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Syrian Update 5 October, 2015: Flying The Tense, Crowded Skies

On Saturday, a MiG-29 Fulcrum violated Turkish airspace. Turkey responded by scrambling its own fighter aircraft.  F-16s intercepted the MiG and escorted it out of Turkish airspace. 316 more words

International Relations

West Oz Wildlife Incursion

On Friday the Pre Primary children were treated to a fascinating incursion, featuring a koala, a dingo, pythons and a bobtail lizard called ‘Barry’.

The incursion provided age appropriate information and a range of facts about each animal. 52 more words

Communities of Practice

Who is working with the students to further their knowledge and get them thinking?

Does this occur solely in the classroom?

I don’t believe it does. 98 more words

Incursions/Excursions and Community of Practice

I don’t think I’ve ever met a student who doesn’t get excited about being part of an incursion or excursion. Children need to be exposed to these novelties, so as to keep school interesting and stimulating. 299 more words


How fast can you solve it?

I was nine years old when a Rubik’s Cube entered our house. My brother got one for his eighth birthday, promptly ‘messed it up’, twisted and turned it for ten minutes and then moved on to his other birthday presents. 354 more words


Exploring Light with PrimeSci!

In the last couple of days we have announced some talks and shows – and there are more to come – but let’s face it, we want to interact with light! 153 more words


Books Light Up Our World

This week’s post comes from Ruth Woolven, our school librarian (but it introduces some of my favourite events – Book Week and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation Book Swap – so expect to hear more about these things over the coming weeks). 231 more words