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Social Media -- Its Value

Everybody looks at social media as if it were sliced bread.

A great invention for the betterment of mankind.


It is a technological innovation. 106 more words


A Week Filled with Trump Desertions and one Firing

During the last seven days, Trump was forced to abandon both of his economic councils as CEO’s of several major corporations withdrew. Trump fired his very first appointee, Steve Bannon. 451 more words

What if they gave a riot and no one showed?

I reject outright the idea that every single Republican politician knows or understands that their agenda is immoral, just as I reject the idea that the Democrats understand the consequences of implementing more failed neo-liberal economic strategies are perilous. 490 more words



Steve Bannon returned to Breitbart News as executive chairman on Friday following his resignation from the White House and chaired the white nationalist news organization’s evening editorial meeting. 329 more words


McConnell, Ryan, and their Republican Constituents are Incompetent Cowards

Before I begin my rant about those in Washington who call themselves ‘Republicans’ today, let’s get to the facts. I have claimed for 26 months that Trump was the most unqualified man in history to seek the presidency. 617 more words

Medical Research Only For Profits

And only for profits.

Medical research is solely focused on profits, high profits.

Not on improving people’s health or health care.

If it will not increase profits, it is not researched. 88 more words


'You're not Welcome Here Donny Boy:' Mayor of Phoenix

Trump is planning a ‘rally’ in Phoenix, Arizona, next week to soothe his huge ego. He will have his supporters; Arizona is a very red state. 290 more words