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Pale blue dot

is pale blue dot is the picture of planet earth .

Carl sagan famous astronomer noted: “that’s home. That’s us. On it the aggregate of  every creator and destroyer of civilization, thousands of confident religion, ideologies and economic doctrines, every king  and peasant, every supreme leader, every sinner and saint  in the history of  our spices lived there- on a mote of dust suspended in a sun beam.”   Our we are surrounded by a grand and glorious cosmos, heaven beyond our comprehension. 299 more words

Complexity Unbound

She almost has this subtle control over others, and one would often find herself say – if you hate me, know that it’s only because I let you. 514 more words


You spoke, and all that is began to be,
Yet you are uncreated, without end.
The voice with which you rule eternity
Is present in the whisper of the wind. 82 more words




You’re pretty pretty
I can’t tell you enough
How much water should envy
The contours of your body

And the way your hair looks… 173 more words


His Indescribable Gift

His Indescribable Gift

There is something  that defies description.     No matter how much we describe  how God has gone about  making our eternal salvation possible,  we’ve never described it all.     464 more words


Still alive--

I know it’s hard to tell the way I am NON-posting lately, but there is a reason & I’ll share with you as soon as I have time for more than just catching up on sleep & housework! 34 more words


House-Inside It Waited!

Confidently the four stood in the garden glaring

a touch of arrogance in their thinking

headed towards the house this triumph sharing

focused their eyes not blinking… 77 more words