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We Censor Here, Too

In China, Google can block the searching of your name if you’re considered to be a revolutionary. That was the case of pro-democracy professor Guo Kwan, who raised his voice against that discrimination in 2008. 528 more words

The Importance of Online Coverage of Hyperlocal News

In 2008, journalist Mark Bunster started a debate by claiming that he, a blogger, could sit in on executive sessions. “As the author of political blog Loaded Orygun, Bunster insisted at a Lake Oswego City Council meeting that he was a member of the news media and therefore, under Oregon statute, allowed to sit in on executive session meetings,” wrote… 531 more words

Statement from Action in Dahlonega: Dahlonega Nugget Cover Story Reinforces Oppressive Attitudes

Here’s a statement from the local Action in Dahlonega collective about the ongoing controversy around the University of North Georgia’s continuing education catalog and its implicit racist and sexist attitudes: 483 more words

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William Jacobson's Legal Insurrection: Keys to Successful Blogging

Legal Insurrection started as a self-run blog with just one writer on staff, but it has now evolved to a website that reaches an average of 31,000 viewers per day. 241 more words

Independent Media

College Insurrection: Lessons from a Veteran Blogger

Today William Jacobson, creator of the acclaimed conservative blog Legal Insurrection, visited my Independent Media class and provided us with a wealth of information. 390 more words

Funding the News

The independent media often depends upon financial support from their audience, most independent media outlets will request their viewers to donate money to support different news ventures or they will have a prominent… 359 more words


Bloggers Not So Newsy

Blogging – web logging – gained significant headway at the turn of the century when people discovered that they could take to the internet to vent about their frustration with the way the media was covering current events and maybe even do a better job at covering those events. 282 more words