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Can't Stick It

The greatest theme in my life so far is that I can’t stick with anything for too long. I get really excited and can imagine my whole life changing based on one great decision, one step to launch me into a dream future. 382 more words


How do people do it?

Inconsistency is the word of the week.

Someone tell me how the great fitness bloggers workout every single day and say no to summer beers, birthday cakes, and delicious dinners. 202 more words


Whaddya wanna bet?

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that this headline on yahoo.com was written by a millennial — someone in a generation that sees no value in spelling words correctly: 23 more words


Race-Orientation Connection: A Quick Thought For Christians

It’s been all over the news lately:
A dude thinks he’s a woman, ergo, he’s a woman. A white girl thinks she’s black, ergo she’s a bigot. 545 more words

Current Events


Relics have always been fascinating for me; I always admired their intricate design while maintaining their utility. Lots of shapes and eerie symbols envelop each relic, exposing its mysteries while puzzling those who try to decipher meanings. 737 more words


Betwixt the Between

Betwixt the Between

We all know the frustration of not living up to the standards we would wish for.  The lines below point to, and wrestle with, the paradoxes of our lives.   249 more words