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Players Will Skip A Shot To Keep Up Shooting Percentage 

Steve Kerr mentioned in a New York Times Article (31 May 2015) that one of the things he likes about Stephen Curry is he’ll take any shot — some players will skip a last second desperation heave because they don’t want to risk their shooting percentage. 85 more words

Open Floor Plans Do Not increase employee satisfaction or happiness

as open floorplans have become trendy again and employees in these environments don’t like the lack of privacy and the noise as compared to offices with cubicles And private offices. 19 more words

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Top 25 NCAA Tournament Basketball Games List on Bleacher Report

Of the 25, I watched 11 live, 2 via replay and 2 I wanted to watch (live) but couldn’t. A game not on there but I found incredibly exciting was the Kansas victory over Oklahoma in 1988. 111 more words

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Seeing Christian Laettner In A New Light

I was one of those people who wasn’t sure if I liked Christian Laettner until the show “I Hate Christian Laettner.”. Now I admire him! (Being a scrappy smaller (6′ guy) myself, I was always a Bobby Hurley fan from the time I read about him in Street and Smith’s in ’88). 18 more words

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Pitino Turning Around Providence - How

Rick Pitino turned a losing team into a winning without the talent or school-pedigree to match. (It’s one type of skill to lead superstars, another to lead underdogs). 215 more words

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French Revolution Notes

Louis 16 inherited vast kingdom that was highly regionalized, diverse and complex… Lands often divided over generations to small crops , each region own taxes/laws, there were city states etc. 77 more words

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Loneliness Is Deadly per BYU Study

People who feel lonely are 30% more likely to die during any given study period. This includes people who isolate themselves, who are surrounded by people but feel lonely and other forms of loneliness. 49 more words

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