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Internet Monopolies

You would think that in America, the country that practically invented the internet, would rank at least in the top 10 when it comes to speed. 272 more words

People are Blocking

It is no secret that in some countries, even the United States, things no the internet are being blocked. Are we really surprised considering how much is available on the Internet. 513 more words

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Journalism Start Up

Digital Publisher Adam Westbrook posted, If the future of journalism is indeed entrepreneurial, we have to start thinking with a business hat on.” Within this digital space, journalists have the unique ability to create a start-up of their own and in some cases, make money on it. 156 more words

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Journalism or Activism

Activism is big right now.  We are in a time where social activism is as popular as it was in the 60’s and maybe even more so.   538 more words

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Bring Back PBS

Public broadcasting. Something most people associate with everyone’s favorite entertaining and educational channel, PBS.

What some may not know is that public broadcasting started as a way to give a voice to the voiceless; in other words, they wanted to do things in a journalistic way.   501 more words

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Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy

The first bullet in the SPJ Code of Ethics says, “Journalists should take responsibility for the accuracy of their work.  Verify information before releasing it.  Use original sources whenever possible.” 397 more words

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The Gullible Generation

The internet has brought about many great things, as I’ve written about before. It’s given access to activists and independent outlets. But because it allows everyone to have a voice, people can say whatever they want… including things that aren’t true. 274 more words

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