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Now I have to wait until I'm independent!

I remember the day I decided to be honest with Mom.
I was going to tell her I was not going to eat broccoli anymore. 152 more words

What’s the Difference...?

…between Martin Luther King, Jr., and Barack Obama ?

Martin Luther King believed in his heritage—as an American.

He believed that every person born in America inherited the full rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States. 456 more words

On literature, existence, and Feminism

She was there.

A most important literary breakthrough of the presence of the female character.
For it implies that she has become. As if coming out of the mist. 174 more words


Montessori Monday

Here is another great quote about independence!

Common Weal's White Paper 1

Last Saturday along with around 800 others I attended the Scottish Independence Convention’s conference on preparing for the next indy referendum. A lot of very interesting and challenging points were raised and I thank SIC for organising the event. 869 more words


"BREAKING NEWS: There will be no Ghana @ 60 celebrations."

I would be elated to see this headline in the newspapers over the next couple of months.

Ghana turns 60 on 6th March, 2017; 60 years since we gained independence from colonial leaders in 1957. 363 more words


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Spending Time on Strengths

Everyone is their own worst critic and we often have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. While we challenge those expectations in college, it’s important to keep it real and use our time in school wisely. 411 more words