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Magazine Layout using Adobe InDesign

Creating guides:

After selecting the page size I wanted the first thing I did was to create rows, column and gutters. This will help me layout my magazine in an aesthetically pleasing way. 88 more words


Magazine Spread Draft

This week, I have been working on a magazine spread (2 pages) that would be able to go into the Ensign. Obviously, I am not actually writing for the Ensign, but for this project I am pretending I am. 340 more words


Newspaper practice

I have learned today how to make an article in a newspaper using texts and image in the same time using a new program called In Design


InDesign - Session 1

Session 1
Session 1 Pre-Assessment

Watch Video:
Fill-in-the-Blanks: Workspace 1-2 (pg. 13)
S1P1: Document Setup (pg. 15)
S1P2: Working with Color Swatches (pg. 16) 119 more words