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Peer Pressure

Do your ‘friends’ convince you to do things you don’t agree with? Or things you don’t want to do?

Mine try to. I have never been one to follow what everyone else was doing in high school. 201 more words

Thoughts On The World

Amazing Yet Unknown Facts About INDIA

Growing India…

India’s economy will quadruple in next 10 years according to Goldman & Sach .

We have grown by over 8% in last few years and with the same growth rate, India shall very soon become a global superpower (In fact it already is.. 329 more words


Trying Something New? Deal with the Discomfort

Experiencing the discomfort of trying something new is not fun. Surely you can think of numerous times you have avoided doing something because you didn’t want to feel the discomfort. 474 more words


Written by the Victors.

It is often said, that history, is written by the Victors. But to what extent is that credible? Recently, Lee Kwan Yew, widely regarded as the father of Singapore, passed away on March 23rd 2015 at the age of 91. 309 more words


Independence Police ID fatal hit-and-run victim

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Police have identified the victim of a deadly hit-and-run incident in Independence on Friday night.

Aaron C. Overman, 34, of Buckner, Missouri, was killed when the car he was driving was struck from behind by a truck while he stopped at a red light at the intersection of US 24 and Blue Mills around 9:15 on Friday night. 136 more words




My post this week was going to be about Spring cleaning, but it will have to wait. For some reason I cannot stop finding the opinionated, headline making, soon to be pop culture icon Amber Rose interesting. 657 more words


Another mistake/lesson learned: Boy and Sex (Part 3: Final Part)

If you guys haven’t read part one and two, please check out my blog for them!

Continuing on, after my weird discharges and what have you not, all he cared about was me not saying his name, or involving him in the situation. 224 more words