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Sometimes, you hear it in the voice of the interviewer.  Fake laughing, fake surprise, fake incredulity, fake interest, fake sincerity.  And you know it’s fake because it sounds like stink smells and there’s never any question about stink. 226 more words


Response to Apologia Part 2

For some reason, when I click on the “Atheism” tag to look at what people have written about the topic on WordPress, I see more posts by Christians than Atheists. 1,227 more words


#977 - Pungee Sticks

Every few months, we seem to just run out of forks. This is the only explanation for why.

C’mon, buy my book, for cryin’ out loud.

Sketch A Day

what did I just read...?

Man. I like to read. A lot. But these last two books…I get to the end and my primary thought is, “what on earth did I just read?” x_x… 1,085 more words

Would she put the money where her mouth is?

There were some fine and interesting words recently from the Environment Secretary, Elizabeth Truss, in her speech to the Northern Farming Conference. Here’s an extract: 279 more words

New trending GIF on GetTrendyGifs

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Successes, disasters and my favourite photograph, ever

A big part of this summer, for me, was trying out film photography for the first time. I have a polaroid, which is really fun, but there’s something really cool about holding an old SLR that I just had to try out. 229 more words