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Life Insurance Is For Those You Love

A lot of people put off purchasing life insurance because it seems like a hassle. You don’t want to do any sort of medical appointment. It’s an extra expense. 212 more words

Farmers Insurance

SNP victory could split Britain


…To the SNP, the next general election is just a staging post. Winning a majority of Scottish seats would be an excellent start, but influencing the governance of the UK is of relatively minor importance.

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1918 and The Repeating of British Electoral History

One of the finest pieces of analysis on the general election campaign emerged from Alex Massie in The Spectator this week. The article contains various points of interest but one that got me stroking my barely noticeable stubble was Massie’s comparison of the SNP’s predicted electoral landslide and the historical electoral landslide by Sinn Féin in 1918. 727 more words

Google dedica ‘doodle’ a la Independencia Republica Dominicana




Google dedica ‘doodle’ a la Independencia Republica Dominicana

SANTO DOMINGO, República Dominicana.- Este viernes 27 de Febrero el buscador más famoso de la internet “Google” conmemora  los 171 años de la Independencia de la República Dominicana, dedicando su logo “doodle” (imagen de inicio) a la libertad de nuestro país. 593 more words



Its been a hectic couple of weeks…what with the submission of my thesis proposal and all. Yes graduate school is no child’s play. I am glad that I can still get some time to write and today I want to talk about a topic that has been on my mind because of my thesis, TRANSITIONS!!! 643 more words


Timely Observations by Tocqueville

  By: Susan Bea Good

Alexis de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America” was inspired by the Frenchman’s journey through the United States in 1831. A translated and revised edition boasts eight hundred pages!…not an easy read, but on the schedule for my tenth grader’s homeschool transcript. 472 more words


On trust

Sometimes it’s hard to trust the light
that it’s enough, that it’ll stay
so I insist on using my tiny flashlight, my way –
no matter: the light keeps on shining… 6 more words