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See Ya, Academia. Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya.


In April 2014, I ended my career in academia — though calling it a “career” may be overstating the case. I had two months left in my fifth year of an English Ph.D. 1,463 more words


Critics of Independent Schools Cling to Clichés

There’s an old saying: everyone’s an expert on education because everyone’s been to school.

It’s a glib observation, not even a half-truth. What happened at school then, when you went to school, is not what happens now, when your children sit in class. 1,044 more words

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Retrospective Application of Prohibition Orders Under Section 128 of the Education and Skills Act 2008

Following my post on the 2014 regulation which provides grounds on which Secretary of State for Education may issue a direction (also used here as “Prohibition Order”) preventing an individual from participating in the management of an Independent Education Institute, I have received queries as to its application on acts which predates the adoption of this regulation. 555 more words

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Crime and Prejudice

Statistics can prove anything. Did you know that you can draw a correlation between a declining divorce rate and a fall in margarine consumption? Or link a rise in the number of people who’ve died after becoming entangled in their bed sheets, with a rise in cheese consumption? 655 more words

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Prohibition of participation in the management of Independent Schools

Following on from Trojan Horse affairs in Birmingham, a raft of new secondary legislation have been brought in to strengthen the power of the Secretary of State to take various measures including power is to issue direction under section 128 of… 1,012 more words

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The Need for Reform

You might have noticed a brief flurry of media and political commentary last month, prompted by a leaked Australian Government discussion paper on the challenges facing Australia’s federation. 422 more words

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Introduction to Digital Marketing & Admissions

Whatever your role in your School or College, whether you are a Teacher, Marketing & Admissions Manager, member of the Senior Management Team or Governor, if your responsibilities include marketing, communications, PR and admissions and you are new or relatively new to using digital channels and platforms – this course is for you! 171 more words