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Two Maine Democratic Legislators Become Independents

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On May 26, two Maine Democratic representatives, Denise Harlow and Ralph Chapman, announced they have changed their registration to become independents. See this story.


Maryland Ballot Access Improvement Becomes Law

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On May 26, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said that he is letting HB 529 become law without his signature. There is no legal difference between a bill that gets signed by a Governor, and a bill that becomes law without the Governor’s signature. 271 more words


Multimillionaire Miami Businessman Philip Levine Might Run for Florida Governor as an Independent

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Philip Levine, a wealthy Miami businessman, might run for Governor of Florida in 2018 as an independent, according to this story.


New Pennsylvania Registration Data

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The Pennsylvania Department of State has released a voter registration tally for the May 2017 primary, which was held earlier this week. The percentages are: Democratic 47.94%; Republican 38.29%; Libertarian .55%; Green .15%; other and independent 13.08%. 18 more words

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With Less than Three Weeks to the Petition Deadline, So Far Only One Petitioning Candidate for New Jersey Governor

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New Jersey holds a gubernatorial election on November 7, 2017. Independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, need 800 signatures by June 6. 20 more words


Independents, Republicans, and Democrats meet up to propose web protection charge in Maine

Independents, Republicans, and Democrats in the Maine Senate have met up to propose a bill that would secure web protection at the state level. The bill, LD 1610, is formally called: “An Act To Protect Privacy of Online Customer Personal Information.” Unlike some other proposed laws, for example, the “Reestablishing Internet Freedom Act,” this bill would really do what the title implies it will do. 295 more words


Liberty Football Pays $1.3 Million For Home Game Against Old Dominion

Liberty is headed to the FBS. Following the approval of their request to transfer from the FCS to the FBS, the team is making preparations ahead of time to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. 140 more words