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Distorted Mirrors: What Our Candidates Tell Us About Ourselves

I’m doing it. I am adding to the word count on the two people Americans are most tired of talking about. Fret not, though. I won’t bore you with my opining on their political positions, policies, or personal lives.  527 more words


"An Inconvenient Truth"

I watched this documentary again last night after having seen it a few years ago. For those that aren’t familiar, this is the documentary that Al Gore released on the problem of global warming. 1,037 more words


The Real Irony Behind Trump Jr's Skittles

I don’t comprehend the backlash that followed Trump Jr’s Skittle comments, I really don’t. I really don’t, because in my opinion, the concern he raised has never been more pressing, and the massive backlash generated because of it is immensely stupid in the grand scheme of things. 2,074 more words

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