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I finished Algebra II on Khan Academy

If you couldn’t get enough, here is the full 10 minute version!


Breaking Language Barriers for My Grandma

I can’t speak Spanish, so I enlisted a friend to make me sound good.


Durable Goods Inventory! (I inventoried everything I own)

Extra stuff takes up space. Many of our purchases are caused by a previous purchase. A table needs chairs, placemats, a centerpiece, and constant maintenance. Ugh. 248 more words


Dance Video Trouble [photo essay]

(A real story with slight exaggerations throughout)

A few weeks back in the office, I provided a video idea that would engage our clients, be completed within a few hours, and show off our new studio and equipment for an information event. 652 more words


Christ Is Our Life

When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory 325 more words

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Book News: Game, Set, Match, Republish! a.k.a. Indefatigable and Incorruptible Second Editions Soon!

As you may have caught, I recently finished the full re-edit of Indomitable, the first book of The Push Chronicles.  Not one to rest on my laurels, I felt that the rest of the series should get the polish only my past year’s experience as an editor, aided by outside eyes, could give them.   127 more words