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Touching Base

Quite some time has passed since I last posted; featuring significant turning points in my life.

I’ve become tired of people’s characters in my life. They are around only if they feel they can control the situation or you. 95 more words

dissatisfaction (insane rant)

You get this feeling, a general atmosphere, that we are all waiting for something catastrophic to happen. I don’t know if this is just me or more people feel this way, but there is this sense that we’re all just treading water and silently accepting the state of things because we know we are materially well off and we know it is unsustainable so we want to enjoy it while we can, but we also know that there will be a tipping point. 374 more words


John Taylor Gatto: Why Public Education Cripples Our Kids

This is going to be short.  I’m in a rush.  But I really want to share it.

John Taylor Gatto was a veteran teacher (an award-winning teacher) before he became an author and lecturer.   640 more words

How The Common Core Initiative Hurts Kids, Teachers, And Taxpayers

Stop Delaying Your Pension

There are many Australian pensioners who enjoy the multiple benefits that come with being a pensioner. Some pensioners may even thank the government for their generosity, even though to this point, you have worked 65 years of your life away. 502 more words

Daily Life Motivation #123-Think Independently

This is a pretty good motivation video that I think will help anyone forging a new path or breaking from the mold, such as you reading this, and any artists or creative minds with great, medium, life changing, small, and insignificant ideas. Enjoy.


Industrialized Thought

Industrialized thought is modern mentality.  Modern mentality is Society’s propaganda.  Society’s propaganda is conformity.  Conformity is industrialized thought. 

Thought is independent; sovereign, self-determining, self-regulating, self-governing, FREE and completely natural.  859 more words

Independent Thought

Obsessed: Health & Fitness

Why do we place so much effort and emphasis into prolonging life? Are we fearful of the unknown or do we simply fear the inevitable…death? 457 more words