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Science Observation: Bird's Nest Day 14

We spent the morning at our co-op, and since it was pouring rain and mostly dark when we left the house, I decided to leave the nest alone until we returned. 72 more words


Science Observation: Bird's Nest Day 13

My patience is being tested waiting for these eggs to hatch. I feel like the woman from the old Mervyn’s commercials. Open, open, open. 68 more words


Chicky Update

Three little babies in the brooder. Jubal hatched a day early, Trouble hatched on hatch day, and Spitfire hatched today. Shelly had to be pulled free of her egg. 368 more words


Science Observation: Bird's Nest Day 12

Not so secretly, I wanted to discover baby birds today. Alas. Just Gazelle. Still hunkered down in the crook of her nest. Just Gazelle, giving me the evil eye as I ducked down to see around the rocks. 138 more words


Meet Jubal

Tomorrow is Hatch day! But apparently no one told this chick or it keeps it’s own time schedule, because this little one hatched a day early. 132 more words


Science Observation: Bird's Nest Day 10

At last! After a week of peeking around corners and trying to stealthily sneak a few frames of Gazelle on the nest, I arrived for my morning snoop when she wasn’t there! 257 more words


At Home Incubation Model

Just a 2 Bed room hall kitchen

A hall with 2 tables to accommodate 6

2 bed room to accommodate 3 each..

3 girls and 3 boys rent out an apartment for US$1200 in Jersey City for 3 months… 93 more words