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Yes, I like traveling alone.

If there’s one thing in this world that will give you your independence and make you truly feel like a grown up, it is traveling…. by yourself. 473 more words


People Do Not Make Sense

I have been in a different head space as of late, it is not entirely new space for me but it is fresh and constantly at the surface as I dive into critical feminist theory. 895 more words


[Archived Post] Enlargement from Within - Fragmenting Europe or Integrating Europe?

This blog post has been archived here for reference and was originally published on the 28th September 2014 via Assessing Accession: http://grou.ps/assessingaccession/blogs/item/enlargement-from-within-fragmenting-europe-or-integrating-europe.  It was published in the aftermath of the original 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. 2,514 more words

European Union

Quite a Quote

By remaining cool and reasonable Bolívar retained his panoply of power. At the same time he reminded Santander of his place in the hierarchy of the revolution: ‘It is an honour that two of my friends and assistants have emerged as two prodigies…. 50 more words


The Right of Body Autonomy

Sometimes, when you have a disability, other people feel that they have a right to control or affect your body in ways that are unnecessary, unhelpful, and at times even painful, emotionally and physically. 534 more words


Decisional Capacity and Short Term Memory Loss

I’m working with two older adults who have seemingly lost their short term memory and are unable to manage their calendars. They haven’t been diagnosed with anything more than mild cognitive impairment but since their kids aren’t local, I have been hired to help pay bills and manage the cash flow. 292 more words

A Day In The Life Of Dementia

On control and other myths...

Nine years ago, Oscar-nominated film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, debuted.  The story was certainly curious.  The main character was born as an elderly person and then aged in reverse over the duration of the movie.  486 more words