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Velvet Brings a Seventies Spy Adventure to Life

This past week saw the release of the final volume of Ed Brubaker’s Velvet. A triumphant occasion, since the book – or this story arc, at least – began in 2013 and lasted only fifteen issues. 954 more words

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Cooke Brings 60's Crime to Life in Parker Series

Good caper stories are always a fun read. Seeing bad people do the things we wouldn’t do gives readers (at least me, that is) a vicarious thrill that other stories can’t match. 930 more words

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Mind MGMT Brings New Level of Intrigue to Comic Book Format

Mind MGMT isn’t just a story. It’s an experience.

This is a bold statement to make. Yet it’s one that is easy enough for this series to earn. 857 more words

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PUBCOOP partnership celebrates the Kick Off Meeting

The last 26th and 27th of July in Valencia (Spain) PUBCOOP partnership celebrated the Kick Off meeting of the project with the participation of the whole partnership. 70 more words

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Books within Borders: Russia

They say that reading opens boundaries, horizons and borders, but sometimes it seems that where you cross one border, another awaits. As much as we love to pretend that literature is a benign and noble endeavour, it is surrounded by market forces and an illusion of choice.   480 more words


Archie Comics Makes a Comeback

I know what you’re all thinking…Archie comics? My kid sister read those when she was seven. So why should I bother checking out anything that involves a naive redhead who can’t make up his mind between two girls? 715 more words

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