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The Economic Invisibility of Nature

While the concept of Ecosystem Services is not new to economists and business owners, the sustainable use of these services has only been a widely pursued topic for the last few decades.  1,681 more words


Surrounded By Mountains

So. It’s been four months since I left Canada, left my home, left my friends and left my family. I feel like there’s so much to talk about and so little at the same time. 1,176 more words

how the light gets in

Despite my best efforts, I find myself often comparing my Sri Lankan life with my Canadian life. Comparisons can be dangerous; they take you away from your current context and inevitably lead to disappointment as you discover that things are usually different and sometimes weird and never what you’re used to. 657 more words


all by myself

I had the privilege of video chatting with a good friend the other day, the first time we’ve really talked since August. Our long conversation, made longer by dodgy internet connections, covered everything that’s happened in the weeks since we last saw each other, mostly, of course, focusing on our personal adjustments to life abroad, our mandates, and being alone. 1,126 more words



This weekend, I went on a safari with Karen and a family from Australia. I sang Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams in my head the whole time, because that’s what I learned in International Development. 615 more words


ob-la-di, ob-la-da (life goes on)

Well, I’ve been here for a number of weeks (a month?), and not a single one of my questions has been answered. In an ideal world, I’d have things sort of figured out by now, but we don’t live in an ideal world. 788 more words