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American “exceptionalism” is holding America back from greatness

Exceptionalism—the idea that the United States has a mission and character that separates it from other nations—is ingrained in everyday talk about American politics.

It shapes high-level discussions about foreign policy—for example, in a recent argument by a foreign affairs scholar that the United States plays a “ 880 more words

Investors Already Bracing On $100 Oil In 2018

* Open interest trebles in December 2018 $100 calls

* $100 calls now largest strike by open interest for 2018

* Interest rising in bullish 2018 calls above $75… 1,043 more words


Over half a million children in India are smoking cigarettes everyday

For all the government’s efforts to discourage smoking, it remains a common sight across India. What’s worse is that the deadly habit can begin incredibly early, affecting children as young as 10 years old. 439 more words

A Billion Colour Story

Imagine a movie inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine. That could be A Billion Colour Story. A film that causes both agony and ecstasy. You will be driven to raptures by its marvellous photography capturing the beauty of India and fumbling for a tissue unable to bear the hatred and intolerance it shows simmering across this beautiful land. 386 more words


Kanchipuram : The heritage city of Temples

Kanchipuram is a very old town and is well known for its temples. The town is believed to be one of the holiest places and is one of the… 1,222 more words


Western world and the myth of the New Indian middle class

Whenever I hear Europeans per se the Indian equivalent of western countrymen talking about the Indian middle class’ I often wonder what do they mean? What section of the  829 more words