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Passport index

A consultancy agency called Arton Capital has developed a Passport Index, an index that ranks the “desirability” of a passport. This desirability is measured on the number of countries that passport can visit without needing a VISA. 26 more words

Tel-Aviv 25 Index (^TA25) Case Study

Medium model from 2012: an inverse is possible from 2014.

Short model from 2014:

Short and Medium models from 2014:

Financial Astrology


London, England. April 18, 1930

I found myself on BBC radio station with NO NEWS in their news programme today (STOP) There is a silence in news reporting (STOP) I do not want to know when the world be empty of events to inform (STOP) The model of human development based on economic progress is simply an atrocity (STOP) While in a part of the world the societies have been developed in others parts of world they have been destroyed (STOP) The 2015 Social Progress Index shows that many social aspects progress with income growth but inevitably when there is an imbalance between economic growth and social progress stops any kind of stability (STOP) The best strategy in politics is invest in social progress (STOP)  While GDP has been the benchmark guiding economic development, the SPI is intended to complement the measuring social progress (STOP) What we want is societies with stronger communities that enables to people to lead more fulfilling lives (STOP) I think this index can help to guide (or to complement) to small and medium companies the design of strategies of products and markets when go to world market (STOP) 6 more words

World Commerce

Wall Street Ditutup Anjlok Di Tengah Aksi Jual Global Dan Kinerja Emiten Yang Buruk

Bursa saham Amerika ditutup anjlok di akhir pekan ini, indeks Standard & Poor 500 turun 1,1 persen menjadi 2,081.18 pada 16:00 di New York, di bawah harga rata-rata selama 50 hari terakhir. 362 more words


The really important ranking has Panama as #1

There are so many rankings out there. Best place to live, best place to work, best place to retire, best place to be buried etc. Often with laughable results. 176 more words


Perdagangan Flat KOSPI Terjaga Penguatan Saham Unggulan

Monexnews – Indeks saham Seoul diperdagangkan flat di hari Jumat (16/4) mencoba mengalihkan pandangannya dari lesunya perdagangan Wall Street dan tertahan penguatan saham-saham otomotif. 125 more words


Mirror, mirror on the wall..

Finally, after eleven years I have bought a whole body mirror! Always wanted one, but never got my ass out to buy one. Today I did! 163 more words

What Did I Do Today?