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Crab Walking Towards The Finish Line

Sometimes I get so hung up on the first line of a post that I don’t write anything. This is a problem. I want to capture your attention and hold it with clever witticisms, moments of vulnerability, and well-crafted metaphors. 653 more words

Character Development

Business Incubation Series in The Herald

I have been writing a series of articles on business incubators and innovation spaces in my country’s lead paper, The Herald, in Zimbabwe. Here are the links to each one, I will update them on a rolling basis: 59 more words

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5 things incubators end up doing!

Yesterday I wrote 10 things incubators (should) do to actually support entrepreneurs! but there are things we don’t talk about much. While the world knows and can understand easily on what we can do the donors or investors in particular understand what we end up doing. 640 more words

Social Entrepreneur

10 things incubators (should) do to actually support entrepreneurs!

Here is a 1000 word note on things incubators like ours do, while most of the incubators we come across are in a constant state of building programs!, here are a few things that as incubators we should be doing or at least make a genuine attempt to do. 958 more words

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Guinea-one know what a Guinea Fowl is?

What on earth is a guinea fowl, and an even better question is why on earth do you have them? Guinea fowl are not among the most attractive animals on this planet, but they can serve a great purpose. 508 more words


Can Tech and Government Work Together?

What does it look like for tech startups and governments to work together well? Andreessen Horowitz posted a new podcast with Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser today to discuss this, alongside former DC mayor Adrian Fenty. 159 more words


More Coturnix Hatching

So far, 42 coturnix quail have been hatched and moved to the brooder. More are hatching as we speak. Most of them are pharaoh colored, but I have a handful of Texas A&M, blondes, tuxedos, and cinnamon in the mix from my breeding quails. The cat is in love.