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Right! The only thing to do is get cracking early tomorrow, post haste

First the proofing of content, then the formatting & programming of 7 new buttons. I cut it down from 8 because one was redundant. Gotta zap that off to Anja, but there may be 2 versions as well… Only one of those would be geared toward this potentially awesome opportunity. 257 more words


After the success of my 1st vegan pizza, C made 2 for jam night & they were a success!

A group of at least five conformed omnivores ate & enjoyed. It makes a great breakfast cold too, right out of the fridge, just like “normal” pizza, or as I like to call it, “the tortured cow variety.” 262 more words


InDesign: Inserting Photos for Beginners

Hello fellow followers,

I’ve recently come across some colleagues who have yet to learn the basics of Indesign and here I am to help. One of the most basic skills of InDesign is inserting photos into boxes. 360 more words

Crafting an Interactive CV (With Zero Web Skills)

I’m ineligible for Centrelink. I don’t have a job. I need money. I also have a goal to get a job in design within a year of leaving uni. 458 more words

Extra Curricular

Efficient multi-tasking

This year I am again doing the Popsugar reading challenge. For efficient and effective multi-tasking purposes I have opted to make the “a book that’s more than 600 pages” challenge double up as something useful work my career by reading the InDesign CC Help book. 29 more words

Real Life

I've been obsessed with #buttons for two days! #InDesign #animate

Since I’m redesigning my resume & making myself an artful, interactive PDF from InDesign, I’m going for a bunch of things at once, getting more familiar with the web aspects of Indesign and making a file that would appeal to digital design geeks. 363 more words