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#1077 - Incredulity

It’s a look I use on a regular basis in the classroom.

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Don't let the door hit you...

It was one of those nights at home when I knew the television would be full of the usual “nothing to watch”—which seems to be most nights—and so the wife and I decided to check out Redbox. 988 more words



It’s always worrying when people ask for clarification.
You would be like:

Um, wait, is there a problem?
Oops, did I make a mistake?
Oh, no, what’s wrong now?

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#1030 - Camping Time

He Wife and I are in Texas camping with my family as we speak! She’s never been before, so it’s certain to be an experience for her. 11 more words

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Sometimes, you hear it in the voice of the interviewer.  Fake laughing, fake surprise, fake incredulity, fake interest, fake sincerity.  And you know it’s fake because it sounds like stink smells and there’s never any question about stink. 353 more words


Response to Apologia Part 2

For some reason, when I click on the “Atheism” tag to look at what people have written about the topic on WordPress, I see more posts by Christians than Atheists. 1,227 more words

#977 - Pungee Sticks

Every few months, we seem to just run out of forks. This is the only explanation for why.

C’mon, buy my book, for cryin’ out loud.

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