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Today In Class! September 3, 2015

Today In class I finished chapters 5 & part of chapter 6 in Indesign! I will post down below what I had worked on in those chapters! 246 more words


Data Merge from InDesign to unique filenames – now a reality

Ever since I published the article “Breaking up is hard to do… InDesign files into individual PDFs that is!” on Colecandoo, it has been one of the most searched for and popular stories on this site. 181 more words


Journalism: Learning on the Fly 1.1 

In this series, I will explain my methodology to learning video editing, design, sound editing, etc without a formal classroom.

In an article on the KnightBlog, … 364 more words

Today in Class! September 2, 2015

Today In Class I worked on chapter 5 in Indesign! I will post down below what I had worked on!

Chapter 5

First I had learned how to insert special characters! 490 more words


On finishing a book

If you are like me, when you finish a book, when you close the cover for the last time, you immediately begin reflecting. Depending on the book, you may be marveling at the plot twist at the end; you may be thinking about all the red herrings the author dropped in your path to steal your attention away from the real culprit; you may be thinking about how much all the characters developed and changed – for the better or for the worse; you may be simply picturing that last scene that was described so vividly. 443 more words