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YOU'RE FIRED: Trump Fired Flynn Jr. from Transition Team

Jake Tapper of CNN reports this afternoon that Michael Flynn, Jr., the son of General Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Adviser, and himself a Trump Transition staffer with a .gov email address, was fired by POETUS Trump after the controversy over his pizzagate tweets came to light: 177 more words


Scope Creep is the New Black

In 2009, studies began for a replacement of the Baltimore and Potomac (B&P) Tunnel. This tunnel, located immediately west of Baltimore Penn Station, has sharp curves, limiting passenger trains to about 50 km/h today. 1,468 more words


Donald Trump Chooses Ben Carson to Lead HUD - The New York Times

With no experience in government or running a large bureaucracy, Mr. Carson, 65, publicly waffled over whether to join the administration. He will oversee an agency with a $47 billion budget, bringing to the job a philosophical opposition to government programs that encourage what he calls “dependency” and engage in “social engineering.”

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CHAOS: Trump Pisses Off China via Tweets on a Sunday Afternoon

POETUS Trump poked the dragon in a series of tweets on Sunday afternoon calling out China on its economic policies:

Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency (making it hard for our companies to compete), heavily tax our products going into..

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Too Incompetent to Know You're Incompetent

A while back, our English teacher showed us a podcast about the Dunning-Kruger effect. From the podcast, I learned that the Dunning-Kruger effect happens to everyone at one point in their life. 287 more words

Europe’s green energy policy is a disaster for the environment.

H/T to ‘Wanstead Weather’ for this story from New Scientist

By Michael Le Page

The European Union’s proposals for revising its renewable energy policies are greenwashing and don’t solve the serious flaws, say environmental groups. 311 more words