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CSS Counter increment

How to create the counter increment using CSS like the bullet. CSS provides the counter functionality using that we can create the number before stating lists as per line like the bullet number. 173 more words


Incrementing Batch Name in Journal Batch Name

When using Journal, if the Journal Batch Name contains any number, then if all the lines are posted, and none lines remaining, then NAV will automatically delete the Batch Name, and create a new Batch Name by incrementing the Batch Name, ie. 175 more words

NAV 2017 (10)

Agile Basketball Tools – The 5 Game Increment

The Five Game Increment is the value of all the Sprint Performance Dashboard metrics successfully delivered during the current Sprint, and the sum value of the previous Sprints. 79 more words


First off, apologies for not posting sooner. My two readers (tbh better than I’d hoped for at this point), may have wondered if I’d rage quit. 598 more words


Tower Transit raises bus drivers’ basic pay to more than S$2,000

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Public bus operator Tower Transit Singapore said on Monday (Jul 10) it will raise the salaries of its bus drivers and other staff by 3.7 per cent – bumping up the basic pay for its new bus drivers to more than S$2,000 for the first time. 141 more words

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In C#, ++c and c += 1 are not always equivalent

csharp> char c = 'a'
csharp> ++c
csharp> c += 1
(1,7): error CS0031: Constant value `1' cannot be converted to a `char'

What are you defining as „Done“?

Agility is why most organizations adopt Scrum.

The actual agility an organization achieves is rooted in how sophisticated Scrum is being employed. Beyond the mere adoption of Scrum, enterprise agility is much accelerated if the organization re-emerges its structures around Scrum. 785 more words