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An Apology to My Dog

In another life I would be writing this to my daughter.

But in this life, I have you. My baby girl. My co-pilot. My Buttface. 1,044 more words


Only a Buddha can really belong to the world

Listener 1: I read a version of the story of Buddha in which after he suffered a lot, the human Mara finally came before him and all Mara wanted was Buddha’s soul. 2,065 more words


Article: "Plot Holes: What They Are and How to Spot Them"

“A plot hole is an implausible inconsistency that makes the audience suddenly wrinkle their collective brow and say, ‘Wait, that can’t be right,’ or ‘But why didn’t they just …?’ 102 more words


First Promise

To all my zero fans out there, I am making one promise: Inconsistency.

I will not withdraw from my already busy life to write a little longer. 90 more words

Juvin Jenkins

Modern Dark Ages...

Although the term ‘Dark ages’ is connected (wrongly) with the Middle Ages , the truth is that today our time is more dark.

We live in the era of world wars, of communism and the millions of its victims, of eugenics (now disguised under the veil of “genetics”), of depression and alienation, of psychological disorders, of the surrender of the the control of our life to machines (yes, people have died because they listened to their GPS), of worshiping matter, of our dehumanization in general. 296 more words

Modern Civilization

When Lying Becomes Truth

We have seen it and known it.

We have known liars are all around us.  We know this because directly and indirectly they have shown us and told us. 413 more words


Inconsistency in the ice

Holiday in Antarctica is really nice,

We found an inconsistency in the ice.

A section that’s almost as transparent as the rest,

Inspected up close, like two people abreast. 82 more words