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133. Errors that Combine Similar Structures

Beware of combining two similar grammatical structures into a single incorrect one


This post is about a particular type of grammar mistake that English language learners sometimes make. 1,474 more words

Academic And Professional Writing

The man of whom we speak

There’s at least one person who writes for a living, but has only a tenuous grasp of English grammar. Of course, the man of whom we speak is the Yahoo! Sports writer responsible for this:


Between you and me, this sucks

Just between you and me, when I read something like this I have to wonder if English is the writer’s first language:

And then I wonder what the heck the editor was doing before this was published on Yahoo! 85 more words


One day, Joe had an awkward conversation with the Lt. in charge of his unit. He annoyed Lt. Jergins by asking a perfectly legitimate question. Lt. 252 more words


I am more than my relationship to a man.

Why I don’t want to be referred to as someone’s sister/mother/wife/daughter/etc.

I just finished reading a story about a man who stood up for a woman on a train. 246 more words

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