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Congratulations Ukraine on 25 years of Independence

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

After a failed coup in Moscow Ukraine declared its independence from the USSR on this day in 1991. 114 more words

Former Soviet Republics

Rehatgaon On Independence Day

Once Gandhi said, ‘India lives in its village.’

Being a city girl I have never seen a real village, except from the windows of moving buses or trains while travelling from one city to another. 396 more words

Personal Journey

Kuiz Merdeka Malaysia - Bole Jawab Ke?


Saya Anak Malaysia.


Ye ke? Pasti?

So…. pastinya bole jawab sme soklan kat Kuiz Merdeka kan?

Kata anak Malaysia, dilahirkan kat Malaysia, tanah tumpahnya darahku…..   39 more words


The Tricolour Unfolds in NEEV Vidyalaya: 70th Independence Day Celebrations

Dear Friends,

The 70th Independence Day was celebrated at NEEV Vidyalaya under a blue sky and warm sunshine. For yet another year, the rain gods spared their downpour on August 15th; unleashing their waters a week before and a week after this day. 1,815 more words


Indonesian Independence Day: Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!

The 17th of August is a date every Indonesian remembers. It is the day Soekarno declared the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, through his reclamation. 700 more words


The Forgotten North Indians of India - Cross Border Ties That Bind

This originally in the Features section of the Lahore based weekly The Friday Times titled as ‘Where The Heart Dwells’

Their lives were uprooted in 1947. 3,218 more words