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The road to despair is incremental
It is rarely a steep descent
Instead it follows pathways
Of bleak and blighted hope
Opportunities so close
Within grasp and then elusive… 191 more words


Java: How to Program [6th Edition] – (Figure 5.5)

// Fig. 5.5: Sum.java
  // Summing integers with the for statement.

Sum is 110
 41 more words

Minimal Viable...

In product development the definition of Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is

The product with the highest return on investment versus risk

Popularised by Eric Ries it subtly changes to…

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Little Drops

For the want of a nail,

A shoe was lost.

For the want of a shoe,

The horse was lost,

For the want of a horse, 59 more words


Block & Buster Increments

Do you know the one thing that can bring out a smile on every person’s face? No it aint Love. It’s the word Increment. For HR professionals, it’s the most loved and hated time of the year (Love usually before the Annual letters and hate after). 471 more words


Increment a number by one without using arithmetic operators

Since we are not allowed to use arithmetic operators, we can play with binary operators.
Consider following statements

~n = -(n+1), where ~n represents one's complement of n. 27 more words

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