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Behind the Headlines: Exhibitionism, Undiagnosed Psychological Disorders

Despite my best personal efforts, to separate the likes of violent predatory behavior, like that of Harvey Weinstein, from my all time favorite fire-crotch comedian, Louis C.K, and despite the abundance of no play my hashtag: 913 more words

Students of Seduction

Temptation can lead you to behave in a manner that is irrational, out of character, and tarnishes your reputation. Indecent by Corinne Sullivan follows one teacher-in-training’s struggle with a tantalizing and indecorous situation. 225 more words

Book Review

My Indecent Spell

It is in

blackened chambers

I cast a spell

on you

only  you

my spell

one of darkness


delicious, decadent desire

that will lick up… 28 more words


A Warning To My Christian Sisters

A Warning To My Christian Sisters

The gospel of grace that we preach today is not an excuse for careless living and dressing. What is your gain when you wear a skirt that does not cover your knee and when you sit in the church, bible study or fellowship meetings, you use your handkerchief to cover your laps that have been exposed. 473 more words



Boycott you, for taking advantage,

Of my goodwill nature yet somehow I still manage

To come out on top. Tell me how does it feel? 117 more words

Indecent Thursday? 

Y’all got stood up yesterday…..I failed to post Hump Day Shenanigan’s 😯

Forgive me? Here’s some indecent shit for you 💋

Indecent Play Review

Morality and art are often subjective.

In 1923, the play God Of Vengeance hit Broadway. It closed in one night. It closed not because of poor reviews, but because it was considered immoral. 271 more words