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Phone Capture

“Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.”
― Glen Cook

I captured this image on a cell phone last week very early one morning.

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It is a complete misunderstanding to say spiritual science must also be believed

Spiritual science can be understood by every person who wants to understand its findings. It strives to give people what each individual soul can truly achieve on its own, not by following the religious founders, as in earlier times. 145 more words


Fully aware

Despite my days being dictated to me, I’ve realized I’m fully aware of it. At least I have that.

I’ve tried to schedule, journal, organize myself into a plan. 285 more words

How to travel around the UK cheaply

If you don’t have a car, travel can be inconvenient and costly. Train fares seem to rise and rise every year and the British weather isn’t exactly hospitable to cycling long distances. 141 more words


you pretend intent
when the truth is considered


How to Unfreeze Your iPhone 6

A frozen phone can be very inconvenient and is sure to trigger a lot of frustration on the part of the owner. In a world where cell phones provide countless forms of communication, being able to depend on your device is important. 30 more words

Unexpectedly Phoneless

Hey guys!

So this long weekend has been great so far. I got to relax Friday and yesterday (Saturday) I spent time with my bestfriend. However, the most annoying thing EVER happened last night. 279 more words