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Resume Template 4: Amy Schumer

Hey guys.

This week, I’m dedicating the template to the current light of my life, Amy Schumer. She is a sheer delight.

This resume is more centered, which is different for me. 132 more words

Curriculum Vitae

Old Story, New Beginning || FMP || G2 || Pt. 2

Updates on my FMP project so far.

I have created a book which has been sent off and shipped today so that should hopefully be with me at the weekend with no errors. 468 more words

The Black Stalks 2012

Commissioned work. Illustrations, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Logo, CD, CD cover and poster. I created a whole brand for a local band called The Black Stalks. 31 more words


Psy-Fi Magazine - Major Journalism Project

For our Major Journalism Project this year we were asked to create an eight page magazine about a topic of our choice, mine was about science-fiction.

Lily Blank Psy-Fi 2014


Print-on-Demand Layout: Is this the answer?

So as you may have noticed, I’ve been thrashing around trying to find something that will allow me to create e-books and plain-vanilla print-on-demand layouts with a minimum of technological whizz-bangerie. 815 more words


Project: Create an App

This is a project I did in my Journalism 336 class when I was at Michigan State University. Using Adobe InDesign, we had to come up with an idea for an app that would be compatible on smartphones and tablets. 64 more words

The art of boiling water

These days it is not difficult to boil water, you simply fill a pot with water, put it on a stove and push the button. The stove will fix the boiling for you. 69 more words