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Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare

“It is true that the threat of war can still be used, but only by a lunatic. Unfortunately, some people are lunatics, and, not long ago, there were such lunatics in command of a powerful State. 260 more words

Music & Creative Workshop

The truth about inconsistency and being inconsistent

Every day is a beautiful day when you realize you get to contemplate, appreciate and live life; and it is also filled with thought provoking moments that come from interacting with people, situations, and thoughts; ultimately, with life and the external.   709 more words

A Thought...

London Calling?

I am, without doubt, the queen of going back on my word.

Aged 12, I informed my then best friend that Latin was a stupid dead language and that she was an idiot for studying it. 418 more words


Appeal to hypocrisy

Appeal to hypocrisy (also known as Tu quoque, Latin for, ‘you also’) is an informal logical fallacy that tries to discredit the validity of the opponent’s argument by asserting the opponent’s failure to act consistently in accordance with its conclusion(s). 167 more words


Grasping Hypochondria

My last two posts talked about how my tolerance to sunlight varies based on physical and emotional factors. This was intended to be a background that could explain why those unfamiliar with EPP are often filled with skepticism. 877 more words

The algae

I am that slimy substance

you find me in the water

anywhere on the rocks

When water gave me birth out of its smoothness

I slipped to become that algae… 91 more words


the 5am texts before you left


Drunkly, you spilled out your thoughts;

“I’m sorry my actions have caused you pain. Please, never invest your beautiful self into unkind people again. At least now you have blunt me, telling you when you’re being naive. 171 more words