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HEALTHCARECITIY INCUBATOR - Pitch Day for incubation is 28th SEPT 2016

Next Pitch Day for Incubation Direct: 28 September 2016.
Applications will be accepted until 27 September, 23:59 Lisbon time.

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Are you an entrepreneur… 198 more words

When she becomes a mother.....

The appearance of an alligator is frightening, to say the least. And if it opens its jaws to reveal all those sharp teeth, then it is danger personified! 390 more words

Birds And Animals

Do juvenile bald eagles prey on other eagle nests?

Question answered by Doug Halford, Wildlife Biologist, WAI ESER Program   

Well, it is unlikely but not impossible.

The 35 days of incubation duties are shared by both male and female, but it is the female who spends most of her time on the nest. 644 more words


Stockholm Dreaming China

Earlier this month, I attended the conference Exploring the China Dream at Stockholm University – glorious good fun including more  inspiring and informative presentations than I can mention here, so just a few samples: 278 more words


Do Territories Get on a Roll?

Linda Grenzer’s striking photo from two weeks ago got me thinking about loon breeding success. The picture is a sight that will please loon fanciers — two big healthy 9-week-olds resting side by side while their parents circle with intruders. 695 more words

When a Hatching Egg Goes Evil

Long before I started this blog, I was sending out e-mails to our extended family and friends to explain what craziness was the new normal on our farm.   879 more words

Incubator Diaries (Part 7)

This is the final report.

We hatched seven chicks from fifteen eggs and, although I’m very pleased with the seven chicks that hatched,  I’m not very happy about the overall result. 398 more words

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