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Scrum: What is the difference between "Undone Work" and "Incomplete Work"?

All work that needs to be done by cross-functional (Product) Development Team is in the Product Backlog. Each item in the product backlog (product backlog item, PBI for short) is expressed in a way such that the value of PBI is transparent to the Product Owner.   750 more words


Java Jam: Episode 1: Increment/Decrement

Alright, here we go: I promised a more scientific related topic and since I’ve got an exam in about two weeks, I’ll probably be writing a lot about Java. 796 more words

Computer Science


/*2. Dereferencing pointer variables*/
int main(void)
    int a=87;
    float b=4.5;
    int *p1=&a;
    float *p2=&b;
    printf(“Value of p1 = Address of a = %p\n”,p1); 984 more words



The road to despair is incremental
It is rarely a steep descent
Instead it follows pathways
Of bleak and blighted hope
Opportunities so close
Within grasp and then elusive… 191 more words


Java: How to Program [6th Edition] – (Figure 5.5)

// Fig. 5.5: Sum.java
  // Summing integers with the for statement.

Sum is 110
 41 more words