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I Washed My Face In the Morning Dew

When I was a young boy, growing into a teenager and then young adult, my late brother, Kenny, used to let me listen to his album collection. 490 more words

Cliff Harrison

Story #19: One Drunk Afternoon (The Anonymous Anecdotes Project)

It took me numerous days to decide which story to tell. Not that I had a lot of them but yes if you think deep and metaphorically, everything does seem pretty. 580 more words



Fourth of July.

Just around the corner.

Next Tuesday, in fact.

Supposed to be in the 90s.

Hot and dry.

That’s Texas weather for ya. 215 more words

Physical Disability Assistance

Support with daily chores in the home that are proving difficult:

  • Support with eating and drinking including Gastro Feeding

India at 70

This year marks the 70th year of India’s independence.

Since 1947, India has grown to become one of the world’s largest economies. It has become self-sufficient in food production, developed a space program and created a large skilled, middle-class. 255 more words

The challenges of (in)dependence

By Caitlin Kelly

I’ve been gone from my home near New York City since June 2 and won’t be back from Europe until July 19; apart from two weeks with husband and friends, and 3 days with others, I’m on my own. 794 more words


12/3/2016: Wilderness

God, give us a break, please.
But what you have is better. I’m sorry, but it’s for the better. I’m sorry not because I’m doing it but because I know you won’t like it. 142 more words

Learning By Keyboard