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An Independent’s Case Against Open Primaries

There is little doubt that the major national parties have, on the whole, behaved atrociously this election season. On the Republican side, there have been… 1,070 more words


"Closed Primaries Did Not Stop Bernie Sanders": Peddling Misleading Explanations To Supporters As To Why He Fell Short

Bernie Sanders is so convinced that his campaign was fatefully hamstrung by “closed” primaries in which independent voters could not participate that he is including the… 712 more words

Hillary Clinton

Dr Who? Velmurugan Revealed

Dr Vel’s campaign unravels as he admits he is too busy for ward councillor role, adopts a coalition manifesto despite claiming to be independent, and NHS deny locum plans… 2,131 more words


Is it Time for Bernie to Become ‘Green’

Bernie Sanders has said that if he does not secure the Democratic nomination for President he will work to ensure that the GOP does not win the White House in November. 340 more words


Spin doctor: Vel's leaflet surgically corrected

Peagram takes scalpel to the doc’s claims

Westborough residents have noticed a mysterious change in leaflet design from Dr Vel. Normally he uses UKIP purple on A5. 1,915 more words


Totally independent

No Westborough election would be complete nowadays without a mouth organ-playing cowboy hat-wearing leaflet from ‘totally independent’ Alan Hart. Normally he pulls in about 4%, but this year I see him doing better, as… 988 more words