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Sparking Independent Thought

Teacher language is so critical in fostering independence and resilience in students. So many times as I’ve walked by children and adults interacting and have listened to the dialogue I have thought, “Oh, if only you knew these secrets.” 651 more words


Independent Thought

When my husband and I were learning how to train horses, we attended several workshops with the famous trainer John Lyons.  “No independent thought!” he warned.  512 more words


▶ Heidi Boghosian on Privatized Security | Henry A. Wallace National Security Forum

The CIA, NSA and the Pentagon rely on outside contractors to much of their work, but what if big corporations could use them as well to spy on activists opposed to their actions? 466 more words

Corporate Empire

where the hell are my sunglasses?

what would you expect
another pathetic sheep following the herd?
oh not this hierophant from antiquity
lone wolf traveling to a different drummer
there is little that interests me here… 61 more words


Update 2


I have begun to piece together or should I say decipher the scribbled notes pertaining to my surgery and recovery.

I am old school. I like to draft with pen and paper before advancing to any form of digital work. 66 more words

Update 1

Milestone 1: a month has past since surgery and stitches removed.

Rehab is progressing well and I am looking at another 10-12 weeks before I am able to use my other hand. 79 more words

Tendon Injury: Day 1

Just finished completing the required paperwork for surgery left-handed. I cannot recognise my signature. Maybe I could use that point to get out of surgery! 712 more words

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