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A piece I wrote a while back...

Sometimes the pain you went through in the past, can be your source of strength in the present….

Could it be forever? Maybe but your inconsistency makes me think twice before I let my walls down. 309 more words


I'm Inconsistent


Can we take a moment to think kind thoughts for the Loony in a parallel universe who finishes the things she starts.

I never did more than one Fiction Friday. 189 more words


I’m that type of person who wants things to go the way things are suppose to, the way things normally go. I like the consistency in the things that I do and in the things that go on in life. 372 more words

Do they work for the same company?

Sometimes I think the people who write for yahoo.com work for differ companies; or maybe they work for the same company, but in different countries and they speak different languages and cannot communicate with each other. 56 more words


trends, trinities


trends, trinities


sun, moon, water

sun’s light is

best reflected in

placid water. jealous,

ardent moon, ever

derivative, prowls for and

pulls us, mere… 218 more words


A Plea for Consistency in the Use of Numerical Prefixes

First, let’s face facts: the numerical prefixes currently in use, in English, are a horrible mess. Most of the ones used with polyhedra, for example, such as tetra- (4) and penta- (5), are derived from Greek. 1,143 more words


Keep Praying

Nothing is too hard for God, not even helping with your inconsistency…

Everyday I struggle with something in regards to my faith and walk with God. 735 more words