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Take your time – 15 minutes of fame – Nepalese Stretched Time

One thing about Nepal that you probably don’t know is that it has its own time zone. It’s GMT +5:45h and one of two cases in the world where the time zone is not a round hour. 314 more words


Madhubani: Echoes of Mithila!

‘Mithila’ the place of Devi Sita (according to Hindu mythology) has given its indigenous “Madhubani Art” to the world. Traditionally the art was made to decorate the walls of the houses with “Geru”, “Lime stone water” and natural vegetables color, art was made on marriages, religious ceremonies and considered very auspicious. 217 more words

Indian politics: Wither Aam Aadmi Party?

Indian politics: Wither Aam Aadmi Party?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Needless to state that the AAP leaders are the target of a strong conspiracy hatched in New Delhi. 719 more words



Having been to stunning India last February I was very pleased to hear that our digital storytelling project will be about this amazing place and culture. 383 more words


Tulsi Mala Magic

It’s hard to imagine that Vrindavan was once celebrated for its dense forests and known for its groves of Tulsi or Holy Basil because today it smacks of development and urbanization as it continues to attract huge numbers of Hindu devotees of Radha and Krishna who are eager to buy the condominiums that are filling in every inch of available real estate in this sacred town. 189 more words


Delhi - March 26-29 2015

My friends and I began our Asian adventure in Delhi, India following a 12 hour flight from Paris (where we spent a few days visiting our friend from university). 407 more words