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Photo essay: feesmustfall

Student from different political affiliations and universities combined at the Union Building on Friday to fight the increment of fees at the tertiary institutions. In the past few weeks the twitter was buzzing with hashtag’s such as #feesmustfall, #Blademustfall #freeoutsourcing. 173 more words

Auto increment (X++) : A difference in Java and C++ (part-1)

To understand the auto increment in Java and C++, lets use the same example form the previous post. The link and the explanation for auto increment in Java is… 423 more words


Auto increment in C++ (part 3) : 1 paisa (1/100th part of the rupee) is equal to 1 rupee

During childhood, many time my father used to ask me whether I could prove 1 paisa (1/100th part of rupee) is equal to 1 rupee. Lets play such game using the following examples: 119 more words


Auto increment in C++: A twist (part-2)

Kindly read part 1 in this series to understand this part. The link for the part 1 is


//example 1

#include <fstream>
using namespace std; 232 more words


Auto increment in C++ : Be careful before using (part-1)

There is two types of auto increment: ++x and x++. In case of ++x, we need to increase the value of x before using it in operation. 946 more words


Understanding X++ and ++X with respect to assignment in Java : Part 3

Lets use the following example to understand increment by x++ and ++x in Java

public class Problem


public static void main (String [] args) 185 more words