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The Unimaginable

Life has been so full with acting lately, I’ve hardly had a moment to catch my breath! It’s been all parts exciting, and I wanted to share my latest project. 157 more words

Freedom River (1971)

This Short Film Month of October continues with a more recent film than previous entries. This time we turn our focus onto a very short and at first sight insignificant little animation that turns out to have layers of depth and meaning in it. 442 more words

Internet Archive

PREMIERE of Love on The Prairies

A documentary I made last year after getting married, just premiered in Winnipeg earlier this October as part of Reel Pride Film Festival.
I made Love on The Prairies to bring light to the homophobic backlash my kid sister faced in the workplace upon returning from my wedding.

Noelle Duddridge

On David Krippendorff's Nothing Escapes My Eyes

Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Aida premiered at the Khedivial Opera House in Cairo on December 24, 1871. A century and a half later, David Krippendorff sets his film  114 more words


The Book of Eli is Underrated

The Book of Eli is one of those artistic and stylistic films that offers a straightforward and nearly biblical story of a man trying to deliver the last Bible on earth to a safe haven, but this film is widely overlooked. 333 more words