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#INDEVSpeaks: Meet Margaret

“For it to bother me as much as it did led me to question a lot of things: was I not made for this? What’s wrong with me?”

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#INDEVSpeaks: Meet Margaret (continued)

1) I think one of the biggest changes that I first noticed within the first few weeks was the dreads. What convinced you to get dreads? 578 more words

For what's to come

“I’m afraid if I don’t choose a path soon, life will choose one for me.”

How much does the above quote resonate with you? This young woman’s photo was taken by HONY a few days ago and, like so much of his work does, it blew up on Facebook and Instagram.

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Is it possible to pick up a language in a month?

Hello! Bonjour! 你好! السلام عليكم

I have a love/hate relationship with languages.

I hate learning them.  I hate struggling in class. I hate finding a way to wrap my brain around a foreign language for 4 hours a week. 253 more words

How to be a Leader for my Fellow Followers

“All tribe leaders have charisma, but you don’t need charisma to become a leader. Being a leader gives you charisma.”

The status quo and the labels we confine ourselves to are the main killers of ideas, and aspirations.

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Heavy On My Heart

In the International Development academia world, we are sometimes criticized for our studies… (Before reading everything, it would only be fair to warn you that this blog is written from a place of sadness for me… I am writing about external criticism, the material here is heavier… you’ve been warned.) ;) 622 more words


What's behind your label?

Clothing labels are useful to check for three reasons: size, brand and material(s) used. Admittedly, the last thing on my mind when I go shopping is the person behind the label. 631 more words