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Going Against the Grain

This piece was published in the October 2015 issue of the Prep News and was co-written by Ciaran Molloy and Eli Pittman


Andrew Gansner… 1,602 more words


Rockhurst - Elite or Elitist?

This piece was published in the September 2015 issue of the Prep News and was co-written by John Godfrey and Eli Pittman


The Rockhurst soccer team is going through the handshake line. 1,623 more words


In depth: Campus culture 1991-1992

I did an experiment: I randomly chose a year in the “life” of UHD, and read the newspaper. Now, many things were happening in the world in 1991-1992 (fall of the Soviet Union, Kuwait, end of apartheid, “war on drugs”, etc). 265 more words


Rising & Reflecting in 'Love'

I am ‘falling’ to ‘rise’ in love

कभी कसक भी देखी  जाती है,

सिदक और सनक भी देखी  जाती है,

आँखों के आगे भी आँखें , कहीं , बहुत आगे जाती हैं। 37 more words

What Is It?

In-depth diaries

I’ve been anxious mostly.

On Tuesday I got to meet and shoot a video with Ronnie Apteker, it was productive and I’m happy that we spoke. 270 more words

Katleho Sekhotho

In-depth diaries

So far so good. Well sort of…

I have 4 interviews in the bag; one with current owner of the Avalon, Mohamed Dokrat, one with Adam Mohamed (Kentucky Milk Bar owner, next door the Avalon), another with Zwelethu Radebe (director of the Hajji), and also with Ronnie Apteker (producer of Material). 253 more words

Katleho Sekhotho

The birth of BOSS points: System recognizing school spirit expands


It was a brisk fall Monday after school. The school bell had just rung, signaling the end of school for most and the start of a weekly meeting for Student Board. 408 more words

Issue 1: September