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An inconsistency is spotted...

…a rejected panel from the new comic. I’ve stuck a new one over the top but I took a picture of it first because I quite like it!

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Integrity: The Hold of Character and the Cure of Inconsistency

Integrity means belief, character and conduct in harmony with God. It is the soundness of moral character. A person with integrity knows what God is interested in and is committed to it. 193 more words

Character And Indulgence

A Leaders Greatest Asset...

What is a leader’s greatest asset? Answers to the question may vary from one individual to the next. However, in leadership circles the greatest asset is trust. 142 more words


Oh hey blog..

So I just received an email informing me that it has been over 2 months since I even looked at this little corner of the internet.. 191 more words

My New Pet Peeve

Kids, I’ve recently discovered that I have a new biggest pet peeve.

For years, my biggest pet peeve was people who refuse to use a turn signal. 411 more words


Inconsistency and Forgetfulness Pt.2

I didn’t expect to be writing a new post on forgetfulness so soon, but I guess I’m so forgetful that new things keep popping up in my life (or should I say… 484 more words


Blog Update: Where I've been?

Hello readers!

As some of you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t updated this blog or made any post in a few months. To be honest, and to explain this, I did have a major reading slump after reading… 367 more words