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Tempted to Touch #Pre-order #Special

The paperback version of Tempted to Touch is now available for pre-order on the Inheritance Books website. That’s right we’re sticking it to the man and bringing it to people. 230 more words

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New Theme.......Long-form Writing Coming Soon

I decided to try out the new Independent Publisher theme.  How do you like it?  I thought it would better display my “in the works” long-form writing.   40 more words


Antidote to Ebook rip offs

 I love my Kindle. It’s small and light, easily fitting in my handbag, yet can hold zillions (OK, slight exaggeration) of books. It doesn’t slam shut while I eat my breakfast. 470 more words

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The Evolution of Self-Publishing And Why You Should Keep At It

Sometimes the self-publishing game can be quite discouraging.

We write a mediocre novel, give it to beta readers, focus groups, writing groups, and make it better.   550 more words


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My word for it is swamp. You struggle with the vines, unseen in the endless murk, hoping to surface enough to catch a ray of sunshine. Roger Colby, independent author, English teacher, and father of four, uses kinder terminology such as "sea" and "ocean" to describe the glut of books, many of them self-published, hitting the market and making it harder than ever for authors to get noticed. For an independent author, the book process can quickly grow into a black hole. Energy goes in but nothing comes back. For this reason, I have redefined my goals and taken back the joy of writing, keeping well clear of that black hole’s gravity. Here is Roger Colby’s wonderful article on The Evolution of Self-Publishing And Why You Should Keep At It:

Vlog 8 - Inside "frankly TWISTED": the lost files

“frankly TWISTED”: the lost files is the forthcoming novel by Kevin Eleven. In this vlog post, Kevin Eleven talks a little bit about his thoughts in making the book as well as what inspired him enough to get him penning fictional tales of his own. 33 more words

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Five Tips for Budding Interns

Our Marketing Assistant, Jess, shares some tips for people seeking work experience in the publishing industry.

I’ve been lucky enough to witness both ends of the spectrum in the publishing industry; I’ve been an intern, and I’ve met several interns since I started working for Seren in December 2014. 852 more words

Happy Independence Day: The Value of Independent Publishing

Channel View Publications/Multilingual Matters is proud to be an independent publisher. But what exactly is independent publishing and why is it so important?

There are many different definitions of an independent publisher, and starting with the definition offered by the Independent Publishers Guild in the UK, members range from the author who publishes his or her own work, through to companies as sizeable as Bloomsbury or Sage, or indeed Cambridge University Press. 778 more words