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Are you lost ?

When somethings happens to you when you lost, when you afraid, when you betrayed, when you broke & when you alone.That’s when your mindset change in the way that you get a better perspective to be a different observer than you ever been, you start to see the things that you ever haven’t seen and that’s when you get ready to change & to accept the change and becomes someone else who do not afraid to lose, to betrayed, to broke, to be alone and to be a leader of your own .

Neha- a flame


Three ululations is all I got?

Riririri! whoop! yippee!

Three ululations is all I got, not five, three.

I was one of the many, so I guess I was enough.

Sweet as spice, coloured by the night, unboxed, I was enough. 104 more words

Independent Publisher

Looking For A Place To Post NR...

I had posted some 2-3 chapters on Fictionpress.com, but when I checked the story earlier today it was gone.

Now I remember why I don’t post any of my stories on Fictionpress.com, because they’re a glitchy site, I get a whole bunch of spam mail, and they can delete your story and account for whatever reason. 88 more words


Wangari Maathai

I know you are unbowed, but I will bend you to my will.

I will stretch your strength until the hunger at freedom corner bows you… 89 more words

Independent Publisher

Stonechapel Books

Stonechapel Books is an independent, artisanal press dedicated to publishing superlative international fiction and non-fiction. Stonechapel and its authors seek to restore a classical sensibility to contemporary English and American literature while embracing the diverse stylistic and categorical interests of today’s seasoned reader. 37 more words

Puppies at my feet

…waking up to the silence of the after-morning rush, that perfect moment,

that moment before the sun takes full flight, I gently shift my numb feet, my eyes closed, careful to let sleeping dogs lie. 67 more words

Independent Publisher

I stood in line, let the scorching sun beat me down

to give you power, you swallowed it greedily, hungrily.

Now you repose on scented pillows, seeking the relief of your cooled trappings… 153 more words

Independent Publisher