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Support for People with Disabilities

In mid-March I received an email requesting that I post the following supportive links for people with disabilities. It has taken far too long for me to post them for a variety of reasons. 122 more words

Physical Disability

After GE2017

There are perhaps three possible outcomes to the June General Election.

The Tories may lose their overall majority. We live in strange unpredictable times so this is not impossible. 86 more words



Bittersweet thoughts of how gaining an adult is losing a child.

Childish laughter echoes in the night,

It fills the morning with its music bright, 55 more words


The Gender Anatomy

I’ve been watching movie after movie with a hero dissecting a piece of information or a case or something important to mankind, and a woman is at his aide, being the one to loosen him up, to be the “support”, or be the extra in his life where he takes all these important decisions. 514 more words


When you want to grow up but everyone else has a problem with it.

Just Things

Snow Whites

Snow Whites

On a bed of green

Waiting for the prince

Will he dare to be kissed

By hearts flaming with liberté?


Pride and Prejudice, Fear and Loathing: A 'Why' for the 'Classics' of Scottish Unionism

In a week that has seen powdered substances sent to SNP politicians, in order to spread fear and concern, in what you might describe as a low-level act of terrorism, there has also been vandalism of SNP paraphernalia by ever more desperate Unionists, who are finding Indy supporters much harder to bait than in 2014. 1,926 more words