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Attention: Waterborne Outbreaks

Did you ever wonder why waterborne diseases is something we inevitably have to deal with?

We often hear of waterborne disease associated with contaminated drinking water and other non-recreational water. 176 more words

You’re swimming with E.coli, did you know?

So how’s your weekend getaway? Did you enjoy the beach? Did you go fishing? How’s your boating?

Common questions asked for prominent people having beach recreation. 226 more words

Countdown to hatch day

Things are getting interesting with the duck eggs – between yesterday afternoon and today, all the eggs pipped externally, within just a few hours of each other! 863 more words


Rockin' and Rollin'

This morning I woke up a little earlier to check on the duck eggs in the incubator.  I couldn’t help worrying. Yesterday, only one had made an internal pip. 266 more words


Unmasked: The Frightful Truth

Dear Voyeur,

I wrote this to you because I want to relate a story of someone who used to be so dear to me. He was involved in a love affair where pleasure was intense and so was betrayal. 415 more words

Incubation - Day 26?

I am a bit concerned now, as according to my calculations, our 5 duck eggs should be already entering the hatching phase (26th-28th day), but although they are still alive (I can see them moving inside when I candle the eggs) they have not pipped internally. 666 more words

Feeding And Care