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Challenging Guantánamo Under Trump


Even before he took office, President Trump made it clear that under his presidency, those detained at the military prison at Guantánamo Bay would stay there. 1,025 more words

Donald Trump

Undocumented Immigrants and “Women’s Law”: Reflections on Liberal Incoherence

The plight of undocumented immigrants has become a banner cause for the liberal left. They don’t comprehend the law; they just reckon detaining people for being in this country without official leave is cruel—and maybe unconstitutional. 334 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Friday Reads: We Should All Care

Good Morning Sky Dancers!

I am a Buddhist and took refuge vows over 20 years ago.  You become a Buddhist by taking refuge vows. You speak them daily when you wake up and before you sleep and when ever you take a breath. 2,430 more words

Morning Reads

Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

James Corbett (2017)

Film Review

In his excellent documentary about Obama’s presidency, James Corbett highlights important ways in which Obama systematically reduced civil liberties and democratic oversight of government. 259 more words

Hidden History

FASD, Indefinite Detention and Colonial Dispossession

Harry Blagg
Professor of Criminology, University of Western Australia Tamara Tulich
Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Western Australia Zoe Bush, 1,545 more words
2017 Articles

Australia – a government that commits torture and doesn't care?

When we think of torture, we each have our own interpretations.
For most Australians, it’s likely that theirs come from history or from fiction. 671 more words