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Squashed Turkeys

Turkeys are not very bright – this is OK, it makes it easier to eat them. We have nine hens and one stag/tom (Ataturkeyoglu – I still find this very very funny). 556 more words


Update on Eggs

We’re about two weeks from the possible start of hatching and fortunately all is quiet on the nest. The eggs look good (when we can spot them in the sticks and grass) and the parents are on the ball so far with incubating. 300 more words


The Zone of Prophecy

Set your mind firmly on the object of your desire UNTIL you are transported to that very point in (spiritual) space where actual creation begins… 145 more words

Life Mastery

Chicken Fever: Getting the Homemade Incubator down (putput bator)

Chicken Keeping -from incubation to eating fresh eggs

The idea came up last year. I discussed a potential project with my then 6 year old niece. 1,824 more words

The Backyard Chicken Movement

Ospreys Laying Eggs

Ospreys are late-season breeders compared to other raptors of their size, and are just starting to lay and incubate their eggs in the Northeast. This is thought to be an adaptive delay to allow ice to break up and to allow fish to move into shallow waters. 130 more words


Brace for Black Flies!

Black flies have a terrible beauty. From a distance, they are merely pests, which we must tolerate for a few weeks each year. Up close, they are carefully crafted machines with specialized sensory capabilities and sharp tools sculpted to pierce the skin of mammals and birds and extract the blood they require to nourish their eggs. 297 more words

Pheasant and Chukar Eggs

I put 80 eggs into the Styrofoam incubator, and 30 eggs into my cooler incubator. 50% ring neck pheasant, and 50% chukar partridge. The bobwhite quail eggs were candled, and 82 of them showed some signs of development. I am pretty excited.