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Increment Review...

Increment Review…

😡 Boss : There are 50 bricks
on an aeroplane.
If u drop 1 outside.
How many are left?

Employee : That’s easy, 49. 175 more words


Write a C program using Increment & Decrement Operator.


int main()


int x=5;

int a,b,c,d,e,f;

printf(“\n P=%d”, x++);






printf(“\n S=%d”,x–);







printf(“\n A=%d \t B=%d \t C=%d \t D=%d \t E=%d \t F=%d \t”,a,b,c,d,e,f); 9 more words

C Programming

How to reset Auto Increment to a specific value in MySQL?

Once a column is set to Auto Increment the value would Increment by one for every record added. Therefore, the column value for each record would be unique and hence it could be set as a primary key. 41 more words

Web Development

How to fetch the last ID from a MySQL Table and save it in a PHP Variable

When you are Involved in comparing and updating two different tables there may be times when you would need the last ID of a table so that it can be used in another table provided the ID is a primary key set to Auto Increment. 135 more words

Web Development


That blog tell us that Microsoft is earning a lot of money thanks to the cloud. According to Microsoft, for the second quarter of 2018, its success doesn’t seem to be diminishing, on the contrary, it is growing. 135 more words

Word of the Week #95:


How long has it been since I started writing? Well, very close to four years, now.

A lot has changed in that span.

For one, I no longer have my weapon of choice, my magnificent MacBook Pro. 189 more words



“In the manager’s cabin “Our company is doing great as far as the sales are concerned but you all know that it is nothing without our IT department we have been there for them whenever there has been any problem and now there is a task for us. 287 more words