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India Arie sings, “I am not my hair… I am not your expectations no no, I am not my hair… I am a soul that lives within… 1,329 more words

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A month to 40 and the whisper of a new life calls to me. I feel the gentle brush of the soft lips of change happen on my soul; life stirs in me and awakens love in me, a month to 40. 109 more words

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The truth of our souls

We spin yarns and tales, we tell stories, stories that are of the past and not of the present. Stories that reek of human weakness in all its forms. 197 more words

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Her soul burns, it burns with anger. She bleeds and cries out in pain but no one hears her. She hides her face from the darkness of night, a darkness that follows her in the light. 147 more words

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… I come into this world, through pain but in the midst of joy and hope.

I come into this world covered in her life. She breathes and feeds life into me. 82 more words

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The Sun Shines

It is morning and the world is awake, the sun shines bright through the trees. The trees reach out joyously, flowers dance in the morning light. 121 more words

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Why do we publish some of our books in hardback only?

As a small, independent publisher we are fortunate that most of our publishing decisions can come from the heart (‘do I like this book?’ ‘is it important?’ ‘is it new?’) rather than the head (‘will it make money for our shareholders?’ ‘will it help me hit targets?’). 813 more words