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Meet Babies Two and Three

I have two more hatchlings to introduce to you! Meet the second hatchling. This one seemed to come bursting out, unlike the first hatchling who took two days to emerge from the shell. 346 more words

Chelonoidis Carbonaria

Start-up Challenges and Remedial Strategies

As Michel Porter (World renowned Management Thinker) perceived, all economy drives through a stages of development in a sequence of Factor driven, Investment driven, Innovation driven and Wealth driven. 1,137 more words


Soul Journey: The Law of Incubation

Every single thing, matter and un-matter, has an incubation period – and you just need to sit your gorgeous self on it and it will tell you when it is ready.

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Soul Journey

On Eggshells

After almost 2 days of chipping through eggshell and turning in the egg, we have a beautiful new Redfoot tortoise hatchling. 


What you see underneath, on the plastron, is the yolk sac. 103 more words

Chelonoidis Carbonaria

First Little Redfoot Pip

The first little Redfoot egg pipped yesterday, at 121 days of incubation. That morning, I lightly misted the vermiculite around the eggs because the top layer felt drier to the touch. 37 more words

Chelonoidis Carbonaria



I HAVE NOT BEEN FERTILIZED. I just like the word. Sit down. Catch your breath. No. No child.

(Although truth be told if my life partner ever gets his reality together and realizes I’m his everything he ever wanted and he is ready to chose to love me unconditionally forever, I could TOTALLY have two more babies! 284 more words

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