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2017: The Year of Long Weekends

Throughout 2016, there has been an unusual amount of negativity surrounding the year; be it all the natural calamities, the extreme heat wave that gripped the nation, demonitization, your boss or simply your cranky neighbour who can’t seem to get over your overnight parties. 1,541 more words


Independence Day: Resurgence **1/2(Out of 4)

Consensus: Did we need a sequel to “Independence Day”? Probably not but we got one and it is as about as good as it can be. 15 more words


Independence Day Dessert

​Reposted from July 2nd 2012

This recipe comes courtesy of the brown eyed baker. I thought it would be a nice addition to our 4th of July celebration this year! 238 more words


Independence Day

Established on July 4th, 1776, our patriotic Independence Day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, recognizing that the original thirteen American colonies were no longer part of the British Empire.  11 more words


the tale of the serial thief

She can recall the sky,

Dark and teeming with mystery–

An opaque, eternal darkness lit only by the light of lanterns.

A buzz flooded through all, 361 more words

Independence Day

Independence Day

15 August 1947 is the date of the history,

But this date has changed our life like a mystery,

Many people fought for the freedom of nation , 102 more words