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You write the top, I'll write the bottom

Unable to agree whether time saving should be hyphenated when used as an adjective, the editors at yahoo.com have it both ways:


The Queen of Inconsistency

I apologise most profusely; I am indeed the Queen of Inconsistency.

I get swept up in the flow of life, and work, and that massive log of unexpected events that came downstream, and completely neglected my blog. 141 more words

Workplace Cliques Have Consequences

One of the first things new employees encounter when they enter the workplace is an intensive effort by other employees to recruit them into a clique. 380 more words


You writer the top, I'll write the bottom

Should man bun be written with quotation marks around it? Yes. No. That’s the responses you’d get if you asked the people who write for yahoo.com: 21 more words


The Difference Between Inconsistency and Inability

I aspire to be and do many things. I currently have three books that I’m writing but can’t finish. One book is on discipleship and the simplicity of Christian living. 446 more words


Reversing the Habit of Inconsistency

Inconsistency as a Handicap

One of the biggest struggles in the lives of many is in finding the thing they want to do. It becomes even more of a difficulty when the fact is that people need to do something for a long period of time in order to build a valuable skill. 1,425 more words


The Stifling Effects of Inconsistency

So I recently took a trip to Miami and during my vacation I found clarity. I realized that I was the most inconsistent person I know. 265 more words