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No standards need apply

Apparently the use of airstrikes in combat has come as a complete surprise to the staff at the Yahoo! front page. They simply can’t decide if it’s one word or two, so they try it both ways. 78 more words


How many grooms were there?

If you read the story that accompanies these photo captions on Yahoo! Style (but really, why would you?) you’d learn that there was only one groom at this wedding. 57 more words


Why People Need the Bible

Christian claims about how life should be lived are often dismissed due to alleged inconsistency. If you do not stone to death adulterer’s or practice temple sacrifices, how can you denounce homosexuality? 567 more words


he always enters my life with
some skimble-skamble symbolism
like cutting tiny holes into my umbrella
so i’d never forget the rain.
like painting enigmatic pictographs on my forehead, 46 more words


Irony and Illegitimate Standards

I’ve finally gotten enough time to make a post in 2015. It’s been a crazy few months. I’ve seen two ministry positions dry up, I’ve lost two jobs, and I’ve relocated my family across state lines. 694 more words


A Disconnect In The Mind

I want to kill myself and be able to come back if once I do it I realize it was the wrong choice; I want to have proof. 83 more words

Errors in the Declaration or Description?

Despite being reviewed by a number of people during the development phase, sometimes a declaration or description is registered with an error or inconsistency in it.  585 more words