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Independent Learning in Psychology

A great display board up in Psychology that encourages students to engage in independent learning.

New to the school I expected students to be familiar with the ideas of tasks outside of the classroom – some call it ‘homework’ but I prefer to refer to it as independent learning. 281 more words

Independent Learning

Who's responsible for my students' folders?

is not the fault of the teachers – they work only too hard already.  The combined folly of a civilisation that has forgotten its own roots is forcing them to shore up the tottering weight of an educational structure that is built on sand.  

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Blog of the Week! An excellent read - alongside Roger Loxley's earlier post.

Cultivating Independence in our Students - a practical resource

It seems like it was quite a long time ago that I last stood in front of a class of students and, in many ways, I am quite looking forward to doing so again this week. 509 more words

Independent Learning

Three Before Me

As a teacher, I love questions. I like to think that the questions my students ask in class are the result of curious, interested minds working over time, digesting information, internalizing learning and forging new synaptic links across the hemispheres of their brain, whilst simultaneously furthering their thinking beyond the scope of the exam specification and producing a corker of a question that I cannot answer on the spot. 563 more words

Teaching Tip

'Quick wins' #3 - 'Roll a plenary'

Why? Plenaries should be one of the most important parts of a lesson where the teacher assesses the progress students have made during the lesson and begins to plan the direction of future lessons. 201 more words


'Quick wins' #1 - Question tokens.

First in a series of posts about quick wins in the classroom. The aim of these posts is to provide teachers with ideas that can be tried in their classroom with minimal preparation time. 272 more words