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In-Dependence Day

Every year I look forward to July, mainly because my birthday is in July, but most other people living in America get excited for Independence Day on July 4th. 516 more words


Look Out World! She's Off the Leash

I use the term “leash” loosely as I have never tethered my children to anything. This is not to say that I have never considered it because EVERY parent has. 646 more words


The sheer frustration of growing up.

This might be a rant, and I apologize in advance… In my 24 years of living, I’ve had the pleasure of moving out of my parents’ house three times. 403 more words


tatted and moving forward

this summer has been a time of transition for me, a time of moving forward and realizing my self worth. i’ve been on my own my whole life, and only child with supportive parents is never exactly 100% alone, but it sure felt that way. 155 more words


Challenge three – Spend a day without my phone

I like many people in the modern day world am far more attached to my phone than I would probably care to admit.  So even mention the concept of not having it for a large period of time and I’d be in fits of panic.  560 more words


Who Picks Up the Check?

Dear T,

Quick question for you.  I’m a man and I’ve started dating men, but I’m slightly confused about the gay dating protocol.   Since we are two men, who pays when we go out? 

761 more words

What My Birthday Reveals About My True Personality and Destiny (Because A Book Told Me So)

I’m not into astrology. I mean what I should say is, I don’t believe in it, but I think it’s fun and can provide harmless and old-fashioned entertainment. 2,025 more words