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Learn the History of the World post-ID4 (video)

It’s nearly two decades since the aliens arrived and devastated our planet, only to be fought off by forces led by US President Whitmore and his team. 88 more words


what's so exciting about finding that there may be Earth-like planets 40 lt-yrs away?

So they’ve found three Earth-like planets 40 light-years away.
So what?
It’s highly unlikely that there will be sentient life, with whom we could communicate. 359 more words


This Week's Home Video Releases Include The Era-Defining 'Easy Rider' And 'Top Gun'

Picks of the Week:
Easy Rider (Criterion)
Top Gun (Paramount)

Every once in a while, to paraphrase The Big Lebowski, there’s a movie for its time and place. 583 more words


Blu-ray Tuesdays: 5/3/16 Recommendations

New releases:


Classic releases:


Blu-ray Tuesdays

Alien in Big Sur - Dead

The creature made a move. It wasn’t much of a move, but it totally counted. It’s pale, fleshy head with almond shaped eyes (if almonds were the size of watermelons) nodded in my direction. 641 more words

Independence Day: Resurgence - Trailer

Here it is, the latest trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence

I’m excited about this, but a bit nervous too! Do we need a sequel to the film that defined cinema in the 90’s? 14 more words