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Between you and me, this sucks

Just between you and me, when I read something like this I have to wonder if English is the writer’s first language:

And then I wonder what the heck the editor was doing before this was published on Yahoo! 85 more words


One day, Joe had an awkward conversation with the Lt. in charge of his unit. He annoyed Lt. Jergins by asking a perfectly legitimate question. Lt. 252 more words


I am more than my relationship to a man.

Why I don’t want to be referred to as someone’s sister/mother/wife/daughter/etc.

I just finished reading a story about a man who stood up for a woman on a train. 246 more words

Incorrect Grammar

I Will Be Honest

I’ve decided that I will not lie to my (future) children.

I imagine that everyone nods in agreement. It seems like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? 516 more words

Incorrect Grammar

Blog Entry #3 - Don't Write Like How You Talk

When you talk to your friends, do you sometimes talk in slang or incorrect grammar? I do. I don’t talk in a lot of slang or incorrect grammar, but I use it when needed or when I am being grammatically lazy. 834 more words

Of all the grammar mistakes made by Yahoo! writers and editors, this is probably one of the worst because it’s in the first word of the first sentence of the first paragraph. 98 more words


A Hall of Fame error

Do the Dallas Cowboys have a plan for Randy Gregory? Or does the team have plans? You just can’t tell because of this mismatch of subject and verb on Yahoo! 21 more words