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The tragedy of Gonski education reform

In Australia there has been a recent tragedy of education reform. This is led by a person called Gonski.

Gonski led a review of education to improve the educational outcomes of age- streamed education. 121 more words

I work for the strangest company...

So for the past few years, I have had the “pleasure” (yes, I say this sarcastically) of working for one of the strangest companies I have ever experienced. 278 more words


I'm too quiet - finding my voice in class

Within the last couple of weeks I have started both graduate school and my social work internship placement. It’s been pretty hectic for me. Getting back into the swing of class has been difficult, to say the least. 680 more words


Paperwork Goblin

The paperwork goblin has been the bane of my existence lately.  I’ve worked for five weeks without pay.  A lesser person might think that’s due to incompetence. 448 more words


Hell No Hillary T-shirt

Scandal after scandal, one incompetent act after another, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated time and again that she is not fit for office – America deserves better. 16 more words


Puss-In-Boots: What’s Wrong with Mahama’s Military Gimmickry?

Author: JayJay D. Segbefia, NAV
Accra – Ghana

Ghana’s democratic history is inundated with checkered obstructions every now and then from military dictatorship and buffoonery. If I am not mistaken in my calculations (I was, at best, an indifferent student of history), we have had 24 of our 59 years smarting under the zombie-spiked whips of military oppression, brutality and bruxism. 909 more words

West Africa

When Through-Running Is Inappropriate

I support through-running of regional trains: as far as possible, trains should not terminate in major city centers, but instead run through to urban neighborhoods and suburbs on the other side of the CBD. 1,438 more words