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Curating and Exhibiting Art (Don't Just Do It, Do it Right)

Obviously, I’m not an expert but I do know a good amount about curating and exhibiting work whether it be in a museum or your garage. 881 more words

Let's get in line, with InDesign!

Kathleen Gillespie

A conference is your time to shine and to get the word out about your scientific project. You have a finite amount of time to interact, and many people are just strolling through a venue. 762 more words

Spring 2016

Designing Posters that POP!

Caron Gala

Academic poster sessions are now a mainstay for workshops, professional meetings, and collaborative conferences. The audience that you are designing the poster for will determine what the content of your poster will be. 736 more words

Spring 2016

Magazine Spread Layout

A double page spread should be seen as one unit even if what is on each page are completely unrelated. Because of the size of the magazine our eyes can take in the full double page spread with one glanze from a normal view whereas a broadsheet newspaper would take several times to digest in. 162 more words

Graphic Design - Dave Eccles


For a visual media project, I designed a brochure for Radford Coffee Company, a local coffee shop located in Radford, Virginia. For this project, I used InDesign. 7 more words