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endless tigers
roam the jungle
to our approval
and consternation

Forrest Pasky

What are they teaching you?

The South African government has just tabled a bill that will make home schooling your children much more difficult – and much, much more expensive. 337 more words


Groupthink and the Importance of Independent Thought

This has been a week choke full of news, with Senator Jeff Flake’s recent speech imploring Republicans to stand up to President Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric, the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the growing polarization between conservative Americans and progressive Americans.  1,847 more words

Coffee Calls the Shots

For a change of pace, we set up an obstacle course this week.  It was a combination of things you might see in Working Equitation and Western Trail classes.  500 more words

My Journey

sweat, er.. weather

would this sweater be too much?

it’s just to take advantage of the cold to

wear something

i can stretch out in / snuggle into. even if i keep the fan on like… 74 more words

Machines have no conscience

I took a break from doing whatever it is I do, and dedicated myself to raging full time against the machine. Not trying to be cryptic here, it just translates better in the abstract. 148 more words

Independent Thought

It’s Arrogant to Say that Christianity is the Only True Religion


Part of a Series: 7 Biggest Objections Millennials have to the Christian Faith

Presented by Vin Sparks

This argument says that, once we come to realize that there are many intelligent, good and thoughtful people around the world that do not believe as we do, to continue to attempt to change their mind is arrogant. 732 more words