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Episode 27: Third Party Presidential Politics with Chris Younce

Man, was I talking fast at the beginning of this episode. But I had a good reason: With everyone talking about the possibility of a third party crashing the Presidential vote this November, … 120 more words


Attention Independent Candidates - Time's Up in Texas

The deadline for independent candidates to get on the ballot in Texas passed yesterday without any action.  An independent presidential candidate would have had to present petitions with almost 80,000 signatures of registered voters who did not participate in either the Democratic or Republican primary in March.  39 more words

Texas News

Angry Voters and the Two-Party Betrayal: Trump/Sanders

Interesting thing: This presidential elections are showing without a doubt that the most important element dividing the 99% is the two-party system.

When you look at the two ‘outsiders’ in the primaries, Trump and Sanders, you can see that their respective supporters are complaining about the same problems: the proposed solutions is what  separates them…and the degree of racism and of lack of class-identification. 699 more words

2016 Elections

The School of Hard Knocks, Part 1

BACK in February of 2012 I was working on a consulting engagement with a long daily commute, which gives you a lot of time for thinking. 647 more words

2012 Election

Lessons from North Sydney for minor players

27 December 2015

Both sides of politics have much to think about as a new year dawns.  With a Federal election coming next year, the Turnbull Coalition Government looks assured of victory, with the Opposition looking unelectable, at least as far as opinion polls go.   867 more words

Can 'Independents' get into Parliament?

West Hill or Westminster? An Independent’s Quest by Philip Algar, £9.99 from the author at Devon House, West Hill, Ottery St. Mary EX11 1UY.  375 more words

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Greening Your City and State, Starting This Election

Duty to Warn

 Gary G. Kohls, MD

Consider Voting for Candidates who are Listening to Bernie Sanders and Adhering to Green Party Ethical Values

“Those who take oaths to politically powerful secret societies cannot be depended on for loyalty to a democratic republic.” … 1,979 more words