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Robotic Limbs?

Edna said no capes, but she failed to mention wings and I want to fly. I want the kind of flight that will make my cheeks flood to the sides. 380 more words

Dandelion Smears

Is Edna Mode a reformed Supervillain?

Edna Mode is an amazing character that stole the hearts of everyone with her few brief appearances. However recent theories have speculated that Edna is a reformed supervillain and today we will look at some of the reasons Edna might be a supervillain. 387 more words


40. The Incredibles

At a screenwriting workshop in Mexico, Professor Mark Schwartz told my class about inciting incidents and sudden reversals; that the hero drives the story, and the villain erects roadblocks; that thematic lines begin early and run throughout; and that a love interest provides the destination. 313 more words


What it is like to eat 250 mg of edibles

For some people, eating 250 mg would be cause to call an ambulance. For others, it is no big deal. For me, it was a pretty big deal. 858 more words


Autism and The Incredibles

Anyone who has even read a Twitter post from me will probably know I am a massive fan of Disney. They’re somewhat problematic, that’s not something I’m going to pretend isn’t a thing, but overall they’re the only thing really that helps calm my severe anxiety. 513 more words


Make It Monday:Be Super with our capes

Ok, so Edna may have said ‘No capes!’ but who doesn’t feel instantly more super with a cape tied around them? I was commissioned to make a set of ‘Batman’ capes for a friend and my daughter loved being my model for the small one so much, I’ve had to sew her a range of capes to fit with her every mood! 56 more words


The 2017 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend is Pixar Themed

Okay, runDisney. You’re making it really hard to skip the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend this year. Yesterday, on the Disney Parks blog, they announced the theme for this year’s Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. 292 more words