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The inconvenient truth

It is, of course, more of an effort to deal with reality than to waffle in general terms about world harmony, about the individual soul being in harmony with the world, about harmony in the general love of humanity. 52 more words


Nimrod Part 34: United States Forces Iraq

If you go to the home page of the United States Forces in Iraq (Link:  http://www.usf-iraq.com/), you will see a curious logo that they use in the upper left corner, I have blown it up here so you can see it clearer: 281 more words


Remember The Winter Of The Polar Vortex in 18 Memes

Remember the field day RWNJ’s had over the “Polar Vortex”? So how is your summer going?


Where is your line in the sand?

The recent airing of Planned Parenthood “sting” videos has brought into sharp focus the issue of society versus Christian beliefs.

First, let’s summarize Society belief: 756 more words


The Satanic Temple, Abortion and the U.S. Capitol

A temple of Satanists recently unveiled a statue of a Baphomet, which is their view of what Satan looks like, in Detroit.

From the Independent Newspaper: 257 more words


Boy Scouts of America

Any Christian who has a son in the Boy Scouts of America, now has a free-will choice to make.  Before, if there were gay leaders in it, you did not necessarily KNOW that the BSA was allowing them in.   413 more words


The Third Holy Temple: Are you watching?

On this date, (26 Jul 2015), the Temple Institute has announced the completion of the architectural plans for the Third Holy Temple.

This, along with the completion of all artifact’s related to the Temple rites (including the Menorah and other important utensils), and the fact that they are actively raising the Red Heifer, used by the Messiah to consecrate the third Temple, should be heart-pounding news for every Christian in the world. 75 more words