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The Price of Progress؟

1st January 2016. Most of us were in one form or another, recuperating from our New Year’s celebrations! However, the price of a postage stamp for a domestic letter, leapt from seventy-five cents to one dollar. 521 more words

Why Adults Hate Their Parents

‘I am so glad I don’t have to go through all that anymore,’ I think when I hear someone say they hate their parents.  All that insecurity and projection was just downright painful at times, in my younger days.   2,260 more words


what does compassion have to do with autonomy? (daily hot! quote)

“You cannot have compassion without understanding. You cannot have understanding without autonomous thought. And you cannot have autonomous thought when you have faith in another’s.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com


Who is copying now?

It’s a fine line isn’t it, between being inspired and copying (this word will become annoying but bear with).  Between getting ideas from what you see – in magazines, on people – and making them your own, and just plain copying.   515 more words

GONE... But Not Forgotten

This is a raw post.

You are about to read my account of my mother’s untimely death, written during the evening of Sunday, 28th September 2014. 6,357 more words

Spark Remark

Making Up My Mind...

This is kind of a companion piece for this morning. There are just too many of us who almost blindly follow the “talking heads” of their choice. 36 more words

Question Everything

Being black is to have: darker skin; genes closest to African descent; built in sun protection on the beach; more melanocytes and less aging wrinkles; pimples that appear less noticeably; dry skin that appears more noticeably; the recurrent need for moisture and hydration; thickness in meat and volume in hair; color contrast in a group photo..

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