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Indefinite detention,
Sheltering in place,
Movement, it’s suspension,
Until you are displaced.

'Obviously jail isn't a place for anyone'

What’s good man? My fault for writing back late. Just had a lot on my mind lately. I’ve been fine since I been in here, met a lot of cool people (believe it or not) but overall fine. 244 more words

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Obama Has Threatened Vetoes Over Guantánamo Before, and Caved In Every Time

From The Intercept, by Jenna McLaughlin, Oct 2015

We’ve been here before.

President Barack Obama is vowing to veto the Pentagon budget bill heading to his desk, in part because it creates legal roadblocks that would prevent him from closing the detention center at Guantánamo Bay. 200 more words


'They trying to play me with a plea'

Hey —,

How are you? I hope you doing good. It was great to hear from you, as it is good to hear from anyone outside. 125 more words

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Obama, Hillary, and Imperialism: Drones, Coups, Arms Deals, and Human Rights

In this post, Part 3 in a series on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Emilio da Costa describes actions taken by President Barack Obama and Clinton (in her roles as Secretary of State and Senator) in the realms of civil liberties and foreign policy. 4,515 more words

2016 Presidential Election

'Less complaining and more rebel energy needed'

Ah, my buddy. Man, I ain’t forget about your ass man. This jail sent my letter back on some humbug shit. But I’ll give you evidence–I know how ya’ll like to do. 224 more words

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CALL IN to Durham Jail this THURSDAY to get an inmate NEEDED MEDICAL ATTENTION!!

This Thursday, September 17, please take a moment to call in to the Durham jail to demand immediate medical attention for inmate Kadeem Johnson, who is suffering in severe pain due to a rod that was inserted into his arm for medical reasons but that should have been removed more than a year ago. 218 more words