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Trump Tells his Supporters that He Does Not Trust 'Poor People'

It should not be a surprise if you know anything about your illegitimate president, but Donald Trump told his supporters in Iowa yesterday that he wants nothing to do with poor Americans. 458 more words


Senate Majority Leader and human turtle Mitch McConnell released the closely guarded Senate health care bill to the public today. The bill was written in secret and is designed to repeal Obamacare, and eliminate health care for at least 27 million people. 495 more words


The Senate Version of 'Trumpcare'

Constructed in complete secrecy under the demand of traitor Mitch McConnell, the Senate version of “Trumpcare” will be revealed today. The following are expected to be the basics of this legislation. 338 more words

Aids Researchers Resign from “Pro-HIV President Trump”

Both Trumpcare and Trump’s budget will remove much of the funding for the treatment and research of HIV and AIDS. In protest, six top scientists have resigned from the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, including Scott Schoettes, Counsel and HIV Project Director. 349 more words

Ford Reveals Another Trump Failure: “Hey Trump Supporters; Are You Tired of Winning Yet?”

Do you remember when Trump bragged that he alone was responsible for Ford Motor Company’s decision not to move their small car production to Mexico? Well they kept that promise; they’re moving it to China instead. 233 more words

Do You Trust your Government, the Pentagon, and your Illegitimate President?

If you are an Independent, a Republican, or a Democrat, I have a very serious question, and I would love your comments. Do you trust any entity in authority over the United States of America. 414 more words

Quick Note: What a Few Pictures Tell Us About BRT

The Boston BRT initiative is pushing hard for what it calls gold standard BRT in Boston, with the support of ITDP. Backed by a Barr Foundation grant, it launched a competition for pilot routes. 419 more words