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High Dry Country

Northern Nevada. Almost 4,000 feet above sea level. Scrubland that doesn’t hold a bit of moisture, except in occasional crevices where the sun doesn’t get to most of the day. 1,828 more words

Dragon Redemption - Part 7

Nureme’s aimless flight from Kibeck had brought her to her father’s inner chambers, and to the tooth of the Stormdrake, which held the power to fend of the legions of Dragonkind–or end her father’s kingdom. 672 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Where the Streets Have No Name - Part 3

The flame didn’t hurt at all. In fact, she couldn’t feel anything. Granted, a thick protective glove surrounded her hand, but as the blue flames licked her outstretched fingers, Angela should’ve felt… 681 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Book Review: The God Particle by Daniel Danser

Delving back into my pile of indie-reviewed work after not reading much for the last month or so, I decided to kick off the coming spring season with this interesting-sounding conspiracy thriller based on some very topical events. 407 more words

Book Review

Book Review: Better Off Dead by Matthew Rowe

Imagine a far-flung future London (Londinium) where humans are as rare as Inuits are today in the same city. Imagine one where Supernaturals are the norm – vampires (which thankfully do not sparkle), werewolves, zombies etc. 395 more words

Book Review