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How to reverse course without changing position

… The Phil Scott Way.

Congratulations to our Lieutenant Governor for arriving at the right answer on Syrian refugees. It only took him eight days to do it, which is kind of unseemly for a guy who wants to be our take-charge, New-Direction chief executive. 594 more words

Phil Scott

You write the top, I'll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we witness a disagree about the need for a hyphen in a compound adjective, and the resulting inconsistency: 30 more words



You cannot break
my atheism.
I’ve seen the truth.
In physics class,
in biology class,
in chemistry, mathematics,
and even art,
literature, and history.
I’ve seen the truth. 41 more words


Inconsistency - Golden Flowers

Your inconsistency makes me weak.

Hurts my body to carry around all your broken promises.

A love painted uneasy.

Now you pick my petals,

one by one until i am nothing but a thorny stem. 21 more words


While You Walk, While You Talk, While You Live

Odd One Out” by rawdonfox is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Perhaps the greatest skill of any young person, particularly those between the ages of 13 and 25, is the ability to find inconsistency in others–sometimes while overlooking their own faults. 602 more words


Why am I not surprised?

They can’t decide if the United Kingdom is UK or U.K. They can’t agree on the abbreviation for the United Nations. They think that no one will notice if they spell the football scandal as… 21 more words


The Consistency of Inconsistency...

I know it’s been a while, I’ve been busy. I hate to say that I’ve been too busy to share with you all but I have, I haven’t made time for myself. 251 more words