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The Social Effect - Video #1

This is the first in a series of videos specifically aimed at a group of incredible people, “The Social Effect”, social media group on facebook. As with all my work, it is there for all to view and share at will; hence I’m posting the videos on my blog. 9 more words

From The Heart

Buck-Tick was Fucking Awesome

Of all the reasons I went to Japan when I did–because seriously, who goes on vacation just before Christmas when they’re a single parent with kids–this is probably the last thing my readers here can relate to. 920 more words


Capture Croatia with Transun

There’s something particularly captivating about Croatia’s Mediterranean coast. It’s not simply that the crystal clear waters shimmer like diamonds when captured under that special Croatian limelight. 397 more words


A Long Awaited Update

I think it’s pretty established at this point that I’m not very good at regularly blogging… I thought I was going to get into the habit and it never really happened that way. 243 more words



I’ve finally found it! I’d been slacking for a while but am finally motivated to get my fitness back on track. I’m not someone with a negative body image but I’ve been wanting to get my “fresh out of military training” body back that’s been gone for several years now. 201 more words


New York

I had the pleasure of taking a trip to NYC last week, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I stayed in a little hotel in China Town and was thrilled to be surrounded by a culture I was unfamiliar with. 420 more words


My set Visit to The Office

With just 6 hours left to air of my favorite show, the Office, I had to write a short post on my amazing visit to the set of the Office last December. 917 more words

Incredible Experiences