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Is Independent Living in a Jam?

Disability Rights UK Deputy CEO Sue Bott reflects on the current concerns about social care funding

Penny Pepper writing in the Guardian reflects on how her Christmas experience was transformed by independent living when finally, in 1995 she secured the funds from her local authority to be able to employ her own personal assistant and go Christmas shopping without her mum. 441 more words


Welsh government has ‘sold disabled people down the river’ on post-ILF plans


The ruling Labour government in Wales has been accused of “selling disabled people down the river”, after deciding that local authorities will be handed all financial responsibility for supporting former recipients of the Independent Living Fund (ILF). 831 more words

ILF closure cuts report produces instant results from Labour and Greens | DisabledGo News and Blog

Senior figures in the Labour and Green parties have pledged to introduce a national, free, needs-led system of support, after a report showed that the Independent Living Fund’s (ILF) closure resulted in “substantial” cuts to disabled people’s care packages. 137 more words


Message to disabled people regarding Owen Smith MPs Leadership bid

I have copied this statement from Liza Van Zyl, a disability rights activist who has highlighted the Tory-lite mantra of Owen Smith MP who wants to get Labour elected at any cost, even if this means morphing into a right-wing media whore with no substance. 582 more words

Message of support to Jeremy Corbyn

A few weeks ago I emailed Ellen Clifford from Disabled People Against Cuts after she called for assistance with a report she is writing on the impact of the closure of the Independent Living Fund. 535 more words

What now after all the bile and hate?

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,473

Friday 24 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I don’t suppose all the referendum sound and the fury is over yet, it seems a whole lot of rage and bile has been released over a lot of mights and maybe’s and don’t we just love a good fight over anything that is largely conjecture. 537 more words

Keith Lindsay-Cameron