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The News Lens raises Series B to challenge Asia's traditional media companies

The News Lens, an online journalism startup that aims to be the voice of reason in Asia’s raucous media landscape, will focus on creating more original video content after landing a Series B round. 605 more words


Time to support a free and independent press

We all knew when Trump was running for office that he holds a dim view of the press. Since being sworn into office just over one month ago now, he’s taken his disliking to a whole new level by regularly attacking the press, and this past week a number of news organisations, including The Guardian, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, Politico and BBC were excluded from attending a White House gaggle. 875 more words


Independent Media

How do the “little guys” work differently than mainstream media?


This week we sat down with local independent media people Anastasia Chipelski, Kevin Settee and Anna Sigrithur to talk about the responsibilities in producing media, the freedoms independent media has, and what independent media does for fostering community. 104 more words

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Mike Adams’ NaturalNews restored by Google After Massive Takedown

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com | JonRappoport.wordpress.com
Jon Rappoport
March 1, 2017

For six days, Google shut down all listings for Natural News.

Google gave no rational explanation. Then, again with no comprehensible reason, Google restored Natural News. 1,175 more words


Can donor-funded newsrooms be truly independent?

By Anya Schiffrin , Source : Columbia Journalism Review

Just as we look at the influence of advertisers on newsroom independence, we also need to consider the new donors who give funding tied to coverage of specific issues and so determine the kinds of beats that get covered. 1,069 more words

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Mike Adams, Alex Jones Attacked… Is it a Prelude to a False Flag Event Targeting Trump?

By Thomas Dishaw – Natural News

(Natural News) As most of you are aware, last week we witnessed massive attacks on independent media. Alex Jones, who is by far the leading voice in the war against tyranny, … 478 more words

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Ted Rall | Before Trump, the Media Loved “Alternative Facts”

Editors and producers are guilty of many sins. For my money, however, the biggest and lying-est are the big lies of omission that leave important facts unknown to the public for years and even decades, result in many deaths, and let the perpetrators off the hook both legally and historically.    999 more words