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My New Favorite Play: Indecent by Paula Vogel

See that text in the picture.  That’s a projection, a device that will be used throughout Paula Vogel’s wonderful new play Indecent.

There will be one towards the end that says “An impossibly long line.”  It will break my heart. 562 more words


I have had my breath taken away very few times in my life. But I can say with absolute certainty that the only words to describe this play come from the script itself: I can’t breathe. 772 more words

Paula Vogel Puts Her Story as a Lesbian Jewish Woman Onstage in Indecent

In the wake of hate speech, marginalization, and censorship, Indecent becomes a battle cry for resistance. But it’s also a love letter to art, proving the two are not mutually exclusive. 48 more words


Why Giving Up Art Is Not an Option

The actors stood up and I started crying. The house lights went down to start the show and moments later I was moved. It took a moment to shake me out of my familiar world. 1,244 more words


Coarse Discourse

Neal Pollard

Is it just me or are we much more open about using profanity in ordinary discourse? Our sitting president has exhibited an unprecedented amount of “curse words” in the public square, even if transcripts of historic documents reveal that a great many of the last several presidents have used language salty enough to make sailors blush. 382 more words

Grossman Family Mocha Brownies

This week one of the INDECENT Co-Producers hosted the Wine and Unwind. Let’s welcome Sarahbeth Grossman and her family recipe for Mocha Brownies into the Backstage Baker Club!!! 182 more words

Wine And Unwind


Eyes hurt when they aren’t prepared for the light

Defiled by lascivious images in uneasy comfort of night

Intemperate heart rushed to embrace an illusion… 6 more words