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Curse Words Brings Self-Deprecating Humor to Urban Fantasy

Urban fantasy is a genre, right? The idea that magic is real (because of course it is) and happening all around us, usually with a sprawling city full of dark nooks and crannies as the background, isn’t a new one, but I guess now it has its own genre. 1,156 more words

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Why indie presses need your Amazon reviews

In the five years since starting this blog I’ve posted reviews on Goodreads and Library Thing but I never gave much thought to putting them on Amazon. 574 more words

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Buffy's Story Gets a Proper Continuation in Season 8

Scroll through any number of “Greatest TV Shows for Geeks” lists and you’ll find a handful of shows by a single creator: Joss Whedon. The man who is, arguably, best known to the general public for co-writing and directing the first two Avengers movies made his name creating several TV shows that people still buzz about. 1,423 more words

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Santa Klaus Returns for a New Adventure in The Witch of Winter

Santa Claus has been interpreted so many times over the years that you could argue any of a dozen versions could be the “definitive” one or the one you think is the best. 969 more words

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Keeping it Real

It’s December, and here in the northeastern U.S., that means it’s winter, whether we like it or not. (I don’t do winter. My summer soul can’t handle the cold.) But at least it’s Christmas season and that’s pretty rad. 327 more words


Deadly Class Brings the World of Teenage Assassins to Heart-Wrenching Life

This week sees the release of Deadly Class #24, a continuation of Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s look into the trials and tribulations of students at an underground school dedicated to training them to be assassins. 1,091 more words

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After Death Sees Snyder and Lemire Tell a Unique Story with Style

The end of Scott Snyder’s author bio, published at the end of all of the books he’s written, says that Snyder is a “dedicated and un-ironic fan of Elvis Presley.” Well, consider me a dedicated an un-ironic fan of Scott Snyder. 1,067 more words

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