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The Story of Nodiatis Part 3

Runes of Descension

For years now the thoughtless inhabitants of Nodiatis have been sacrificing trophies of carnage to mysterious altars in return for miniscule personal gains. 172 more words


The Story of Nodiatis Part 2

Goblin Taxes

Goblins now run the economy in Nodiatis. Though less likely to outright kill you than an orc, the goblins of Nodiatis have been just as damaging. 222 more words


The Story of Nodiatis Part 1

The scent of putrid, rotting flesh… the sound of maggots writhing about… the incessant moans of those injured, ill, or merely in anguish… the sight of utter ruin and depravity. 409 more words


Welcome to Nodiatis

The Best Browser-Based MMORPG.

When you begin in the world of Nodiatis you must first choose from over 300 faces and backgrounds for your character. Then you choose a class, each having bonuses unique to them. 190 more words


2014: Year in Review

2014: A look back at some of the year’s major happenings…

Conflict, disease, human rights abuses and food insecurity combined to make 2014 a year marked by untold human misery. 31 more words


Menguntungkan atau Merugikan: Paradoks Perkembangan Wisata dan Hotel Kota Solo

Boomingnya pembangunan hotel di Kota Solo mempunyai dampak besar di berbagai sektor. Pembangunan ini menjanjikan keuntungan yang besar terutama di sektor ekonomi dan pariwisata kota Solo. 657 more words


An Indepth Look At Adaptive Clothing

Do you want to simplify your life by making it easy for you to select and purchase your garments? We are just a click away; … 20 more words