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Ted Rall | Before Trump, the Media Loved “Alternative Facts”

Editors and producers are guilty of many sins. For my money, however, the biggest and lying-est are the big lies of omission that leave important facts unknown to the public for years and even decades, result in many deaths, and let the perpetrators off the hook both legally and historically.    999 more words


Support Independent Media: The attack of the big G spot!

The big G spot! Strategies and tactics to avoid SEO golden showers from TPTB.

This video is a brief discussion of the recent coca-colaing = censorship of the alt media by the bit G spot. 776 more words


Blogs May Rival the Mainstream Media

Over a decade ago, two bloggers proved that investigative journalism isn’t reserved for the mainstream media. In 2004, Scott Johnson and Charles Johnson became whistle-blowers, questioning… 341 more words

60 Minutes

Fundraiser 2017

Please donate to The International Reporter fundraiser for the first quarter of 2017! All donations, large and small are most gratefully received so that we can keep this site up and running and keep the Independent Media alive and kicking in the face of all the “fake news”that confronts us on a daily basis.  48 more words

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Changing iScotland’s Approach to the Media

by Jeggit

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Speaking at the Scottish Independence Convention at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow on Saturday The National’s consulting editor Richard Walker had some challenging words for the Yes movement regarding our approaches to the media. 866 more words


Give a Gift to Scotland in 2017

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Scotland’s pro-independence politicians and parties are doing an outstanding job. The Scottish government has prioritised policies geared towards transforming this country from the festering backwater to which Westminster had tried to reduce it into a fairer, more competitive, and socially just society. 422 more words


2017: The Year the American People Disconnect the Old Media

Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

On the 5 January, 2017 edition of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, my good friend and brother in Christ, Jon Robberson, made a call for people to send in their predictions of what this next year holds to the Hagmann and Hagmann studio. 1,624 more words