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Pitino Turning Around Providence - How

Rick Pitino turned a losing team into a winning without the talent or school-pedigree to match. (It’s one type of skill to lead superstars, another to lead underdogs). 215 more words

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French Revolution Notes

Louis 16 inherited vast kingdom that was highly regionalized, diverse and complex… Lands often divided over generations to small crops , each region own taxes/laws, there were city states etc. 77 more words

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Loneliness Is Deadly per BYU Study

People who feel lonely are 30% more likely to die during any given study period. This includes people who isolate themselves, who are surrounded by people but feel lonely and other forms of loneliness. 49 more words

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Millennials "Bump Into" News From Social Media

According Newspaper Association of America survey: Most Millennials consume news online regularly (several times a day), usually through friends’ online feeds. Usually “bump into” news — 1 in 3 actively seek news. 85 more words

Thirteen (13) 112 Year Olds Receiving Social Security Benefits

According to Social Security records, 13 people receiving social security benefits are 112 years of age. The first benefit check was mailed in 1940.

Robert note: To be 112, you were born around 1903. 72 more words

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Sounds From San Francisco Earthquake

A man who survived the freeway collapse during the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake said the noise *volume* can’t be described: screams, horns blaring, motors revving since crushed people’s feet were pressed to the accelerators… I wouldn’t have thought of this.* 175 more words

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We Enjoyed School of Rock

Watched School of Rock with Joe Black, a “loser” rock guitarist who takes a long-term sub teacher assignment to make ends meet. We enjoyed it! Like Chef, it’s a predictable, charming and enjoyable film that didn’t wow us but entertained us for 90 minutes. 15 more words