours… 77 more words


Natalie Bennett: Launches election campaign with no knickers on

Interviewed by Nick Ferrari on LBC radio this morning, Natalie tells Nick she’s going to build 500,000 social homes. Nick asks how much it’ll cost. Natalie shuffles her feet, coughs, feigns a severe cold, and then says costings will be done, but won’t appear in the manifesto. 22 more words


How should we react to incompetence?

On Saturday, Premier League leaders Chelsea hosted 19th place Burnley. Should have been a cake walk right? Not the case. As it happens, I’m in complete agreement with Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, that there were four incidents in the match that turned a probable 3-0 victory into a 1-1 draw. 487 more words

Cops kill unarmed man after being summoned by his family.

Anne Meyer, January 4, 2015

The family of John Paul Quintero, who was shot and killed by a Wichita Police Officer Saturday night, confirms they are talking to Attorney Benjamin Crump. 785 more words