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A Hall of Fame error

Do the Dallas Cowboys have a plan for Randy Gregory? Or does the team have plans? You just can’t tell because of this mismatch of subject and verb on Yahoo! 21 more words


More games amount to more than one

Was the writer for the Yahoo! front page unable to figure out that games is plural? More grammar errors and having to face disgruntled readers amount to one amateurish webpage requiring a little editorial support:


Writers who forget grammar

What do you think of writers who forget grammar and can’t match a verb to its subject? I’m thinkin’ of the person behind this grammatical goof on yahoo.com: 29 more words


Someone may have stolen your grammar book

Poor guy! The writer for Yahoo! Style most have had his grammar books and dictionary stolen. And with his writing skills, that’s a real tragedy:


Kim Kardashian and she snapshots

What is with the writers at Yahoo!? How could the Yahoo! Style writer make a boneheaded grammatical mistake like this:

I mean, really, doesn’t it just sound wrong when you read that? 31 more words


"I think it's 'drew.'"

Want to know if you’re spending too much time with kids? You use the word “drawed” in a sentence. I did, hoped no one noticed — but a bright littleĀ 4 year old corrected me, “I think it’s ‘drew.'”

The Crumpett Files

Can readers make writers smarter?

What does it take to improve the grammar of the professional writers and editors responsible for yahoo.com? Pointing out their errors, jeering, and suggesting corrections impact their writing. Sometimes.