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3. India in the Great Depression: Forged in Fire

On Tuesday, 29 October 1929, the New York Stock Exchange opened under a cloud of fear. The market had been plummeting for the last five days and the brokers sensed that the worst was yet to come. 1,783 more words

Independence Movement

2. The Rise, the Fall and the Return of Jinnah

On 4 October 1930, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was aboard a ship called Viceroy of India, setting sail from Bombay to London, ostensibly to participate in a political conference being called by King George V. 2,604 more words

Independence Movement

1. Bose v. Gandhi: Playing for Keeps

On 29 January 1939, as Subhas Chandra Bose sipped tea at a party in Calcutta celebrating the wedding of his eldest nephew, his mind was elsewhere. 2,442 more words

Independence Movement


Mass movements like the Scottish independence movement are made up of lots of individuals like you and me. This might read like a no-brainer, but when we consider more deeply the part individuals play in social movements this apparently obvious fact begins to get a lot more complicated. 365 more words


Ghana at 60

For the past several weeks, every morning there has been drumming coming from the school near my office. Walking through town, the beats waft through the air from various schools and classes are sometimes suspended while the children arrange themselves in rows and practice marching. 656 more words

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« Le Bulozi est essentiellement le Québec de la Zambie »

C’est ainsi qu’une collègue canadienne avait décrit cette région lors de ma première visite ici.

Mais ça veut dire quoi, exactement?

Dans certains sens on voit facilement le lien. 616 more words