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Release of the Montie Fools: Who Really Let the Dogs Out?

Author: JayJay D. Segbefia, NAV

We’re back at it all over again, aren’t we? We’re back to the very beginning of the string of foolishness and downright ridiculousness that is the stock-in-trade of how the Ghanaian government has handled the issue of the Montie Fools. 1,556 more words

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ATOS Home Visits: One Reader's Experience

Many thanks go to reader Alan Philips who shared his wife’s experience with ATOS in our comments. He has kindly allowed us to publish his comment as a post in itself. 241 more words


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The gap between us and them is for ever becoming larger, who really cares about us, certainly not the Government, Atos, Maximus and Capita, they only care about themselves.

Introspection: Incompetence

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent- Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote from Eleanore Roosevelt has always traveled with me. With a retrospective look at my life I try to truly understand the times I allowed someone to make me feel incompetent because of my own fears and my own dislike of my shortcomings.

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Ed Hoskins: Incredible waste on solar installation knowingly overseen by defunct DECC

Ed Hoskins has sent me a summary of his latest post on ‘green energy’ profligacy, which well worth a click and read.

It seems that the UK with the least performant solar energy environment  in Europe has allowed to be invested about £30 billion with an output of less than 1 GW as and when the sun shines. 427 more words


Serial climate disinformer Michael Mann waffles about "extreme weather" again.

In a recent interview, Prof ‘taking the Mickey’ Mann said this about floods in the US:

NOOR: So we’ve seen this historic flooding not only in Louisiana but more recently in West Virginia, even right here close to Baltimore in Ellicott City.

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Solar System Dynamics

Sitting VP: Hey, the nuclear codes are with a guy that follows me!

I hear a lot from my LDS friends that “Trump will be dangerous for national security” –  an assumption born from his politically incorrect bravado and attacking George Bush’s neo-conservative positions over nation building (which most American’s are tired of spending blood and treasure on). 347 more words

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Trust is broken: Australia's census debacle is a multi-faceted shambles -- Mr Turnbull and his government are on notice

Sydney Morning Herald


The Herald urged people to fill in the census form fully and honestly. It noted the Australian Bureau of Statistics’s assurances that its security systems were enough to keep our personal information safe. 728 more words