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It has been a bit of a struggle this school year in dealing with Mario and his voracious streak of independence. Actually, let me strike the word “struggle” and change it to the word “battle.” 1,215 more words


The More You Look, The More You Will See

That’s the slogan I saw on a billboard walking down to the train station. It was an advert for an alcoholic beverage. Now I ask myself, how does this even relate? 294 more words

What's the Meaning of Your Biz?

Why should we manage our own biz?  What meaning does it have?

As I look at rewriting the Biz of You book, I’ve been asking myself these question over and over.   388 more words

Valued Causes

Green, White and Happy

Do you have one of those places that are just like home? When you want to have fun, spend time with your friends or just disappear, you always flock to that special place because it’s your safe haven and you love every minute of it. 445 more words

The Push For Early Independence: Hogwash

There’s a lot of social pressure to raise an “independent” child these days…

“Let the baby cry it out. You need time for you.”

“Is the baby sleeping in his crib yet?” 699 more words

Happy Independence Day, Ira.

Dear Ira

Since, mamma wrote to you last week on Independence Day (http://madhurimadas.blogspot.in/2016/08/freedom-deciphered-ira-way.html), i have been thinking about freedom and how you are going to view it. 279 more words

Desperately Seeking Solace

My need to fill the space in time that I spend lost in my thoughts is swallowed by meaningless messages from strangers. Far safer then actual encountets, I can hide behind the safety of the Internet while I chat with them…The need for dependant validation exceedingly obvious. 309 more words