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Shiny Day

After so many rainy days… A day of bright sunshine made my day….



We are progressing
Reaching moon ,mars
Developing gadgets ,virtual realities
Driverless cars , wearable gadgets
Google ,IBM , pentium ……
Competing among themselves
Kindly do make some gadget… 125 more words


Long live the burkini! Indian women have embraced similar swimwear for years

Bollywood stars may show off their bikini bodies on screen but a trip to the beach or a swimming pool in India reveals that modest swimwear is the more popular choice. 311 more words

The red sandstone marvel- Agra Fort or Red Fort of India.

While Taj Mahal looms large across Agra, another amazingly magnificent but less known monument is the Agra Fort or Red Fort. While it doesn’t have a romantic story like the Taj, the Red Fort or Agra Fort plays a prominent role in Indian history. 383 more words


Solar lights are transforming the night in rural Myanmar, Uganda and India

At least 1.3 billion people around the world are disconnected from the grid, without electricity for basic appliances like lights, fans and televisions. But with the help of small solar panels, life is starting to brighten for some. 356 more words