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Writing Diary - The Things We Lose

So here’s a slight change of plan; in between polishing off draft 1 of Perpetrators (and contemplating how the hell I’m going to even consider filming it!) I’ve decided to pick up an older script that I’ve been playing with for around five years now. 339 more words


Michael Glover Smith interviews "Mad" filmmaker Robert Putka on TimeOut Chicago

The 2016 comedy/drama Mad is an auspicious, uncommonly sharp debut feature from the young Cleveland-based writer and director Robert Putka. The independently produced film, which centers on a mentally ill mother’s relationship with her two adult daughters, traveled far and wide on the festival circuit last year and was picked up for distribution by the Orchard. 71 more words


New reviews of "Patriots Day" and "20th Century Women" on Movies and Shakers


Is it too soon for the movie Patriots Day? The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing is still a fresh wound, but Writer Director Peter Berg (Deepwater Horizon) and Boston native, Producer/Star, Mark Wahlberg forged ahead because the wanted to honor Boston. 106 more words


Joel Wicklund reviews and eulogizes "Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds" for Chicagoist

Unexpected death will, for a while, color anything related to the deceased. So the HBO documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will certainly have a very different, much more bittersweet flavor when it’s broadcast Saturday night than when it played at film festivals last year. 107 more words


Three new reviews from Pamela Powell on Reel Honest Reviews


Hungarian writer and director Kristof Deak’s short film “Sing” has been short-listed for the Academy Awards this year and with good reason.  This beautifully poignant film creates a rich and multi-layered story that captures your heart and gives you hope in our youth and community.   201 more words


Pamela Powell interviews Chris Cordone of "Stevie D" on Reel Honest Reviews

“Stevie D,” an unusual crime drama full of ironic humor is now available on demand via all digital platforms.  Chris Cordone, writer, director and dual-role star of this film sat down to talk with me about how he went from a baseball playing athlete at Wake Forest University, to Wall St., to Hollywood.  31 more words