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C+ program, Functions of exponential, increment and addition

In this program we will find exponential, increment and addition through a function.

//Code starts

#include <iostream>

#include <conio.h>

using namespace std;

int expo(int a, int b); 146 more words


VisIncr plugin for Vim

One of the most powerful aspects of using Vim is that you never have to do any drudge work. All boring repeatable tasks can be executed with a meaningful command. 164 more words

i++ ও ++i -এর মধ্যে পার্থক্য কী

ইনক্রিমেন্ট অপারেটর(Increment Operator): 

ইনক্রিমেন্ট অপারেটর (++) হলো এক প্রকার ইউনারি অপারেটর , যা কোন অপারেন্ডের মান শর্তসাপেক্ষে বা শর্তহীনভাবে ১ করে বাড়ায ।

ইনক্রিমেন্ট অপারেটর ২ প্রকার । যথাঃ 19 more words

Programming In C++

What is the syntax for a For loop?

#to loop through something
for <variable counter> in <sequence>:
     <code to be executed, potentially referencing variable counter>

#to loop through a range
for <variable counter> in range(<start>, <end>, <increment>): 58 more words

NCC Suspends Proposed Data Price Increase

The Nigerian Communications Commission on Wednesday announced the immediate suspension of the new minimum pricing template for data services by mobile operators.

The new rate, which would have led to price increase in data for some Nigerians, was scheduled to take effect from December 1. 29 more words


The Wonder Raise - Not Exactly a Surprise

So in continuation to my initial post about how I manifested my dream job offer, comes this one! So there were many reasons why I decided to not take the chocolate cake with cherry topping. 359 more words