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‘Low’ Sales at Classic Auto Auctions, a Trend and a New Meaning?

Sales at Classic Auto Auctions

‘Low’ Sales at Classic Car Auctions

With a much lower gain than that of previous recent years, the Classic Auto Auction world seems to have hit a wall, and it will not be able to climb it for a while. 29 more words


The New Rules for Websites

I started Mountain Marketing Group in 2008. With several years of experience in the marketing departments at the City of Glendora, Azusa Pacific University and St. 577 more words

Social Media

Which Comes First; Sales or Product?

It would seem the answer to which comes first; sales or product, would be product.  How do you generate a sale without a product to sell?   235 more words

Increased Sales

Looking to increase your sales – why not try these on for size?

Have you ever sat (or stood) there thinking something like “I am not remotely interested in what you are talking about”, “You may have your sales targets in mind but how is what you’re saying remotely relevant to my needs?”, “If only you would stop talking long enough to listen to me, you might learn a bit about what I am looking for”. 463 more words

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How to Cut Down Your Order Processing Time

The ability to process orders quickly and efficiently is a benchmark for a good online retailer. Being able to do this not only means that the customer is left satisfied, but it also reflects upon the sales and profit margins of the retail enterprise. 633 more words

Online Selling

Hold tasting days to increase sales and profit

Tasting days simply consist of a decorated table with some products for the customers to taste for free.

You can choose any day to hold a tasting day whether it be an event such as Valentine’s Day or an off beat day such as Burns night or you can create a tasting day for a new product which you have received in store. 189 more words

Chrysler Changes Puts Pressure on Competition, Increases Sales

Like any other business, if you want to be successful in the car industry, it’s important to build customer loyalty. After years of struggling after bankruptcy, Chrysler has finally re-established itself in the auto world. 144 more words