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Heard this song in the background of a Youtube video; thought it was Florence + The Machine, turns out it’s not (yay discovery). Madeline Crisman released yesterday (how lucky am I?) this song, which appears on her digital album “Verge”. 36 more words


The strange tale of Panorama Island -Suehiro Maruo

A bizzare fantasy of identity theft, hedonistic dreams, and lavish orgies. Panorama Island is filled with lush, delectable illustrations of author Hitomi Hirosuke’s dream island. Consumed by his vision, Hitomi takes on the identity of his dead friend and wealthy businessman, who he resembles remarkably, Genzaburo Komoda. 49 more words

Graphic Novel

No Words 

So I sat down to write this several times,

I tried to put these thoughts on paper,

Tried to document how you really make me feel, … 299 more words


Landscape 18: Dissapointments & Renewal

I’m sure many of my fellow bloggers have gone through the same thing.

You wake up and think I’ll check my blog, see how many views my last post got. 59 more words


Big Kids - Michael DeForge

Another unforgettable story by Michael DeForge. The style of Big Kids is similar to Ant Colony in the comically adorable facial expressions that somehow manage to stir emotions in the audience. 83 more words

Graphic Novel

Ant Colony - Michael DeForge

Ant Colony is a psychedelic story about ants living in an ant colony, serving their queen. Michael DeForge’s characters vary from adorable, to disfigured, to violently cartoonish. 111 more words

Graphic Novel

David Boring - Daniel Clowes

The second book by Daniel Clowes that I had the pleasure of reading, David Boring (2000) has some of the same witty characters and close friendships of its predecessor… 200 more words

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