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Dublin In the Rare Old Times

By Aine McDonnell

Ring a ring a rosie, as the light declines. I remember Dublin city in the rare ould times

This is the chorus of a song that reminds me of the city that has in many ways shaped my life and who I have become. 466 more words

Monday Insights: Need A Hand?

Sometimes it’s tough to accept help from others.

This is especially true if you’re accustomed to being rather independent and doing things for yourself. It can be difficult to allow others to reach out and give assistance when we need it. 337 more words

Jackie Jones

Tipping the Balance

I wrote this piece and submitted it to a Modern Love Essay Contest for the New York Times. Unfortunately I did not win, but regardless, the story remains true. 1,757 more words


To grow is to celebrate

Today, 27 April 2015, South Africa celebrates 21 years of Freedom from the Apartheid government which came to an end in 1994. I was young, but I imagine the whole world rallying behind Nelson Mandela and the rest of previously oppressed South Africans as they went to the polls for the first time to democratically elect their president. 620 more words

From Morocco to USA

saying goodbye wasn’t really hard for me, i was so excited about leaving home (Morocco) and going abroad.

Independence, that’s all what i was thinking about. 589 more words


Senioritis- It's a real thing

As I sit here scrolling through Instagram, it is flooded with prom and senior pictures! Even better, endless tweets of 12th graders with the case of senioritis. 1,051 more words