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Have you ever seen something that just looked odd?  Like there was some inconsistency in what you were observing?

When we were on a trip recently, we were sitting in traffic when a mini-van pulled alongside of us.  856 more words

Christian Living

Is this a case of fake news?

If a major Internet news site like Yahoo! News writes a headline about someone it calls Greg Allman, is it fake news?

The editors haven’t just misspelled Gregg Allman’s name; they’ve overcapitalized or undercapitalized the name of his band. 19 more words


#Rant - Why Inconsistent Scheduling at Work is Ruining My Life

Hey guys!

So something has been bothering me quite a bit lately, and I feel like if I can’t type out my feelings into a rant on my blog, then I can’t ever get it out. 423 more words


Only When I Laugh

I have now lunched. We had the £6.95 lunch at Frankie and Benny’s (we elected for cheeseburgers, chips and a spoonful of coleslaw). I added strawberry ice cream for £2.50. 520 more words

it wasn't meant to be that way

She  hesitates to call  herself

human these days.

That  stone bruise of loss,

the lingering sting of reality

filleted by the bludgeon

of love and hate… 39 more words


If you can't be right...

If you can’t be right, at least be consistent. That’s advice that the folks at yahoo.com could use:

It looks like they couldn’t agree on how to abbreviate… 21 more words


I Have No Clever Title

If you look at my history, it is clear that I am inconsistent. I am inconsistent in just about everything I do. I am inconsistent in my friendships, I am inconsistent in my parenting. 644 more words

Inner Truth