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How about Intrapreneurs?

Entrepreneurship and employee empowerment have proven to be a winning combination when it comes to innovations within big corporations. At Orange, the European leader in telecommunications, the idea of starting a program for intrapreneurs was seeded in Spring 2016 and officially took off at early 2017 with the first cohort named David Bowie. 722 more words

Doing Business

No Tech Tuesday 

There was a good chance that today would be a complete disaster, but in the end the boys had a great time and it was fairly relaxing! 252 more words


Is Tsipras and Close AssociatesPlan to Set-up Marxist Dictatorship in Greece

By Con George-Kotzabasis July 18, 2017

The beginning is the sign”. David Hilbert, German mathematician

In the doom and gloom of the political and economic landscape of Greece, a spectre haunts the country, the spectre of Marxist dictatorship. 1,506 more words


The Creative Process: Letting Go

Pablo Picasso said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”[i]  Creating something new requires letting go of something old.  The May 26, 2017 blog, “The Creative Process: Receiving What the Universe Brings” focuses, in part, on the idea of letting go ( 521 more words


Procédure de la production des champignons comestibles

Un champignon est un vivant ,comme tous les autres vivants dans ses milieux naturels, nécessite une source d’aliment et d’eau ainsi des conditions physico-chimiques favorables pour bien se développer et se croître donnant naissance à des descendants pour assurer la continuité de l’espèce dans le temps et dans le champ. 687 more words

Incubation and Looking for a Flow

Incubation:  It means literally to provide body warmth so eggs
can hatch.  For a writer, it means giving yourself the time and
space to grow to your full potential; to build strength, gain your… 312 more words

Writing As A Wake-Up Tool