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What exactly are you selling?

As I promised in our last discussion, I will shed a little light on your homework question. What exactly are you selling to your customers? I’ll hazard a guess and say that most of you went for things like: a new home (real estate), an oil change (auto shop), a cake for that special occasion (bakery), etc. 227 more words


Your money's in your message

The financial freedom that comes with being your own boss is a powerful motivator. You’re here because you want more out of your business than it’s giving you right now. 341 more words


How To Sell More CDs

CDs are an important source of revenue for the music business (in the UK, 90% of Adele’s  25 album are CD purchases!) and CD sales are still incredibly important for the DIY artist. 150 more words

‘Low’ Sales at Classic Auto Auctions, a Trend and a New Meaning?

Sales at Classic Auto Auctions

‘Low’ Sales at Classic Car Auctions

With a much lower gain than that of previous recent years, the Classic Auto Auction world seems to have hit a wall, and it will not be able to climb it for a while. 29 more words


The New Rules for Websites

I started Mountain Marketing Group in 2008. With several years of experience in the marketing departments at the City of Glendora, Azusa Pacific University and St. 577 more words

Social Media

Which Comes First; Sales or Product?

It would seem the answer to which comes first; sales or product, would be product.  How do you generate a sale without a product to sell?   235 more words

Increased Sales

Looking to increase your sales – why not try these on for size?

Have you ever sat (or stood) there thinking something like “I am not remotely interested in what you are talking about”, “You may have your sales targets in mind but how is what you’re saying remotely relevant to my needs?”, “If only you would stop talking long enough to listen to me, you might learn a bit about what I am looking for”. 463 more words

Sales Tips