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Bike Safety

Yesterday we went to a Bike Safety incursion in the hall. We were taught and reminded about the rules of riding a bike. We learnt that before riding a bike it is important to check that… 43 more words


Crawl Down Low and Go Go Go!

It was all bells and whistles for the Preps last week – Sophie Apperly tells us about a visit from some fire-fighters.

The Preps recently enjoyed the ‘Fire Ed for Preps’ education program delivered by the Melbourne Fire Brigade. 271 more words


Mothers Day at the Waverley Montessori Preschool

Welcome back to 2015 at the Waverley Montessori Preschool. We had a busy end to 2014 and an even busier start to this year as we have a bunch of fresh and eager little Montessorians in our classroom. 278 more words

Secret Wars #0 Review

All right, now it is time to look at Marvel’s big title! To try and compete with DC’s big event, Marvel has brought back the Secret Wars. 648 more words


Airstrike on Yemen refugee camp could portend Saudi ground incursion

Airstrike on Yemen refugee camp could portend Saudi ground incursion
And Yemen, already the home base to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, now teeters on the brink of becoming a failed state and an even more fertile breeding ground for extremism. 10 more words

Concord destroys Nightmare worth 4 billion ISK in Tash-Murkon

A BATTLESHIP has been destroyed by a Concord Police Commander in Abai.

The incident, the third Nightmare to be targeted by Concord in the past 10 days, involved a capsuleer working to clear a constellation currently under a Sansha Incursion. 149 more words

Eve Online


Since my last post about Kickstarters (some 2 months ago) I have received both Tablescapes from secret weapon and Zombicide S3 from CMON, Now for the rest…………. 271 more words

All Quiet On The Martian Front