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The four men you date in your 40's: Mr. Inconsistent

Hello and welcome to the third post in the ‘The four men you date in your 40’s’ blog series. Yesterday we took a look at the 40+ year-old fuckboy and his shenanigans. 786 more words


Do What You Believe to Be True

What do you believe about God? What do you believe about yourself?

Now before you answer, I’m not asking about the mental beliefs you hold, those automatic responses that you learned in Sunday School or Bible study and can rattle off from memory. 703 more words


One Last Try At Explaining Racism To White People

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend over the first nine months of writing this blog. In e-mail exchanges, Facebook interactions and face to face conversations, I have spent a majority of my time trying to explain racism to white people who are convinced they are not racist.  1,528 more words

A Great Play, But Here’s The Catch…

You’ve seen the video, I’ve seen the video, we’ve all seen the video–Indians center fielder Austin Jackson made a tremendous play Monday night in Fenway Park to rob Hanley Ramirez of a home run… 636 more words


F1, halos and inconsistent rules

A lot has happened in F1 since my last post on the subject. With Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas the 3 main contenders for the World Title this year, the sport has at least changed in the sense that it is no longer a Mercedes snooze-fest, at least for the moment. 498 more words


I am a flawed human

I have this thing. It’s nothing really. Just a small, tiny thing. I’m sure you haven’t noticed at all. I mean, it’s barely an issue so, why would you? 186 more words



​how could i say i love you when you so consistently take my breath? your shyness compels me to express thought, and everything i hate in a woman makes you beyond alluring. 66 more words