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Our priorities need a serious rethink - » The Australian Independent Media Network

But on what planet is the contribution which any of these people has made to society in general, regardless of gender, worth anywhere near the obscene amount they get paid? 45 more words

Inconvenient Truth

#Flash4Storms #Flash

I’m participating in a flash fiction effort on the theme of “Help”, in support of disaster relief in Puerto Rico and other areas. My contribution was written quickly. 89 more words

Disaster Relief

Why Children's Ministry is Important

This post has been rolling around in my mind for months…gathering momentum, losing momentum, changing focus, improving focus….you get the idea. And as I finally sit down to write it, for the third time, I feel a bit concerned, but more driven.  920 more words

God Moments

Bill Maher on ‘Climate Deniers’ In Path of Irma: They “All Have Beach Houses in the Way” — Young Conservatives

There are no words to describe Bill Maher’s classlessness and stupidity. While reading below, just remember to tell yourself that this guy is trying to be funny and not factually accurate.

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Al Gore and the Myth of Global Warming

Gore’s fear-mongering tactics netted him millions until the facts caught up with him.

Al Gore, a self appointed Global Warming “expert” who pocketed millions travelling the globe spreading his message that the earth would surely come to an end soon if we didn’t spend billions to stop it, has run into a brick wall. 434 more words

An aching void

An aching void
stretches the length of a canyon
through my heart

What would it mean
to inhabit this land
waiting breathless
to learn its fate? 161 more words

Spiritual Formation

a pretty sure life

The rights and responsibilities
Of a pretty sure life
Hang weightless around her neck

She glides fairly easily
From one scene into the next
Wearing privilege on her skin… 254 more words

Spiritual Formation