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Penny for the Guy (2015)

On average, how many homeless people do we walk past in a week? 1? 5? 10? Hundreds for a large city? Does it ever occur to us when we walk past one that they are there for a reason? 522 more words


1995 Project: Kicking and Screaming

2015 might go down in the history books as the year I officially became a Noah Baumbach fan. Don’t be afraid, I’m not delusional, I’m talking about my personal history. 750 more words


Good girls Always fall for bad boys | Indiegogo

Please check out our indiegogo campaign for our upcoming film “Good Girls Always Fall For Bad Boys” please read the bio and check out the teaser clip. 21 more words

VENDETTA GAMES Opening Sequence Behind the Scenes Video

Here’s the all new behind the scenes look at the Vendetta Games opening scene which will debut online next week! We introduce our crew as well as the additional cast involved in the film. 75 more words

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THE MIDNIGHT SWIM Review: Choppy Waters

I’ve always been fascinated by horror-themed urban legends.  Although the details change from retelling to retelling (and surely each varies greatly from its original incarnation), the core sense of fear is always present, whether borne from the ramifications of saying “Bloody Mary” in a mirror three times, the terror of an impending impalement by a man with a hook for a hand, or the panic of learning the mysterious call is coming from inside the house. 848 more words

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Why 'write what you know' is the best advice you'll ever hear.

In terms of advice handed to potential scribes, be they of the book or screenplay variety, ’write what you know’ is fairly standard fare.

Ironically, it’s a piece of guidance which is often ignored by those starting out on the rocky road of penmanship but the reality is that there are very sound reasons why it should be at number one in the newbies ‘take on board’ list. 441 more words


28th June - Press Article from overseas!

Good Morning Max Payne Retribution Fans!

A little write up we found on us on GamrRage in France, which is so amazing to know we have fans already outside of the UK! 10 more words

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