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Masculinities and an independent Scotland

I spent four years researching the effects of planners’ masculinities on the rebuilding of Britain after the devastation of the Second World War. Scotland is not emerging from a conflict but it does feel as if it is on the cusp of a monumental change that requires us to consider the influences that shape the planning of an independent nation. 426 more words


A Face without Egg, but Still Cracked

Sometimes I am on the cusp of losing my cool with my children in spectacular fashion, particularly with my upcoming threenager. But, I’ve learned something about myself as Little Man continues to develop a personality all his own…exploring the world in his individual ways. 887 more words

Child Misbehavior

An offer to make the world better.

If you are afraid:

-to enter a restroom because your gender doesn’t match your biology

-to pray in public

-to speak your native language

-because you came from a different country… 194 more words

Current Issues

Only now do I realise the absurdity. Believing in your own independence when your daily dose of happiness was hooked to them… You don’t depend on anyone. 14 more words


Why I'm choosing to be single this semester

All through high school and then through my first half of my freshman year of college, I’ve had boyfriends. Now when I commit, I commit. My shortest relationship was about 3 months long, and that’s the only one that’s been less than a year. 1,029 more words

Fuzzy Feelings and Blurry Pictures

Yesterday was a magical day all around. A warm February day, warm enough for me to wear shorts comfortably, I did some homework outside, my time at the gym felt incredible, I painted (!!!), did some yoga with Alex, and had an unexpected visitor (yes, the one I write about all the time). 860 more words



prior to the waves

washing out, my eyes capture

your BABY footprints

first steps of independence

always engraved in my heart


image courtesy pixabay.com