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“In the manager’s cabin “Our company is doing great as far as the sales are concerned but you all know that it is nothing without our IT department we have been there for them whenever there has been any problem and now there is a task for us. 289 more words


One of the most intriguing things you’ll frequently find yourself considering when you think about a DIY Compiler is how much effort goes even into the tiniest nooks and crannies. 515 more words


Understanding Pre increment and Post increment

After so many request for explaining the difference between pre increment and post increment operators , here I am with a new article.

Pre-increment :-  This operator is used to first increment the value and then use it. 66 more words


Step-by-Step Career Promotion

How to pick up your’s boss t*****le? for promotion, increment in salary or other benefits,,

Believe me.  DO hard work in 3×4 inch area. and get what you want,.. 48 more words


4/4 TIME

Musicians have a clock
that runs on its own time
and all that is constant
is the beat, in four
second increments.
They start, they say, 41 more words


CSS Counter increment

How to create the counter increment using CSS like the bullet. CSS provides the counter functionality using that we can create the number before stating lists as per line like the bullet number. 173 more words


Incrementing Batch Name in Journal Batch Name

When using Journal, if the Journal Batch Name contains any number, then if all the lines are posted, and none lines remaining, then NAV will automatically delete the Batch Name, and create a new Batch Name by incrementing the Batch Name, ie. 175 more words

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