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Centrists: The Electoral Cowards

We are entering into the summer of our discontent……basically we are voting in primaries as a lead up to the mid-terms…..will there be a “blue wave” that the media wants so badly?  381 more words


Satisfaction with US direction highest since 2005: Gallup

ㅤ"Thirty-six percent of independents in the May-June polling are pleased with the country’s trajectory, up from the 25 percent in March-April."ㅤ

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 6/18/18. 20 more words

When Bill Maher is Right, he's Right; Has he been Reading my Articles?

I like Bill Maher, although I frequently disagree with him. Opinions are only important to those who have them, and I respect that fact. Maher is often ‘right on,’ and on Fridays broadcast of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher,’ he nailed the truth about both of our political parties. 439 more words

Old, White Men have Harmed our Nation for Decades; Is it time for real Change?

Our nation is becoming more diverse with every decade. Within a very few years few Americans will be entirely ‘white.’ Mixed races are beginning to dominate our nation’s demographics. 245 more words

Independent Voters In California Now Outnumber Republicans

SACRAMENTO  (AP) — For the first time, Republicans are the third largest bloc of voters in California.

New data released by the secretary of state on Friday shows voters with no party preference represent 25.5 percent of registered voters while Republicans make up 25.1 percent. 221 more words

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4th Annual USB College Football Head Coach Power Rankings: INDEPENDENTS

We are back for a fourth straight year everyone! Yes, it’s time once again to power rank every single coach in college football by conference. Everyone knows that in the game of football, the head coach position is arguably the most important position on the team. 481 more words

College Football

Preview 2018: Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Where's The Buzz?

Preview 2018: Previewing and looking ahead to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish season with what you need to know.

Preview 2018: Notre Dame Fighting Irish… 2,721 more words