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Keeping Your Van On The Road

It is an inconvenient fact that running a van can prove to be a significant and unavoidable expense for many businesses. From paying for road tax, MOTs, repairs, parking, petrol & car insurance & road tax, the list of potential expenses is seemingly never ending.  133 more words

Are Karma and Sin Inventions?

Some inventions bring pleasure and “fun”, others do not at first appear to. A rational hedonist might think that Karma and Sin are notions even inventions made up by some kill-joy priests to stop people doing whatever they want, when they want to. 472 more words


Horse-chestnuts and Betting

I have mentioned that it is unwise to play secret squirrels and generally spy on people before, several times. So if people are persisting in this {you know who you are} they are betting that it is entirely OK to ignore what I say and advise. 330 more words


An Absence Of Violent Friends

I know a few ninjas

And I know a few knights

Who go to the park

And fly fancy kites.

Ask them for a teaspoon… 17 more words


Inconvenient Christianity

The more I see and learn of the world, the more and more confused I get. It’s not so much the murkiness of worldly affairs which puzzle and strike me, though; it’s the actions, thoughts, behaviours and perspectives of people. 1,466 more words


I'm not even mad (genuinely)

Oh France. I’m not even mad.

So you may recall my gentle complaints concerning the myriad of struggles the bank has created for me since I first arrived, if not, you’re about to be reminded. 1,210 more words


Such a small thing

If you think small things don’t matter, try sleeping when there is a mosquito in the room. When things were going well in my life, I thought I was supporting people and encouraging them with the odd phonecall every now and then and the occasional cup of coffee. 268 more words