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Ornithischian incubation longer and relatively longer than bird incubation

A new paper by Erickson et al. 2017 reports:
“Birds stand out from other egg-laying amniotes by producing relatively small numbers of large eggs with very short incubation periods (average 11–85 d). 424 more words

Reptile Family Tree

The Siddhartha Monologue

You know, it sort of seems weird that I’m writing about writing, while writing.  I would think it would all be one giant act of procrastination, were it not for the fact that writing about my writing helps my writing while I write. 157 more words

Creative Process

GraffitiSoup #10

The 10th edition of GraffitiSoup brings us a shameless plug for some of the clients that I have been lucky enough to work with and the exciting projects that they are undertaking. 290 more words


difference between monster and cyborg


The other “I” in your book, the “I” who is not you, Laloo, seems to have already created her own definitions for monsters and cyborgs that exist separately from society’s collective understanding of the concepts. 526 more words

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Social Alpha announces incubation support for LetsEndorse

Social Alpha has recently announced incubation support for LetsEndorse, a NASSCOM 10k social enterprise co-founded by Monika Shukla and Varun Kashyap. As such, LetsEndorse becomes a part of the larger ecosystem Social Alpha that nurtures start-up teams through their lab to market journey and has already created a portfolio of 10 start-ups in its first year of operation. 154 more words