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An Inconvenient Truth

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

I have many talents and contribute them lovingly to society. Yet, at the employment office nobody knows that because there is neither a job training nor a matching document for it where one can make their little x.”

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Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Today it does not feel very easy for me to write this blog post. Usually, I like to write encouraging articles that help people to see their strengths and which empower people. 915 more words

Charles Einstein

I’m running for Parliament to shout out Inconvenient Truths

For all the electioneering chatter about the environment and about greening Canada, there’s a huge element missing in the discussion and the political pledges—the inconvenient truth about animals and factory farming. 801 more words

Forget Shorter Showers

Forget Shorter Showers

by Tom Shadyac (2011)

Film Review

Forget Shorter Showers is a documentary based on an essay by anarchist Derrick Jensen that challenges neoliberal dogma that makes each of us personally responsible for reversing the ongoing environmental destruction caused by industrial capitalism. 308 more words

Things That Aren't What They Seem

The inconvenient truth

It is, of course, more of an effort to deal with reality than to waffle in general terms about world harmony, about the individual soul being in harmony with the world, about harmony in the general love of humanity. 52 more words


Nimrod Part 34: United States Forces Iraq

If you go to the home page of the United States Forces in Iraq (Link:  http://www.usf-iraq.com/), you will see a curious logo that they use in the upper left corner, I have blown it up here so you can see it clearer: 281 more words


Remember The Winter Of The Polar Vortex in 18 Memes

Remember the field day RWNJ’s had over the “Polar Vortex”? So how is your summer going?