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Are Canada Geese Pushing Loons off of Prime Nest Sites?

The goose population has been increasing in northern Wisconsin. Ten years ago, a Canada Goose was an infrequent sight on one of our study lakes. Geese were confined chiefly to a few large lakes and seen overhead only as they migrated northwards. 421 more words


Ravit, a friend/neighbour/fellow mum of 3 boys, brought me a present yesterday. She often brings me boys’ clothes (her boys are older than mine), and I give her chicken and quail eggs in return. 262 more words


Black Fly Anxieties...and a Conundrum

It is late May again. With nesting underway, loons must confront the first of many hazards that stand between them and successful parenthood. Simulium annulus… 470 more words


16th May.

I just made a list of projects I have on the go, to help me work out which one urgently needs my attention today. 246 more words


We Are Back...and a Good Thing Too!

Sleet greeted me as I landed yesterday at Rhinelander Airport. Since I had come from 75 degree southern California, it took me a few moments to adjust. 407 more words

Building a World

Many of you know Laura DiSilverio from her mystery series. I got a chance to catch up with her recently, and was fascinated to hear about a new series she is working on, a YA triology. 842 more words

Diva's Debut

Zoe’s last egg of the season pipped yesterday on day one hundred-ten. Surprisingly, it pipped one week to two weeks earlier than other hatchlings in her clutches. 67 more words

Chelonoidis Carbonaria