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Ethan, my little brother, finally found a hobby on his own. Something that he independently does without external incentive like money or coercion. Drumming doesn’t count because mother had to supervise from across the room. 198 more words


Unforgettable Face

No artist can ever draw this face for her maker created her perfectly and thus became incorruptible. This is the incorruptible Face of Bernadette of Lourdes… 193 more words


What Happens When We Die

Last night I couldn’t sleep and so I started reading the Bible.  I enjoyed reading this group of scripture in 1 Corinthians but didn’t really think too much about it at first, because I have read it several times before. 632 more words

I finished Algebra II on Khan Academy

If you couldn’t get enough, here is the full 10 minute version!


Breaking Language Barriers for My Grandma

I can’t speak Spanish, so I enlisted a friend to make me sound good.


Durable Goods Inventory! (I inventoried everything I own)

Extra stuff takes up space. Many of our purchases are caused by a previous purchase. A table needs chairs, placemats, a centerpiece, and constant maintenance. Ugh. 248 more words