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Be Inconvenient

I urge you to be more inconvenient.

Not in a selfish, attention seeking way, but in a way that validates your humanity and the humanity of those around you. 521 more words

Spiritual Growth

The Word Became Flesh

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

This for me the the entire point of everything. This is why I am a Christian. The incarnation which means ‘taking flesh’ is what makes God’s love so amazing! 1,001 more words

Convenient, Yet Inconvenient - Japan's Train System

We just got back from a trip up to Saitama to visit my wife’s family. During this trip, we had to take a number of buses and trains. 321 more words


A Bethlehem Inconvenience

This month I joined a 31 day writing scripture group (find the plan here). With it being December, we’ve been writing about 4-5 verses a day that tell Christ’s birth story. 362 more words


Christianity 101: The Most Inconvenient Religion Ever?

Most people don’t like to be inconvenienced, and do not like change. We are quite comfortable with things the way they are, and we are resist things which might move us from our comfort zone (I am generalising, so obviously there are exceptions!). 159 more words


Karma and Nuance

The first thing to say on this is that this is extremely difficult to verbalize and that I may make some “claims” herein which may sound as if I made them up in the parlour. 702 more words

Self Discovery

Keeping Your Van On The Road

It is an inconvenient fact that running a van can prove to be a significant and unavoidable expense for many businesses. From paying for road tax, MOTs, repairs, parking, petrol & car insurance & road tax, the list of potential expenses is seemingly never ending.  133 more words