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TED Talk on Mainstream Media - Human Rights

I was clicking around YouTube looking at a TED talk to watch and I came across this interesting video.

In it, Harry Fear, an English broadcast journalist discusses the realities of the mainstream media. 218 more words

John Oliver Takes a Stab at Net Neutrality

The FCC’s net neutrality proposal, and conversations concerning the proposal led to John Oliver speaking out about how boring the discussions are. However, the issue itself is of optimal importance and needs to be addressed. 137 more words

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Russell Brand Puts Stardom to Good Use

Actor Russell Brand is speaking out against what he sees wrong with politics. BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman conducted the interview, and Brand was very witty and comical with his stances. 135 more words

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The Izzy's

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Izzy Awards at Ithaca College, where Naomi Klein and David Sirota were honored for their exemplary contributions to independent journalism. 397 more words


Baristanet: An Entrepreneurial Success Story

In “Entrepreneurial Lessons,” by journalism professor Jeff Jarvis, he discusses being a judge at an entrepreneurial journalism competition. After providing many tips for entrepreneurs and journalists themselves, he emphasizes how glad he was that young journalists were taking business seriously: “Journalistic entrepreneurship is not an oxymoron. 355 more words

Civil Society, Digital Security, and Surveillance with Equalitie


Today we sit down with co-founder of eQualit.ie, Dmitri, and discuss the work of eQualit.ie and how ordinary people and independent journalists can protect themselves from everything from DDOS attacks to state surveillance. 9 more words


Media Appearances and Thoughts on Them

My interview on The G-Man Interviews is available on Youtube. Thanks, G-Man, for talking to me.

Immediately after the interview was recorded, I feared that I may have been unclear on one or two factual statements. 864 more words