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An inconvenient Lake of Fire is devouring Antarctica, Al Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING HOAX disproved by the return of Hell on Earth

By John Miller

Thursday the 9th of November, 2017

As we hurtle headlong towards the End of Days, we are seeing many signs and wonders. Ambiguously gendered polymorphs and central American atheist gangbangers have raised the Red flag of Stalinism in the Virgin Queen’s colony. 470 more words

Reassuring Lies

Or Inconvenient Truths? That’s a Question. Our Calvarytempleland controversies are Contrived. RMsT-Rich Mans Trick. Did you know our Huckster of unHoly Horrors is Rich? Really/really Rich. 91 more words

Star Scott

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Sequel debuts at Simmons

By Helen Witte

Staff Writer

“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” a documentary produced by former Vice President Al Gore, is a sequel to his 2006 documentary on climate change in America, “An Inconvenient Truth.” “An Inconvenient Sequel” was shown at Simmons, in addition to other colleges throughout America, on Oct. 407 more words

Simmons College

"Inconvenient Sequel" revised

The release date of part two of the critically acclaimed “Inconvenient Truth,” a documentary about the devastating effects of climate change, was rescheduled from July 28 to Aug. 78 more words

Paris Agreement

Our priorities need a serious rethink - » The Australian Independent Media Network

But on what planet is the contribution which any of these people has made to society in general, regardless of gender, worth anywhere near the obscene amount they get paid? 45 more words

Inconvenient Truth

#Flash4Storms #Flash

I’m participating in a flash fiction effort on the theme of “Help”, in support of disaster relief in Puerto Rico and other areas. My contribution was written quickly. 89 more words

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