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My INDEV Life - My Placement : Part 1

Well hello everyone!

This is the first part of a five part express series about my INDEV placement and give you a little more insight into my life. 245 more words

15 Reasons to be Friends with an INDEV student

INDEV Student:

An individual studying International Development

After spending 3.5 years with my classmates I’ve grown to love them and their quirks. They are so great I just want to be selfish and keep them all to myself, but I won’t.

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#INDEVSpeaks: Meet Margaret

“For it to bother me as much as it did led me to question a lot of things: was I not made for this? What’s wrong with me?”

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#INDEVSpeaks: Meet Margaret (continued)

1) I think one of the biggest changes that I first noticed within the first few weeks was the dreads. What convinced you to get dreads? 578 more words

For what's to come

“I’m afraid if I don’t choose a path soon, life will choose one for me.”

How much does the above quote resonate with you? This young woman’s photo was taken by HONY a few days ago and, like so much of his work does, it blew up on Facebook and Instagram.

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Is it possible to pick up a language in a month?

Hello! Bonjour! 你好! السلام عليكم

I have a love/hate relationship with languages.

I hate learning them.  I hate struggling in class. I hate finding a way to wrap my brain around a foreign language for 4 hours a week. 253 more words

How to be a Leader for my Fellow Followers

“All tribe leaders have charisma, but you don’t need charisma to become a leader. Being a leader gives you charisma.”

The status quo and the labels we confine ourselves to are the main killers of ideas, and aspirations.

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