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'Our day is coming sooner than later'

What’s up world? I’m so tired of being in here. I’ve been here 20 months, my life is on hold. What happened to staying out until 11:00? 146 more words

Corrections Officers

How Obama Is Giving Trump The Gift Of Indefinite Detention

When he takes office, Donald Trump will have the power to indefinitely detain… anyone he wants. And if you thought the most alarming part about that sentence was the fact that Donald Trump is the one in power, then you’re part of the problem. 266 more words

We Are Change

'There has been remarkable improvement--Thank you!'


Dear —,

My deepest apologies. This letter is well overdue. Through no other fault than my own, I have avoided writing for the past 12-14 months. 283 more words

Corrections Officers

'Police stopped me from praying downtown'


How are you doing? I am doing fine now. I am still in this jail. I don’t know when I am to go to court for my case. 72 more words

Detention Without End

'I pray that all my brothers make it through'

Unity—One body—More Power

We are all convicts at the end of the day. I don’t bang nothing. But we killing each other on the outside. And it’s no better on the inside. 614 more words


Prison as Trauma

Most people never get to go to an event about prison.  I went to two in one week.

The first was a phone-a-thon to ex cons… 681 more words

Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences