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Inconvenientul ca aventură

“An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.” G.K. Chesterton*

Oare cum ar arăta viaţa mea** dacă aş privi orice inconvenient*** ca pe o aventură? Am încercat să fac asta şi am observat că nu e deloc uşor. 155 more words

Reflecţii Despre Viaţă

Draw-back = inconveniente

The view tht the failures and draw-backs of purposeful development can indeed be seen as cornerstones of social progress appeared to be alien to Spencer´s functionalism and at least unlikelz to Weberian sociology.


Can God mess with your plans without you becoming resentful?

Following God means making ourselves available to serve. Unfortunately, most of us use our time pursuing other things which in turn limits our availablity. We make plans, commit ourselves to a variety of events and programs, and even ration our time so that we can squeeze the most out of each day. 308 more words


My bowels are not sexy. 


Inconvenient bullshit– is what I like to call it.

Before I do anything in my day, I first assess my bowels. Yes. My bowels. … 555 more words

From Inconvenient to Disastrous: BI Insurance Safeguards your Business

“As a small business operator, have you ever wondered what you would do when the unexpected happens? Have you at all asked a small business insurance broker how might your business fare if your main computer breaks down or is attacked by a vicious virus, or the building catches fire? 107 more words

The Inconvenient Life

You see lurid stories on the internet, on Facebook, or on the news and for a moment you think, “I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be there”. 671 more words