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Pruitt Should have been Arrested, and Wearing an Ankle Bracelet Awaiting Trial Today

Scott Pruitt is more arrogant than Donald Trump. He has committed criminal violations for over one year, and has refused to hide the truth. He obviously believes that he is above the law. 556 more words

Regime Change: Redcard Revolt Has First Protest Activity In Abuja |The Republican News


Last week, the Redcard Movement, a pressure group seeking good governance and regime change in Nigeria launched its first public rally in Abuja. 963 more words


Republican Strategy for 2018 Election; Attack Hillary Clinton

You won’t believe this unless you read as much of the bulls**t coming from the Republicans Party as I do. This group of ‘Republicans in name only’ cannot defend Trump, or their support of the worst president in history, so they’re returning  to their old standby; falsely attack their opponents. 783 more words

Paul Ryan Will be Doing Nothing until He Retires

For the last 9 years, 3 months, and 3 days Republicans have done nothing to improve the lives of the voting public. They will claim that I’m mistaken, because they passed “tax reform.” This bill was a gift to the wealthy and will harm the majority; it doesn’t count. 332 more words

Dysfunctional Government

The UK prides itself on being the original model for parliamentary democracy.  We have much to be proud of.  However, we have shown ourselves to be hugely incompetent in managing the fruits of our no doubt well-intentioned labor. 138 more words

Washington Continues to Exist in a “S**tstorm;” at the Center is your Illegitimate President

The West Wing continues to exist in turmoil and flux. The Capitol is dysfunctional as deliberation and compromise no longer exist. Our system of a ‘democratic republic’ cannot exist with a single party rule. 224 more words