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Becoming a Fashion Entrepreneur

Every high-street brand has launched an acitvewear collection and the competition is growing steadily. Now is the time to become a fashion entrepreneur so why not choose to create a business in the sportswear industry? 692 more words

Behind the healthy lifestyle movement

In the past years the world has noticed an immense healthy lifestyle movement. Prior to that people didn’t have knowledge of which products consisted in a healthy diet. 1,309 more words

IEnumerable and state machines

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In a previous post we had a look at enumerators and how .Net works with the foreach loop, we saw how enumerators… 1,065 more words


Rabbit Wars

For some reason Watership Down gets played at Easter. Nothing to do with the Christian or Pagan celebration. Just because it has rabbits in. Which is fine by me because that film is one of my all time favourites. 922 more words


Road Boxer V's Big March Update Will Be In-depth Next Week

The actual battle starts

Road Competitor V is getting its very first big upgrade at some point this month – – and also we’ll be obtaining all of the details following week, Capcom has actually revealed. 23 more words


IEnumerator and foreach

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In my latest  post I used the DirectoryInfo method called “EnumerateFiles”. But if we look into the available methods for the DirectoryInfo, we will notice that there is also a “GetFiles” method that has the same overloads and number of parameters, but what is the difference between the two methods, and why did i choose to use the “EnumerateFiles” method. 798 more words


Destruction as Preservation

Sometimes, when we find old things that have been “preserved”, it is best to leave them alone. But at other times, the best course of action is to try to reverse whatever previous preservation was attempted. 304 more words

Archival Practice