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Change The Name

Hey! Hi! Hello!

Welcome to 2016 where sports teams still use racist derogatory mascots and names to represent themselves while simultaneously demeaning and misrepresenting an entire race! 572 more words


The Dragonfly Effect

‘The Dragonfly Effect’ started as an idea, a topic which was lectured about and spread through the very outlet it was representing, Social Media. This method uses successful market based strategies and applies them to social innovation and justice.  872 more words


I Am A Heretic

Talk about a hefty title. Now I mean what I say, but let me give you some context. (After all, in development work, context is everything). 743 more words

It's Just An Ad

We are bombarded with ads everyday. You can’t escape them, you can’t avoid them. Try as we might, ads are everywhere and in everything. But, knowing this, are we desensitized to them? 712 more words

behind closed doors - my take on ghomeshi

This past Thursday, Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted of all charges. For those who don’t know of the Ghomeshi trial, I’ll give you a quick recap. 883 more words


i bleed red

So, I’m just going to put this out there.


Okay not really. Maybe not all the time I guess.. but being a woman, I think I can conclude that Mother Nature is a really, really unhappy old lady.  675 more words


Where are you going?

Ever since I joined the International Development Program at Waterloo and found out what it’s all about, there’s been only one question on everyone’s mind. 620 more words