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Decorating Your Home for Cheap

I will probably never stop talking about thrift stores. They’re so much cheaper than buying anything new, and most of the time, they’re just as good! 481 more words


Nothing to see

Despite some mid-morning panic due to bus alterations I made it to the Glasgow March for Indy. There was a few of us on the bus, including a nice lady from Edinburgh who asked me for directions to the Botanic Gardens. 558 more words


2014: Nomads

it’s 2014, high june

i tour to toronto

i am not a rock star

i will not become a rock star

but i am paid to make poems. 268 more words


The United Irishmen... #1798

The United Irishmen laboured for nothing but civil and religious liberty for Irishmen of all persuasions and for the independence of the country.

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2akKYhF



Today is Independence Day in Vanuatu and the country is turning 36 years old. And it is a big deal here! The day’s festivities centre on Independence Park, the first place the Vanuatu flag was raised after the country gained independence in 1980 from the joint rule of the British and French governments (an arrangement known as the Condominium)  of what was then called the New Hebrides. 475 more words

Pear Tree

Pear Tree
The house

At 726 Rutger Street

Had an old pear tree in the back yard
Trunk twisted,

Like God had reached down

And spun the body while the roots were set… 446 more words