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Professionalize a Startup Without Stifling It

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Insurgent companies are full of foundational stories and most of them involve heroics. They recall the times when the original team of hard-charging entrepreneurs did the impossible to deliver on the company’s founding mission. 1,296 more words


Incumbent by Joanne Schwehm voiced by Tracy Marks

This was such a sweet story!!

Notes worth mentioning for this book:

Great cover – cute, and eyecatching ;)

If the title didn’t clue you in then the description probably did: this book has elements of politics but no matter which party you support, reading this book won’t get your back up. 251 more words

American Political Football

Ya, ya, I know it is called soccer here. For the life of me, I do not know why. A game where the ball meets the foot just for a brief moment and stays ninety nine percent of the time in the hands of players, is called football? 610 more words

Creative Writing

GAO: Incumbent Not Entitled To Highest Past Performance Rating

An incumbent contractor was not entitled to the highest possible past performance rating, according to a recent GAO bid protest decision.

Source: GAO: Incumbent Not Entitled To Highest Past Performance Rating – SmallGovCon


GAO: Subcontract With Incumbent Didn't Mandate High Past Performance Score

An offeror was not entitled to a high past performance score merely because it proposed a subcontracting relationship with the incumbent prime contractor.

Source: GAO: Subcontract With Incumbent Didn’t Mandate High Past Performance Score – SmallGovCon


Membaca Pilkada Kabupaten Tasikmalaya

Dian Iskandar

Pesta demokasi lima tahunan untuk memilih kepala daerah telah dilaksanakan secara serentak diseluruh Indonesia pada tanggal 9 desember yang lalu. 686 more words


Nasib Petahana (Incumbent)

Mencermati pilkada yang terjadi di daerah saya, hasilnya membuktikan bahwa calon petahana (incumbent) pun belum tentu bakal terus memimpin selama 2 periode. Walaupun pembangunan fisik yang digembor-gemborkan sebagai program utama selama ini real serta sedang dalam progress pengerjaan, nyatanya suara rakyat berpindah pada calon lain. 141 more words

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