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Machines have no conscience

I took a break from doing whatever it is I do, and dedicated myself to raging full time against the machine. Not trying to be cryptic here, it just translates better in the abstract. 148 more words

Independent Thought

It’s Arrogant to Say that Christianity is the Only True Religion


Part of a Series: 7 Biggest Objections Millennials have to the Christian Faith

Presented by Vin Sparks

This argument says that, once we come to realize that there are many intelligent, good and thoughtful people around the world that do not believe as we do, to continue to attempt to change their mind is arrogant. 732 more words


Think Free

Massive collection of on demand lessons,
The classics are lectures,
Words and phrases that’s how they raised me,
Think free was their era,

Black power, black knowledge, 188 more words


From In The Garage...

I just finished a book on fringe physicists, Jim Carter. As a physicist, Carter is more a garage theorist/hobbyist, in the same way Laird Hamilton is a garage explorer with surfboards, or Seasick Steve is a garage engineer with guitars and amplification. 311 more words


5 tips to discern fake news from real news

The term “fake news” is itself newspeak, a device to silence opposition. An attempt to part a sea of rhetoric neatly between truth and lies, us and them, right and wrong. 794 more words


Every Generation Has Its Way

Feeling muddled.

Last night I came to the conclusion that I have too much on my mind. Work, personal relationships, future possibilities and ambitions… There are simply too much of that, and the miserable weather and the dark season* do not help to cope with those things. 344 more words


Independent Thought

Kat arrived at the boutique where Melissa was waiting.

“Sorry I’m late. I just had the strangest thing happen,” said Kat.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it,” replied Melissa, glaring at her late friend. 260 more words