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Religion: First up is the news from Fr. Jim Martin’s Twitter,  that St. Therese’s Parents will be canonized at the Synod of the Family later this year. 380 more words


Independence Day 2 find a lead

By: Marv Castillo

Finally, some actual news about Independence Day 2 are coming out. First we got a bunch of rumors and Roland Emmerich’s desire to film to sequels back-to-back. 217 more words


'Independence Day' Sequel may not Have Will Smith but it Will Have a Connection

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

So the 20-years-in-the-making sequel to the big-budget popcorn flick Independence Day is starting to take shape. And while Will Smith may not be returning to reprise his star-making role, the movie will still have a connection to the former Fresh Prince. 213 more words


Box Office: Will Smith’s Focus & The Creeping Death of the Movie Star

There is a funny little thing actors sometimes have to do that I call the “Please like me again!” press tour. It’s that “No, seriously, this time’s it’s different” dance they have to do when they’re out promoting a new movie after their last movie bombed.  3,587 more words

Film News

I Think We're Doomed

Did you ever think that snowflakes might be little tiny aliens that can evaporate back to their motherships, who have been coming year after year scouting and testing our weaknesses and now they have finally begun their full-scale invasion to destroy us? 198 more words


What Happened Between "Focus" and "Six Degrees of Separation"

With Focus, Will Smith’s movie career has finally come full circle. No, it’s not just that the film is a minor hit and a welcome return to form for the actor after 2013’s disastrous… 803 more words